A Can of Whoopi Ass

I heard this morning that Beck was on, and I knew the video would be good. But not this good:

[ Media Matters Flash video not available. ]

[ Media Matters Flash video not available. ]

Show Whoopi some love via the comments link for The View. I go the link from a RW site in the rawstory.com article.


She could have at LEAST ripped his head off and shat down his throat.

Don’t get me wrong, Beck’s a soulless phony, but Whoopi and Barbara couldn’t, between the two of them, even coherently counter his main accusation (that they’d traded on their celebrity for special treatment from Amtrak), other than to say, “but, but, but . . . Steve Kroft didn’t get to sit with his wife.” The rest of it (who approached whom, etc.) is academic.

@mellbell: At some point, I recall, Walters said they didn’t have a reservation or assigned seat.

@homofascist: That was quite the Flying ChainSaw comment, darlin’.

@homofascist: Yes, if there had been more teeth and gore and bits of Beck on the floor I’d be tempted to watch the View…or at least Tivo it once in a while.

@blogenfreude: I heard that too. I think they said they had to march down the entire train with an escort to find a car where they and their normally highly-functioning senses of entitlement could find a seat. (Bottom line, I don’t feel sorry for the Womyn but I’m glad they punked Beck on it–Whoopi mentioning his big burly bodyguard and all that was an extra treat.)

@Mistress Cynica: If he’s in Pakistan I feel sorry for the Taliban and the low-flying drones.

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