Beck Goes Batshit

From the folks at Sadly, No!


What does Beck think about the Abraham Lincoln Brigades that went to Spain to fight FASCISM then?
Oh yeah, COMMIES…

What was WW2 then?
US AMERICA was run by Nazee Kommieesss!

Oh, you mean RW wingnuts calling everyone else but themselves facists? Oh, carry on.

What the hell is going on with Michigan State?!

I see that Pulitzer coming any day, Glenn.

The fuckwit has over 23 million daily viewers, which not only seals our fate as a nation of ass-fuckers, but really speaks to the future generation of further dividing idiots with the sole contention of continuing our moronic, everlasting struggle with logic and sense.

LOGIC IS WRONG. We must do better than this logic, with visual images shoved up our asses on a daily basis. This is, of course, patriotic. The longer this happens, the more people fall off the edge. It just sucks.

There should be more liberals going out and saying “well you hate this? You’re UNAMERICAN. You should move to conservative Saudi Arabia, you unAmerican Republican bastard!” It’s like all the shit most of us were receiving from fucking morons after 9/11 shit-fucked us.

We should be happy though, because just like a GM car that will last 5 years and get -3 miles per gallon, we made it happen.


But also: the mace of the U.S. House of Representatives is based on… the same freaking thing. Thirteen ebony rods bound together with ribbons of silver.

And so Glenn Beck is an idiot.

Meanwhile: I have no idea about UNC/State, SanFranLefty. What I can say, however, is that I damn near puked when I saw the Gatorade ad with John Wooden. Sadly: Wooden is not long for this world — not based on anything specific, but just his age — and one of the last things he does is an ad. Oy vey.

@SanFranLefty: Roy Williams just pwned Tom Izzo is what happened. Izzo badly misjudged UNC, thinking he had to play up-tempo with them when State got this far by slowing down the game.

He must have pulled THAT theory out of his ass when he had his butt operated on. Somebody pass Glenn a tinfoil hat, please…

Well, congratulations to MellBell and Libertarian Tool for their first and second place finishes in the Stinque March Madness pool.

@SanFranLefty: p.s. Be on the look out for the second Conchords disc in the near future.

@SanFranLefty: *Ahem.*

Actually I finished second.

The Tool was a distant fifth, well behind you and Cynica, as he *snicker* picked Missouri to go all the way *guffaw*.

I hope your money brackets fared better.

Well done Ms. Bell.

Mell-bell! Mell-bell! Mell-bell!

/mylar confetti drop

Fookin’ end of the game made me miss Robot Chicken, dammit.

@redmanlaw: I switched over to House at 8. Couldn’t take any more.

@Mistress Cynica: Can you handle bunny pix? Check your email (y tu, lefty).

@Mistress Cynica: The PC world is not at war with the Mac world. America is not defined by one operating system. We will move forward in mutual respect.

@redmanlaw: Not as long as Hodges needs to cover the mortgage, we won’t.

@shortsshortsshorts: The fuckwit has over 23 million daily viewers

Let me be very pleased to correct you.

The Fox News primetime audience is 2.5-3 million. Those are great numbers for cable, but even Katie Couric grabs about 7 million souls.

@nojo: He’s in the 2.3 million range. Yes. I missed the period. God dammit now I’m pregnant.

So let’s finish the job and remove “In God We Trust”.

hehehe for both your posts.

how do you people watch these so called people. i’m happy for the giggle you give to me, second hand, but when these people so called speak, i must run for cover. beck is the biggest fucktwit in fuckville. i don’t know what to say about their so called audience. maybe people tune in for a chuckle? please?

T/J hebrew language is proving more daunting than playing scrabble with lefty. people are laughing in my face at my pronunciation. (as jon stewart has pointed out, jews are born with a little extra phlegm to pronounce hebrew)
sharing my edumacation, all you need to know to get by here:
1. be vakasha (please/you’re welcome)
2. sli ccha (excuse me)
3. todah rabah (thank you very much)
4.uf mipo (fuck off)
5. lid fok atah (fuck you to a man)
6. lid fok at (fuck you to a woman)

And Xantham Gum, that shit that Proctor and Gamble people, the company with the Illumanti symbols, puts in all the food in America? It is Xenu’s spooge, planted in the food chain to control our minds and enslave us all. Someone get this to Glenn, quick!

@FlyingChainSaw: Oh, and don’t get him started on $tarbuck$ – or Nabisco for that matter.

@Hose Manikin: Sorry about the confusion. Congratulations.

@baked: How do you say “You’re very hot and sexy” in Hebrew to those yuffie Iraeli men?

@SanFranLefty: I was wondering how to say “how’s my circumcision”, but thought it too early to be so indiscreet.

@baked: Maybe the Scots are the lost tribe? They do all that oching and laugh at sassenachs who pronounce loch as lock.

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