Turks, Saudis Foil Obama Assasination Attempt [CBS News]


May the noodly appendages of the Flying Spaghetti Monster embrace Unicorn.

Stabbing? How old, old school of the retard.

Stabbing? And he thought he could get close enough to make that happen? Not likely. Sounds like the guy who threw the non-working grenade somewhere in the vicinity of Dubya when he visited Georgia was a bigger threat than this moran.

Makes perfect sense. Saudi money funded BushCo enterprises before and after Bush I and Saudi money funded Qaeda enterprise. Why should the kingdom and its considerable resources stand down now?

America, America:

Someone tried to kill the POTUS?

Wow.. you mean there’s actually a person in the world who doesn’t believe President Obama is a god?

Let’s get ahead of the curve here: There was no plot, just a planted story to goose the Gallup.

Clearly, the would be assassin was also motivated by watching too much Glenn Beck. Why do we permit him on the satellite? How many more whackjobs will Glenn Beck incite to action?

@libertarian tool: Fair enough, but I don’t think we’ve let Osama off the hook yet.

@Tommmcatt the Wet Sprocket: Probably so, but Tool is suggesting that we’re quick to blame our favorite villains for the actions of unaffiliated idiots. I’m saying that we also hold terrorist leaders accountable for the actions they inspire, but the subject doesn’t come up as often.

@libertarian tool: HOLY HELL did you see his fascist thing? Glenn Beck must live in a house of mercury.

I don’t think he’s ever freaked as much as that. Even by Glenn Beck standards (what standards?), it’s pretty screwy.

No, I try to avoid Beck. You see I live under the discipline of a self-imposed fairness doctrine. I cannot watch or listen to batshit insane partisan blowhards without allocating equal time and attention to their doppelgänger from the opposite spectrum. Some of these are easy. If I watch a Michael Moore movie, I have to listen to Rush for two hours. The Olbermann/O’Reilly pairing is easy. Maher and Miller are equally unfunny. Maddow/Kudlow for their allegiance to liberal/conservative principles as opposed to pure partisanship (although they are pretty partisan). David Shuster/Chris Wallace for their delusional pretense of objective journalism.

This is a work in progress. It takes a lot of work to stay balanced. I don’t know who to pair with Beck’s incoherence… Chris Mathews? Its a puzzlement.

@libertarian tool: I don’t know who to pair with Beck’s incoherence… That’s where your fairness doctrine fails, tool. Ralph Nader? Too reasoned. I think you need to go outside of our borders and stream Hugo Chávez. Huele súlfuro?

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