Blood On His Hands

Of course he had nothing to do with it!

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You don’t think he is proud of it? And will cackle it was his influence that ‘moved the hand of god’ ?

It’s really a shame that Bill O was carried to term.

“Death Mill” — well there’s a fresh one.

Randall Terry says that Tiller had it coming all along – and encouraged the crazies to keep shooting in the name of jesus christ.

Oh, Bill’s first few minutes tonight are going to be a treat. He’s probably going to launch a few missiles at the angry left. Matching up his rap to the facts is going to be awesome.

@chicago bureau: I refuse to add to his numbers – I’ll watch it when it hits YouTube.

@chicago bureau: It’s reprehensible how everyone’s taking O’Reilly’s words out of context. It’s even more reprehensible when the context is included.

Homework assignment for anyone with more time than me: Find examples of O’Reilly taking others to task for inflammatory rhetoric, and the dire consequences of same.

I know, hypocrisy is fish in a barrel with that crew. Might find something useful nonetheless.

In other news… “Cheney: No link between Saddam Hussein, 9/11”:

“I do not believe and have never seen any evidence to confirm that [Hussein] was involved in 9/11. We had that reporting for a while, [but] eventually it turned out not to be true,” Cheney conceded.

Now he tells us.

@mellbell: But wasn’t he still saying it in the speech ten days ago? Not that I have a moment to Google it right now.

@nojo: This was the best I could come up with, before the bile rose up from my throat.

Don’t say I never give, because I do, dammit.

@Nabisco: Yes, yes, that will do.

And speaking of fish in a barrel, Billo on Eminem? He could have phoned that one in.


Dick Who? Was he a politician or something?

I’m going to keep repeating that until he goes away. Nothing else has worked.

Well, Dick made other news today, saying that he is in favor of the marrying of the gheys, on a state-by-state level.

Actually, that’s not really news. So there is .00001% of the guy who is, in fact, decent. When he has to be. And when he has something of a stake in the issue.

@chicago bureau: Plessy v. Ferguson — damn, it keeps coming up — mentioned in passing how the states were okay to approve laws forbidding interracial marriage.

Then again, it was DOMA that interfered with the state-based system much more recently. Next time we hear teabaggers whining about the 10th Amendment, perhaps we should bring that up.

@chicago bureau:

Broken clock..right twice a day…blah de blah…

Meanwhile, O’Reilly led off tonight’s show with a swing at the lefties, saying that everything he said about Dr. Tiller was fact-based, and then ending with saying that nobody critizing him ever said anything about 60,000 aborted fetuses “who would never become American citizens.”

So he ain’t backing off. Not by a longshot.

nojo: Well, there is that “full faith and credit” provision and it’s “Congress may by general laws prescribe [blah blah blah] the effect thereof” out-clause. I fear DOMA is constitutional on that ground — certainly under the current Court — and that the only sure-fire way to kill that law is to repeal it.

P.S.: Hilarity on Keef just now. Gen. Sanchez, talking about his call for a truth commission, has his cell phone go off mid-interview.

Who was on the phone, I wonder? Dick? Addington? Yoo? Condi? Mrs. Sanchez, requesting a fresh half-gallon of skim milk on the way home?

@chicago bureau: It was an SMS picture transmission of Dick Cheney holding a gun to his wife’s head and waving his tongue at the camera. Gen. Sanchez knows what America is all about now.

@chicago bureau:
Like Bill really gives a shit about fetuses.

It’s all about the Falafels and dominion over the ladies for him.

@chicago bureau: What did you expect? I am surprised he doesn’t end every show from here on with the salutation, “To my enemies in the White House and the world over, remember, if you will, the fate of Dr Tiller. You will die bloodily. You will die justly if you dare to offend me. Just don’t give me a reason to point at you again.”

O’Reilly is a narcissist and can’t imagine anything is more important than affirming his fatal influence. I am sure he played the news reels of the Tiller coverage over and over on his Tivo tonight for his wife before he beat her in front of the kids.

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