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We're ready for a line of iSnort.

We just discovered these cool CDC Social Media Tools from Barry’s new Twitter feed, and… and…

Shit. It’s like the Internet just bought a leisure suit.

White House joins Facebook, MySpace, Twitter [USA Today]

Wow, as I write this Joe Scarbrough has just asked Andrea Mitchell whether Tim Geitner and Rahm Emmanuel are sexy.

Now, I’m sure Mitchell is a nice lady and all and a first class journalist, but she’s also the woman who said “I do” to Alan Friggin’ Greenspan fer chrissakes. What does she know about sexy? Ring up Angelina Jolie or Playboy’s miss April if you want to know whether some dude is sexy. But Mitchell?

@Serolf Divad:
I suspect that Andrea would base her answer on which one of the two has the more Gollum like features, loves failed economic ideology and power/money.

I also have doubts on “nice” and “first class” considering her uncanny ability to ignore asking questions that would embarrass her hubby.

Ah, nojo. The intertubes has already been wearing a leisure suit since AOL showed up. However, now it’s accessorized with with a fanny pack and Hello Kitty sneakers.

The White House only started twittering because Oprah signed up.

Am I the only one who finds most twittering pretty fucking annoying?

TJ: Dear MSM, are you as gutsy as a 4th grader, who asked this questions of Condi when she spoke at the Jewish Primary Day School in DC:

Then Misha Lerner, a student from Bethesda, asked: What did Rice think about the things President Obama’s administration was saying about the methods the Bush administration had used to get information from detainees?

Misha wanted to ask: “If you would work for Obama’s administration, would you push for torture?” But the school asked him to tone it down and not to use the word “torture.”

See: Misha’s brain just got its first shipment of testosterone. This tends to make one very aggressive if one is not careful. Especially if one is only 10 years old.

Breaking, but not hard: here’s a detail from the proposed Chrysler deal to sell assets to Fiat etc, per NYT Dealbook:

“Also — and this is strange — one of the few cuts to retiree benefits occurring now is that retirees are losing their entitlement to erectile dysfunction medicine.”

@Dodgerblue: You have to wonder what data they have on this issue; is this like a serious cost thing?

I have no idea what those drugs cost, are they expensive? Stands to reason, a drug that gets and keeps you hard, you can probably charge a lot for that, Rhino horn is expensive, and it doesn’t even work.

That makes me wonder, has viagra reduced the pressure on rhinos, is the poaching for the asian market a thing of the past?

Imagine what people will pay for something that will truly make people lose weight easily, or make them smarter.

@Mistress Cynica: That’s better than the Stanford student quizzing her!

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