Now with anal pears!

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I do so look forward to the next right-wing tax protests. If I might, may I suggest a theme? Here it is:

You know how money is green? You know how lettuce is green? What if the next protests had the theme of throwing away our money… jettisoning our lettuce. Instead of “tea bagging” we could call it… oh… I don’t know… maybe: salad tossing?

That would have the double effect of protesting the Obama budget while depriving that awful liberal news media of the opportunity to make sexually suggestive innuendo about our protest, our defiant tossing of salad!!!! Come my friend, lets toss our salad on the ground, right in front of the Whitehouse.

@Serolf Divad: I for one am tired of all of these ‘dirty Sanchez’-s coming into the country and taking them ‘Murican jobs. Maybe there is a theme there as well.

Do these people live on Wonder Bread dipped in bacon grease? People in TB wards look healthier than that. Look at that guy in the leather hat! It looks like portions of his intestines have gone bad and are spewing poision into the rest of his system. His face is one gross gobbit of fat!!!

Jebus, they’re called “peas”, wingnuts, eat a couple once in a while.

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