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  • China Pays for Hummer
  • Happy Ending for Hummer?
  • Americans Lose Taste for Hummers

  • Fewer Hummers on Highway
  • Hummer Fizzles Out
  • Americans Turned Off by Guzzling Hummers
  • Hummers Still Provide Jobs
  • Hummers Envisioned Worldwide
  • Blogger Uses Gutter Language to Describe Sale of Automotive Brand to Foreign Manufacturer
  • China Swallows Hummer
GM to Sell Hummer to Chinese Company [Business Week]

First it’s tea-bagging and now it’s hummers. What next? Hot lunch?

So it’s a chinese company. I was certain it would be the UAE or Dubai.

This is just going to lead to more wisecracks about the stereotype regarding the size of Asian equipment.

“GM blew it with the Hummer”

“GM proposes three-way to keep Hummers available”

“Americans to set Hummers up, Chinese to finish them off”

“GM’s Hummer dilemma: less for more, or more for less?”

Stinque Style Section:

How In Troubled Times To Get A Load Off Your Mind

Stupid stretch fucking Hummers … dangerous. They cause so many traffic problems here. Saw a Chrysler 300 C ultra-stretch stuck on a curb turning off 3rd avenue a while back – high centered. Anybody who uses anything other than a standard stretch is, by definition, a douchebag. I hope they all break in half. At speed. But somewhere else, like in Jersey.

My favorite Hummer image of all time from 2006 in the Portrero Hill neighborhood of Ess Eff.

Looks like a really fat dachshund I once saw trying to walk over a speedbump. All it needs is the rear legs flailing away. Haha, douchesacks.

@SanFranLefty: That’s a Ford Excursion, not a Hummer. /gearhead

@blogenfreude: Either way, it’s a douchey gas guzzler that has no place on this earth, let alone driving through one of the hilliest neighborhoods in Ess Eff. I’m sure it was a bachelorette party from San Jose that got lost going to the bars and clubs in the Mission.

A stretch Hummer nearly ran us off the road a few weeks ago in Sonoma. Those things are a fucking menace.

@SanFranLefty: Ford actually stopped making the Excursion – even the diesels got appalling mileage.

@SanFranLefty: Yeah, we got stuck behind a white stretch Hummer last weekend on winding wine country roads. Our Honda was laughing at its pathetic attempts to corner.

They should be licensed and taxed like trucks. They are heavy enough, aren’t they?

Yo Also sprach Tommmcatt — poked my head into a commenter-purge thread over at W——e just now, and saw that Jim Newell gave you crap for holding out. What giveth?

@chicago bureau:

Eh, I don’t care. I go over there mostly to make poop jokes too vile for our dignified crew. I’m not sure I’m even banned, though…I think he was just whining.

The editors there dish out a lot, but if you start poking fun at them all of a sudden it is all about pouting and banhammers.

@chicago bureau:

1. Do not link to your own blogs.

2. Please stay on topic.

3. Limit yourself. Police yourself.

The last person who made such suggestions I called Percy Weasley.


The self-importance is stifling isn’t it?


Yep, sounds like the easy-peasy, familiar recipe for blog suicide followed by another site that we know.

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