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Commenter JNOV made a video about gay civil rights.  Parts of it are pretty graphic, and she makes her point in a powerful way.  A comment from YouTube is reprinted after the jump.


Here’s what a “patriot” had to say:

omiolo (9 hours ago)

you guys have to be the BIGGEST hypocrites.

You vandalize churches, send terrorist letters, create mobs, prohibit people from worshiping (an actual civil right), harass people for voting and treat the Mormons like the Nazi’s treated the Jews.

then to complain because you are NOT allowed to REDEFINE marriage?


JNOV fires back:

Free speech is limited by the government: time, place and manner restrictions, and as long as someone abides by these restrictions, I am satisfied. I do not support vandalizing churches or using fear or intimidation of imminent harm to prohibit people from engaging in lawful acts, like walking into an abortion clinic. Mormons are NOT being persecuted like the Jews. They never have been. That’s a faith-promoting fiction and an insult to the Jews, gays, Roma and others who died in the Shoa.

Oh, and the right to marry *is* a civil liberty. You have more rights than those enumerated in the Constitution. And I’m not just calling out the Mormons — the Bible has been used to justify the enslavement, segregation and subjugation of African Americans for centuries. We can’t stand by and let it be used to harm GLBTQ folks.

Rock on, JNOV. Thank you for this.

I love that the very people who were made to change their own marriage laws are putting down a marriage law. What, they can’t have their freaky marriages, so no one else can, either?

I’m so sad that the California government has not rescinded Prop 8 on the sole basis that another state was meddling in their shit.

Awesome piece of work, and it just strengthens the case for JNOV’s appointment as a Supreme.

@Nabisco: Agree. I’ll use my vast influence with Obama to get this done.

I’m going to have to finish watching this at home tonight. Just a few minutes in I can’t handle this at work without crying.

JNOV, you are wonderful.

Rock on, Sister JNOV! And I agree she would be a well-needed voice of reason and equality on SCOTUS.

I LERVE YOU ALL!!!1!!one!

Working on a video about aversion torture and biographies of GLBTQ hate crime victims, the perpetrators, the sentences (if any).

It’s like the torture photos issue — you have to really see it to understand the enormity of it. To get appropriately pissed off and upset, sometimes you need to be punched in the face with the truth.


What can I say that hasn’t been said? You’re the best, sweetheart.

Here’s some good news on the gay civil rights front…

Yo! Do you want me to copy and past the redic comments? I’ve only received two so far, the one Bloggie posted, and I’ve got a convo with a general dumbass.

@SanFranLefty: Huzzah! I’ve got people in Vallejo. Just thought I’d add that.

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