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I can't possibly mean what I say.

BILL O’REILLY, HOST: In the “Impact” segment tonight, confronting the Kansas doctor known as “Tiller the baby killer.”

The Operation Rescue website is down, but from the Google cache we find this press release from June 13, 2007, touting OR’s involvement in an O’Reilly segment attacking George Tiller, including an ambush interview:

Wichita, KS — Producers for Fox News host Bill O’Reilly were in Wichita last Friday where they confronted late-term abortionist George R. Tiller as he visited a Quick Trip gas station. Operation Rescue assisted the O’Reilly crew in locating Tiller for the impromptu interview.

The segment appeared on The O’Reilly Factor news program on Tuesday, June 12, 2007, and discussed the recently released video-taped statement by nationally noted psychiatrist Dr. Paul McHugh, who was contracted by former Attorney General Phill Kline to examine redacted medical records obtained through subpoena from Tiller’s abortion mill and render an expert opinion about the validity of the psychiatric diagnoses used by Tiller to justify post-viability abortions.

Although Operation Rescue claims credit for the gotcha, it is not mentioned by name in the Fox transcript:

PORTER BARRY, “FACTOR” PRODUCER: Why are you one of the only doctors who does these kind of abortions?

TILLER: Nice day isn’t it?

BARRY: They call you Tiller, the baby Killer. Is that appropriate? .

TILLER: I’m think I’m going to get in my car and go to work.

BARRY: Dr. Tiller, don’t you think…

TILLER: Hi, is this 911? This is Dr. George Tiller. I am at Edgemoore and Harry at QuickTrip. I’m being accosted by the people from O’Reilly. Yes, and they are preventing me from getting in my car and leaving.

BARRY: You can get in your car and go, Dr. Tiller.

The YouTube clip included with the Operation Rescue press release, showing the ambush interview, was later removed for a “terms of use violation.”

‘The Factor’ Comes Face-to-Face With Kansas Abortion Doctor, George Tiller [Fox, June 13, 2007]

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Sociopaths make up the bulk of Fox’s viewing audience (cf. Cheney). Deep down, Bill-O considers this a win.

He’ll celebrate with Loofas/Falafals and phone sex.

This kind of bullshit is only going to get worse as we go through the Unicorn Administration.

Gawker is calling out O’Reilly’s producer on this. The one they’re currently stalking.

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