Real Men Use Straight Razors

Instructions in male grooming from SNL Gillette, which shows the proper way to clear the weeds around your sapling brush from your towering redwood. There’s an old joke with the punchline “Could you pucker?”, but unfortunately it’s gender-inappropriate.

Gillette video teaches art of genital shaving [AdFreak, via Sully]

I have done this. No matter what you do, there will be some bleeding. There is no razor made that can do what’s required.

@blogenfreude: I do this once or thrice a year, and thankfully I’ve never cut myself. But then, I don’t aim for absolute smooth perfection.

I find the “under the hood” reference baffling and vaguely creepy. By “hood”, do they mean foreskin? Who has hair there?

This was the norm back in my day, I am afraid it may be shocking to the youngsters:

[ Longest Fucking URL Nojo Has Ever Seen ]

@Promnight: Shtick evolves. Even Schulz eventually let Snoopy finish the novel.

Not for me: I wouldn’t want to frighten the ladies even more by making the little soldier appear taller than he already is.

“There really is nothing like a shorn scrotum… it’s breathtaking- I highly suggest you try it. ” – Dr. Evil

This is why straight men cannot be trusted with the secrets of my people. They butch them up and turn them into rites of manhood. Next thing we know there will be scrotum shaving tourneys on ESPN with prizes from Penzoil.

God help us if word ever gets out about cock rings.

Oh noes!!! What have I done???

I had to shave the scrotum for my vasectomy. I liked it, for a day or two, but I was also distracted by the continuing feeling that my balls had been through a wringer.

Does the youngsters have any idea what a wringer is? I remember when our washing machine, when I was a tiny promnight, had a wringer. If you have never seen a wringer in action, the metaphor really cannot have its true meaning to you.

A wringer was what was used to squeeze the water out of clothing, back before the spin cycle.

I am old enough that my parents still called the refrigerator the “icebox,” and called the living room the “parlor.”

I should add the detail that part of the process of putting clothes through the wringer, involved tightly twisting the clothing, before it was squeezed in the wringer.

@Promnight: Me to0. The nurse complimented me on my work.

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