A Thousand Points of FAIL

Ed of Instaputz/Gin & Tacos went to a Teabagger today, and he promises us many photos tomorrow. A teaser:


This might be the best one yet.


We could get some zombies down there, but the poor dears would simply starve.

There were 5 sad little teabaggers out in front of the Mac public library, and about a dozen kids across the street with Legalize Marijuana signs. Guess whose signs had correct spelling and grammar?

Not exactly an original composition (what have I done ever been?) Based on one of my Brand W posts and modded to fit the pic…

I’m a Teabagger and I’m okay
I sleep all night and I write all day
He’s a Teabagger and he’s okay
He sleeps all night and he writes all day

I write on signs, I can’t spell words
I read Ayn’s Atlas Shrugged
On Wednesdays I go shopping
And get tea bagged by Larry Craig
He writes on signs…
He’s a teabagger…

I won’t pay tax, I misspell words
I love to press wild flow’rs
I put on assless chaps
And hang around in bars
He misspells words…
He’s a teabagger…

I write on signs, I wear culottes
Three pointed hats and a bra
I wish I’d been on Brokeback
Just like my dear papa
He wears culottes…
He’s a teabagger…?

I remember Descent! Man I loved that game. Full-on 3-D space shooter? I actually had to buy a joystick for that game because using the mouse was causing me to knock stuff off my desk constantly.

@blogenfreude: @Original Andrew: Is that because of the lack of brains in these cadres of seriously flawed citizens?@ManchuCandidate: Absolutely bitchin’, Dude!


My grammarian bitch salutes you, dear Bloggie, for finding this photo. OMFG. You so earned your free copy of A Fish Called Wanda just for finding this.

@SanFranLefty: I live to serve. I just want to find out the city where that photo was taken.

@blogenfreude: I hate to say this given the Chicago contingency that I love, but ginandtacos.com appears to be based in the Windy City. Ergo, that moran may have been somewhere in the Chi-town area.

@SanFranLefty: Hold on. Can we say definitively what the common spelling was in 1773?

And can I be forgiven for misreading that link as “Gir & Tacos”? Because really, it makes more sense.

@nojo: Have you seen the Gir cologne at Hot Topic and other fine retailers?

@redmanlaw: Does it come with Head Pigeon shampoo?

@Mistress Cynica: Only five teabaggers in McMinnville? But that’s where I met my first Libertarians, lo these many years ago. And that’s what convinced me they’re absolutely fucking crazy.

Stinque mascots excepted, of course. But I also have a cousin-in-law who nails the stereotype, so you’re outnumbered.

@SanFranLefty: Actually, that was in Bloomington, IN, thank jeebus. Not that there weren’t plenty of crazies in Chicago yesterday too–stutter-guy and fascist-guy on See En En, such as.

Well, I am appreciating his fashion sense. Those manpris are just so kicky! Get him to ditch the orthopedic shoes and get into a strappy sandal and that is an outfit you can be proud to wear to any lame protest.

A descent down the evolutionary ladder?
But I thought they hated Darwinism?

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