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SFL wrote this post for me (for which I thank her), because I am busy being slowly driven mad by my contemporaries.  But enough of that.


Is it the rarefied air of entitlement that leads to the children of politicians to be even more of a douchebag than their office-holding parent?

george-w-bush-golfing_300x416Exhibit 1 (obviously):  George W. Bush

But now I present to you a young chap with a great future of douchebaggery ahead of him:

Andrew Guiliani.

You may remember him as that fat little kid climbing all over 9ud11 during his mayoral inauguration speech.

But now he’s been bitch-slapped by a judge who apparently loves Caddyshack, in a failed attempt to be reinstated on the Duke University golf team:

In a lawsuit filed last year, Andrew Giuliani, 23, claimed that the North Carolina school breached a contract when it dropped him from the golf team in early-2008. The school (and coach Orrin Daniel Vincent III) countered by saying that Giuliani was bounced for a variety of boorish acts, including assaulting a teammate, defying coaches, and violating “both the rules and the spirit of the game of golf.” In an opinion issued yesterday, Magistrate Judge Wallace W. Dixon sided with Duke in its bid for a judgment against Giuliani.

Young Andy will soon be joining Giuliani Partners and running for the New York Legislature, no doubt.

Giuliani Duke Golf Lawsuit Shanks [The Smoking Gun]

Sorry to break it to And1, but Billy Madison was an Adam Sandler character.

@ManchuCandidate: What sort of life would you have to have lived to have Adam Sandler cast as you in the biopic? Or Pauly Shore? Oy.

What utter bullshit. Just the other day one of my colleagues was telling me about the numerous times she’d been sued when she was a public school teacher for giving kids bad grades… we’re talking about kids who didn’t bother to show up to the final exam, mind you.

@Serolf Divad:
Really, I could have sued to get top marks instead of actually getting what I pretty much deserved? Wow. I might have graduated summa cum laude instead of the ass end of my graduating class.

You US Americans and your legal wizardry.

violating “both the rules and the spirit of the game of golf.”

The bar for both of which was set by this guy, mind you.


Yes, we really do add a lot of majestic win to the world, don’t we?

@ManchuCandidate: not so much legal wizardry, mind you. More like idolizing Cher Horowitz.

And I love that the judge quotes Caddyshack:

“He’s on his final hole. He’s about 455 yards away, he’s gonna hit about a 2 iron, I think.”

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