Teh Ghey Mafia Is Coming For You!

JNOV made another video:

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Me like.



I believe our darling JNOV has found her métier…

I appreciate the idea that I, in my faggotry, have the power to cause natural disasters. It makes me feel all strong and stuff.

When Robertson predicted that hurricanes would destroy Florida due to teh Gay, that very year, a hurricane hit CBN nutcase HQ in Virginia Beach, if I remember correctly.

In any case, JNOV, good work.

@rptrcub: Did you know that the Emperor Justinian thought that buttsecks caused earthquakes? True fact.

At least the Jews of the Old Testament and the Emperor Justinian a millennium later had the right sort of argument – if not the facts – on their side. If God will visit you with fire and brimstone, it certainly does you harm if your neighbour engages in the wrong sort of sex, however privately he, she, or they may do it; and if Justinian had been right to think that buggery brought on earthquakes, you’d have been right to protest against its eventual decriminalisation by David Blunkett in 2001.



Let’s destroy Mobile, Alabama. Meet you there….

Smokey the Bear says: Only you can prevent forest fires hatred of gays and lesbians.

Simply fuckin’ awesome, JNOV.

@rptrcub: When Robertson predicted that hurricanes would destroy Florida due to teh Gay, that very year, a hurricane hit CBN nutcase HQ in Virginia Beach

I’d say that’s the Jebussy-face-in-the-toast miracle of Teh Gheyz for ya right there!

@Also sprach Tommmcatt: Given the source of the latest hate, I’d suggest you take out Salt Lake City first.

Thanks, Guys! Now I get to spend the next few hours dealing with the crazies.

@blogenfreude:Colorado Springs too. That’s a lot of buttseks for two guys. Still, I have a feeling HF would take a few for the team….

@Also sprach Tommmcatt: I’m sure we could reactivate certain, uhm, rear battalions of teh Homofascist Army.

Don’t forget Greenville, S.C. (Bob Jone University), though it will probably take something much much larger given that I know about the massive amounts of buttsecks good Christian married men are having there.

@JNOV: Haha great video! You guys didn’t know the gays cause natural disasters duh, you all must have slept through health class? I have to have a Faraday cage around my bed, otherwise any electronics in my room explode from the EMP when I orgasm. I went through like three computers before I figured it out.

@drinkyclown: I’ll have what she’s having.

Srsly, praps we could find a way to make that ability into a weapon that will undoubtedly pound our enemies into submission and let us totally take the dominant role.

@drinkyclown: COTD! (Now to go Google Faraday cage — know he did some sort of electromagnetic stuff, and people were mean to him.)

@JNOV: It’s the thing every movie theater should have installed to prevent cell phone calls and texts to either be made or received.

@rptrcub: Indeed! Some douchey thecleanpig guy is getting on my nerves. I’m wondering if I should wait for him to come back and scream, for the third time, that marriage isn’t a right, or I might preemptively dis his ass. I gave him some homework, so maybe he’ll actually READ something and become informed. If not, I’m bringing the verbal pain. Why can’t *smart* people disagree with me?

@rptrcub: Elevators and microwaves are Faraday cages, too!

@JNOV: Yes! Microwave ovens will totally survive the coming gayocalypse, although could someone tell the crazies that earthquakes aren’t our fault? Earthquakes are caused by the horsefuckers.

@rptrcub: I thought those little earthquakes were just in my own personal prostrate.

Srsly guys, I’ll take Bob Jones. I’ll take that like a ___ in heat!

But first, nyah nyah nyah, Mr. Pedo and I will be busy this evening making coastal liberal California fall into the sea!!!!!!

@JNOV: Elevators and microwaves are Faraday cages, too Oh My!


Wouldn’t God be less random? Say always earthquakes for the gays, always lightening for the heretics mormons pagans? Always locusts for the pharaohs? Always terrorists for the NY liberal jews bankers? Then we could figure it out and thus be more godly.

dear beloved ghey friends here,
i’m going back to turks and caicos in july, facing a full 4 month hurricane watch. wanted you to know, so you could, ya know, avoid destroying my house with your supernatural powers. thanx!

i’m sorry i missed the “breaking” thread. i was floating around the dead sea when i should have been there eyes bulging with outrage and flailing my arms and words around. so much to comment on!
i’ll pick one thing: i second a remark made by lefty. all too often, justice is denied by a judge who ruled one way or another depending on what they had for breakfast, when they last got laid, mixed well with their personal prejudices. when that’s the bottem line, and it is, one has to take the failures of justice in stride, and BELIEVE justice prevails eventually.
history will report the gay marriage debacle as a blip compared to the struggle against slavery and women’s right to vote. take heart. justice delayed is not justice denied, it’s just delayed. we must be noisy though!
and JNOV, i lerve your vids. that’s what i’m talkin bout.
make noise, be impatient, we will win this one. though the supremes make me nervous, i’d like to see the states keep falling in the right direction, for all the reasons already covered.

and don’t even get me started on marijuana laws.
it’s illegality costing tax payers billions in law enforcement, court clogs, and the bulging penal system. AND losing billions from a pot tax…
mind boggling stupidity.
maybe i’ll make a video too!!

@baked: We’ll have to hear the whole story on the move to T&C one of these days. W/r/t marijuana laws, and the way my state’s budget crisis is going, it’s going to be fully legal and taxed by July.

it’s a no brainer, right?
just like most of our representatives.


I’m in the south incognito. The OH, in a moment of ill-considered bravado, stuck a ‘Remember Stonewall’ bumper sticker on the back of the Prius so we’re only traveling under cover of darkness and avoiding truck-stops.

