Their descent into madness continues:

Dear American Blacks:

Sometimes — no, actually always — the true friend is the one who tells you what you don’t want to hear. The one who does not indulge you, the one who will neither promise you nor give you candy and other bennies. Instead he tells you to sit down and eat your green beans and spinach — and if you want that nice car, then quit whining, get an education, earn a good job, and earn that nice car.

You know the writer is thinking “rims”.

I ask you to consider, why is it that you hate Republicans so much?

Could it be this sort of thing?

Or maybe this:

Republicans do not know how to approach you. Democrats and the Democrat-dominated press have misled you and stoked up your wrath to the point that you will not listen to us.

So I propose this: how about listening? How about listening to what Republicans have to say, instead of what the Democrats say we say? How about listening to what we have to say before booing us out of the building?

They can listen to the GOP when they kick off that teaching tour they’re so keen about.

We received not one ounce of gratitude from you, but we did it anyway. And we will continue to do what is right for America, for whites, for blacks, for Latinos, for Republicans, for Democrats, for today, and for the future.

Join us. Consider it, anyway.

Wow. Just … wow.

I’ll leave you with this:



Forget the fact that we spent 40 years demonizing you as part of Nixon’s Southern Strategy or the fact that most of our Southern Base was made of Dixiecrats who legislated/enforced/supported Jim Crow laws or our use of “code” words to avoid saying the N Word or our leaders attempts to call out any voter organization as illegal.

Isn’t this what an abuser says to his victims?

@ManchuCandidate: The GOP will not change on its own. It will take the dying off, or the extreme marginalization, of the nutjob base before the GOP can be considered, seriously, a party where everyone is welcome. Michael Steele cannot do this.

I cannot count the number of times I have been at a GOP event (as a newspaper reporter covering a speech or some other crap) where stupid white men over the age of 50 (no offense to any of those dear Stinquers who are, I’m talking about people with the IQs of baby carrots, which none of y’all have) have made subtle racist jokes at the event that some must be so twisted as to consider them innocuous, or just outright tell them or use euphemisms to avoid the N-word (though I have heard the word muttered).

And they thought it was perfectly ok.

Though they have the homeschoolers and other brainwashed into their gospels, they are in the minority, even as they continue to breed. The party is seriously going to have to pull a reverse Tony Blair a la 1997 in Britain to ever be viable again. (Wait a minute, that comparison is… bad in a bad mental picture sorta way).

Rush OD’ing on vicodin, Glenn having a coronary, Sean being sent off to the asylum, et. al., may help.

This Video is my YouTube Magnum Opus. Apposite to this discussion, I’d say.

Dear American Blacks:

Okay, now try insulting them in only two words.

I wonder if he is going to reach out to gay people as well?

@homofascist: “Good evening, godless sodomites!”

@homofascist: Dear marriage destroyers: Republicans do not know how to approach you outside of bathroom stalls.

drinkyclown: Dear American Women:

It may seem that our policies on reproductive health, pay equity and prescription drug coverage are mean-spirited and somewhat pointless. But here’s the thing: abortion, contraception, minimum wages and other pay controls, and health care are things that you find in communist countries. And we don’t like communism. We hate communism. A lot.

You remember how you felt when the Berlin Wall came down? Grab onto that feeling. That’s what we’re after.

We don’t want to suppress the sexual revolution or destroy memories of free love and liberation and San Francisco in the 1960s. We just want to destroy socialism. You know that, right? We love you.

Instead he tells you to sit down and eat your green beans and spinach — and if you want that nice car, then quit whining, get an education, earn a good job, and earn that nice car.

My true friend is a dick.

[Yes, I know. But you gotta go where the language leads ya.]

@homofascist: I wonder if he is going to reach out to gay people as well? I suspect they’d do better to reach around.

@chicago bureau: Why won’t anyone listen to us? We know what’s best for everyone, just give us another eight years and we’ll turn this country back around! Who could doubt our motives, we’re merely filled with compassion and love, unless you’re a godless commie.

@drinkyclown: Don’t you mean a godless commie fag?

@drinkyclown: Look, we know we sold out our values for power, okay? But this time we really mean it.

Meanwhile, Barry’s having Newt over for tea. Which may be his most brilliant move since anointing Rush.

@nojo: Apropos of nothing, and not to dwell on it, but did you know that Robert Smith reached his Golden Anniversary a mere week before you? Between him and Morrissey, that’s some good company.

@mellbell: Except I share my date with Leno and Saddam.

If only I had been a wee more patient shooting out, I would have shared a date with Duke Ellington instead.

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