Let a Thousand Legs Spread

We’re not sure this is what folks have in mind when they think about sex tourism, but China will be entering the market this fall when it opens “Love Land,” a theme park devoted to the horny kid in all of us.

Think animatronic pestorking displays and a waterslide Magic Mound.

Okay, we’re making that up. We think.

But it’s hard not to presume, not when guests are greeted by a “giant revolving model of a woman’s legs and lower torso, clad only in an unflattering crimson thong.” Nor when one of the park’s attractions will be an “oversized replica of a set of genitals.” Might we suggest an Orgasmatron? Or a haunted Notell Hotel? Or a detailed scale model of — yes, we’re going there — Epcock Center?

Fine, fine. But don’t be surprised when Six Flags adopts our brilliant ideas to save itself from bankruptcy.

China to open first sex theme park [Guardian UK]

Update: The park’s been demolished.


The article leaves so many questions unanswered, in fact it reads, in places, like a poorly translated electronics instruction manual (or IKEA hieroglyph pamphlet):

“These things are too exposed. I will feel uncomfortable looking at them when other people are around.”

And what about audience participation? Will they break the fourth wall?

For instance, will there be a booth that allows patrons, for a fee of course, to experience traditional foot binding?

Seems quite odd that teh secks is taboo in China. I mean there’s like 1.5 Billion of them, so we know exactly what they’re doing everytime the door closes.

I wonder if Tom Campbell knows that a campaign ad for him is running right next to this story on the screens of the Californians? Since he’s a libertarian, I hope he’s cool with it.

Gives new meaning to Tunnel of Love and the “Slip’n Slide” rides.

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