As for the CA supreme decision: I thought it very sensible. And by allowing the marriages to stand they have pretty much declared the fight to be over bar the flouncing about. To tell the truth I’m pretty much over this whole marriage deal. As before stated, I don’t see this happening in my lifetime. Too many people raise too much money to support comfortable lifestyles (hate that word) to let it simply evaporate. Anyone wants to get married: go to Canada. Personally, I now believe we should try for civil unions. I think the ‘separate but equal’ palaver is a distraction. Moral indignation is a lot of fun but not particularly constructive. I don’t think this issue, or any other issue regarding queer men and women, is anything like the struggle for civil rights that still must be carried on by black Americans. Perhaps a better analogue is with anti-semitism.

Annyhoo. Judges are people. If you prick them do they not bleed? They have good days and bad. And all in all I thought they did pretty well. Had they overturned the result of the vote there would have been such an unholy uproar that would have harmed us all and distracted our Supreme Leader from his more urgent business. Like saving the world.

@baked: just like most of our representatives. Word.

@homo limeyensis: “Perhaps a better analogue is with anti-semitism.” Uh, you do know about the Holocaust, right?

Are you for real? One of the things that makes me cross-eyed is when people start to rank injustice and argue over whose persecution was worse than whom’s. It’s a dumb mental exercise and a ridiculous way to view bigotry and prejudice.

I’m sure you were being facetious, but to even joke that you have to travel under the cloak of darkness for your own protection should inform you that there is a very serious problem here.

Wanna see how the Af-Am civil rights movement and the GLBTQ civil rights movements are similar? Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gh4T2ohbtvg

@JNOV: To clarify: I think it’s silly to say the GLBTQ civil rights movement isn’t as bad as the Af-Am one, but it’s more like the Holocaust. O_o

@homo limeyensis:

HA! I was wondering where you were.

I have to second JNOV in this. Comparing civil rights struggles creates a straw man; all pain and oppression is individual pain, individual opression. Therefore, comparing them is false argument- you will always be comparing apples and oranges no matter what.

There is only one way in which civil rights struggles It is wrong to deny full citizenship to a class of citizens on the basis of an immutable characteristic. You can slice this issue any way you like, it will always come back to that question, and that question, when you get down to the final analysis, is not a moral question so much as it is a practical one: Can our society afford to allow discrimination to flourish and deny the central tenet of its foundation? Will there be justice for anyone if we can selectively deny justice to a despised class for no other reason than that they are despised?

This issue and the torture issue are intertwined, and as I’ve said before, the resolution of these issues will determine whether or not the grand American experiment in Democracy has failed. A democracy ultimately is only as strong as its defense of the its weakest or most despised members. We can continue on the path to becoming a just representative government, or we can collapse into an Oligarchy that merely sustains the status quo, and rewards rights to those who can pay for them, or to those whose sheer number makes it impossible to do otherwise.

Having said that, darling, it is good to see you. I miss you when you are gone too long.

@JNOV: I didn’t mean to invoke the Holocauast for one moment: I meant the kind of systemic anti-semitism found here in the States. Why it seems similar to me is that Jewish-Americans have historically been able to go into a closet and pass. It’s just a thought. I’m sure you’re right that it’s not a good idea to make comparisons.

But I get tired of the circumstances my life becoming fodder for the indignation of absolutists of all stripes. While it’s galling to have to listen to the vile nonsense being spewed about my life and habits from our religiously challenged brethren and sistren, I find it just as dispiriting to have to listen to the high-minded indignation of the left. After all, we can live without marriage. We’ve managed it so far. I would personally be very happy with civil unions that gave me the same rights as marriage. Given the shit-storm this cause has provoked the idea of marriage has lost much of its allure. I’m most concerned with social security, inheritance, hospitals, etc. and I don’t much care what that’s called. Plus, Obama might throw in his support; he’s declared his support for civil unions.

@homo limeyensis: The OH, in a moment of ill-considered bravado, stuck a ‘Remember Stonewall’ bumper sticker on the back of the Prius

With luck, they’ll assume you mean Stonewall Jackson and you’ll make a lot of new friends. If not, well, perchance this is the summer of Freedom Rides through the south? We could call them “Rainbow Rides”.

@Also sprach Tommmcatt: Oh noes! You saw through my disguise!

As You-Know-Who put it: “Comparisons are odorous.’ Queers cut across all economic and social strata: we are everywhere (Except for the Republican party). We are nothing special. That’s what this struggle is about. After Stonewall we were special: marriage makes us ordinary.

Perhaps you’re right morally but what concerns me most is long-term care: for us both. And the ability to hang on to what little we’ve managed to acquire so that I can perhaps help pay for my godson’s college. I would hesitate to link my own privileged life to those who were tortured in my behalf. That is a different discussion calling for a whole new wardrobe.

I think we must try to understand that, apart from the obvious exceptions, the people on the other side act as much on principle as does, say, the HRC. Perhaps we should try to embrace their objections and in that way defuse them. I don’t know. I’m not an activist. But I would repeat: I would be thrilled to get a civil union that gave us equal rights. If we accept the fact that ‘marriage’ has changed over the years (as it has) why can’t one of those changes be calling the same thing by two names?

@homo limeyensis: Ah. I see.

@Nabisco: ::SNORT::

@homo limeyensis: They’ll probably kick your ass for driving a Prius alone. Dixie don’t play that.

If you want, I can make my Gay Mafia come for you. They do whatever I tell them. Who’s first?

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