Famous Last Words

cricketsWe all knew, deep down, that this was coming for years.  So it’s down to gallows humor until the early-morning press release announcing the filing.

The choice of last meal might be interesting for the ghoulish among us.  A case of Castrol?  A premium fill-up at Shell?  Or perhaps they go off the board and request tickets to Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final.  (Of course, the Penguins may not be around to force a Game 5, on evidence given thus far.  But, then again, neither will GM.)

Feel free to send GM off in style here.


This one is rather personal. I’m sending them the six (yes SIX) starter motors my dad had to replace over 18 months on his last ever GM vehicle.

I’ve 0wned three GM vehicles (all in the 80s). Two transmissions, one steering rack, and a subframe later, all I can say is … BRING IT ON!

If I needed a car, yes, I would buy a Volt. I bought a Ford once when I had BMW money … but I had to have that SHO. I want to see cars made here. So sue me.

[TJ] In local news, Stinque has reached 1,000 front page posts. Nojo’s Weekend Sedition entry yesterday broke the tape. Snaps, dude.

ManchuCandidate: I would donate the rust, radiator and timing belt on my dad’s S-10 Blazer. Man, that thing went downhill, fast.

“For years I thought that what was good for our country was good for General Motors, and vice versa.” Charlie Wilson, president of GM to the Senate Armed Services Committee during his confirmation hearing as Secretary of Defense in 1953.

Maybe declaring national bankruptcy would be a good idea. California is showing us the way.

@chicago bureau: I would have made noise about that if it was anyone but me…

But we’re also at comment #36,476. CP broke at 30k (including 5k spam). Then again, they ran on a shitty system.

Does this mean we can go to the Chevy dealer and offer the guy half of our steak and cheese and he’ll give us a Corvette?

Hilarious: the “debtor” on the petition was Chevrolet-Saturn of Harlem, Inc. Seriously.

The 24-page bankruptcy filing, which gives GM’s address as 300 Renaissance Centre, Detroit was lodged under the name of a Manhattan vehicle dealer, Chevrolet-Saturn of Harlem, which is owed money by the carmaker.

The wonders of how corporations do stuff just amazes me sometimes. Filing in Detroit, or Delaware? BAH! We should file in New York, where all the banks are. But how?

And thus a dealership which is actually owed money by GM has its name slapped on the failure of one of the world’s industrial giants. (Unless, of course, Chevrolet-Saturn of Harlem was to blame for EVERYTHING.)

@chicago bureau: I could be wrong, but I have a feeling the reason they filed here is due to the bankruptcy’s size and complexity. Some jurisdictions are known for the expertise of their judge’s in certain areas, and I’ve heard good things about NY.

blogenfreude: I know, I know. There’s a good reason for it. But taking the step of (formally) pinning a multi-billion dollar debt on an organization that tries to drum up business by (among other things) handing out flyers and sponsoring a Little League team is pretty remarkable.

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