Penn. GOP Candidate Arrested in Pre-Teen Sex Molestation Case

A south-central Pennsylvania GOP mayoral candidate was arrested this week and arraigned on two felonies and two misdemeanors in connection with an alleged relationship with a pre-teen from the conservative candidate’s church group.

The cops alleged that Gregory J. Nies of Lititz, PA., inappropriately touched, hugged and kissed the girl, being raised by grandparents locally, when she stayed over at his family’s home between June 2002 and October 2004.

Nies, 56, the cops alleged, on some eight occasions would paw the girl in the basement of his home, where he lives with his wife and children, informing her, “this is what dads do.”

[Intelligencer Journal] Sex Case Ensnares Lititz Man

Nies, the cops alleged, would subsequently contact the girl in an online chat room, “telling her that he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her,” officer John Schofield wrote in the affidavit, and attempted to engage her in “cyber sex.”

The local GOP machine apparently figured out that this kind of alleged behavior is criminal, even for GOP candidates, and yanked Nies’ name off of this year’s Lititz mayoral ballot.

Again, Nies’ case reminds us that GOP affiliation is not so much a party affinity as a sickness that belongs in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.


The only upside is that in Lititz, “cyber sex” requires a dial-up modem and an Apple IIc.

300 or 1200 Baud?

Sigh. Won’t someone please stop thinking of the children?

A girl? Are we sure he’s a Republican?

Chainsaw!!! Where the hell have you been?!

@homo limeyensis: I know, I know … this guy isn’t trying hard enough. No wetsuit, no public restroom; the Grand Old Party is off its game.

@Mistress Cynica: North Korea has piped down in the past few days….

I can’t bring myself to give him more than one diaper.

@Pedonator: I think underage gets it to two, but the degree of difficulty isn’t high here, I agree.

@blogenfreude: I’m stingey because there doesn’t seem to have been any actual perstorking. But if you’re feeling generous…

@blogenfreude: I think he’s entitled to a slight bump because he showed unusual initiative, for a Republican male, by attempting sex with a female.

@Pedonator: Sez the police are alleging more serious sex acts. Not much to work with.

I am in despair. Remember that stretch where we had Foley, Craig, Aldridge, Allen … one after the other! Sure, Spitzer was in there somewhere, but he paid for it and didn’t even take off his socks. What is wrong with the GOP? Is all this backstabbing causing them to slack off?

@blogenfreude: Ah, the good old days, when you didn’t have to trudge barefoot through five miles of snow to find a decent GOP sex scandal. Another indication of the perilous decline of good old-fashioned US American Fambly Values.

@blogenfreude: Maybe they got wise and are all fucking each other in a literal circle jerk.

Only a candidate? Meh. One limp cock, at best. We are indeed in a drought.

Somehow I feel that all we have to do is wait. Like Christmas, the scandals are coming.

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