The Future of the GOP

I got tired of looking at that poor little cat.


Thank you dear Bloggie. If I saw that eyeball one more time I would throw the laptop across the room. As it is, I’m going to have some fucked up nightmares tonight.

What’s the story from Santa Monica? Dodger, RML, TommCatt, where are you?!?!

@SanFranLefty: Now I get a free Stormy post for my good deed! Yay!

@blogenfreude: No good deed goes unpunished. Yes, I’d rather see Stormy boobies over the cyclops kitteh. Feel free to replace the photo if you can. I am telling myself over and over that the kitteh is photoshopped and it didn’t really exist.

You are going to suck for awhile. Take a break.
Go work on your dream.

Those are women I (stupidly) would have been drawn to in high school like a retarded dimwitted testosterone addled moth to a peroxide flame. My geeky lust and ego destroyed upon the rocks of blond female cruelty for attempting to date outside my league.

Peroxide, inanity, vanity, and fans of Hannity. That’s the combo that has me running after intelligent and sane women.

DEVELOPING HARD: Guiding Light is being cancelled.

72 years is a hell of a run for a teevee show. So, even though my only exposure has come on sick days: hail and farewell.

@ManchuCandidate: So what’s your type, Manchu? For some reason, I’m feeling an inexplicable urge to set you up with one of my female friends. Do you want to meet the cynical moody liberal, the athletic progressive teacher, the political animal animal-loving potsmoker, the snarky high school counselor? Do you have an age preference? Geography or time zone preference? Because it goes without saying that none of these women are in Canada City.

SanFranLefty: A minimum requirement for me would be a brain that is actually put to use on occasion.

Oh, wait — you were talking to Manchu. Sry.

(PS: review of tonight’s proceedings might compel me to say some things. But enough has been said so I will simply say that I am thinking of you and leave it at that. Be well.)

@Promnight: Yes you still are, and you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself.

@Mistress Cynica: I am going to be so sad when Mark Morford is laid off by the Chronicle (which is a shit paper but has the world’s best and most interesting columnists) because he writes lines like this:

I am talking about the brand new, leering, pseudo-masculine 2010 Chevrolet Camaro.

What’s that you say? You had no idea that Chevy was resurrecting this rolling mullet from the mausoleum of the ’70s because, even after sucking up billions in bailout money, GM still doesn’t really have a single fresh and forward-thinking idea, and hence the best they can do is scrape the barrel of macho nostalgia in a desperate attempt to cater to male Boomers who drink too much light beer and think Maxim is the height of masculinity and are still debating which Van Halen vocalist totally ruled?

@chicago bureau: Darling, all of those women have brains that are used constantly, ergo they scare off 99% of men in this world and ergo they are some of my favorite humans in this world. Do you want to go to Texas, the Bay Area, or the Mid-Atlantic?

Perhaps someone who understands taxes can demystify the whole thing for me. I owe the feds about one third of what DC owes me. Now, DC taxes are notoriously high, but that still doesn’t make any damn sense.

@mellbell: I’m halfway through doing TurboTax for me and Mr. SFL. I had to stop because every time I entered something, what I owed Arnold kept going higher and Unicorn taxes went down. Mr. SFL blames me for suing the State of Kahlifornya. Maybe Unicorn is offsetting my political donations, who knows?

Santa Monica CA (April 1 SNS) – Great hookup with TC and DB. Great dinner and talk with the boys at an English pub w/Mrs RML and Son of RML also. Must surrender laptop to spouse . . .more later.

@chicago bureau: Saw that, but I decided to give it a pass. It’s not like they’re canceling All My Children.

@nojo: okay, fine, it’s not All My Children but can you get rid of the one-eyed kitteh? It’s freaking me out. Maybe a picture of Unicorn and Michelle Oh! in London…?

@SanFranLefty: It’s a cat post, so you get a cat.

@nojo: If you want to get into even more trouble, swap it out for a picture of a “bonsai cat.”

@mellbell: I have a vet manual with cat-dissection photos. Don’t tempt me.

Is All My Children the one they still shoot in NY? There used to be five or six of them. Actors made livings working in soaps when nothing else was going on. I only ever did some day work. Of course they were terrible but they didn’t rehearse. It was mostly about setting the women’s hair. I did get to see Susan Lucci in make-up though. And yes, she is about four feet tall. Now of course everyone’s 19 with buns of steel. And the women are cute too.

@SanFranLefty: We Stinqued up Santa Monica last night.

Getting ready to get the Stinque on was a long time coming from the first announcement a month or so ago to going down to the hotel lobby at 6:45 to stake out the joint. TCatt had called earlier to say he was running late. DB showed up while I was reading and posting. We sat around for a while talking law, history, etc and were joined by Mrs RML and Son of RML and added education policy and inequity, and religion into the mix.

After a bit a lost looking guy in a stripey shirt showed up who did not have the rumpled look of a business traveler. He looked around then went to the lobby computer. I looked up and saw that he was looking at Stinque and called out “Hey [redacted]!”

We piled into the DBMobile and headed to the pub. Drinks flowed. Dinner came. More talk. More fun. The crowd wisely declined my ofer of another round and we called it quits around 11. What a great night. New friends were made, and Mrs RML got to see the caliber of folks I spend time with on line.

The great thing about a meetup is that we already know each other, we just haven’t met yet.

No kitties or feeling were hurt in the making of this post.

@redmanlaw: Sounds awesome. Sorry I couldn’t get to SoCal for the Stinque-Up.

@redmanlaw: I do hope there’ll be pics for the jam this weekend.

@Mistress Cynica: Yes, ma’am, although I have to say there might not have been if all we had to rely upon was a cranky pre-teen as photog.


Heh. I think that was more pre-teen embarrassment than crankiness.

We had a GREAT time, actually. Next time we need to do it on a weekend, though, so we can have more rounds. The RMLs are amazing, and as for Dodger…well, what a gracious and distinguished guy he is! Also very tall.

It was amazing how easy it was to talk to them…simply amazing.

Oh, and hey, RML, I got that walk on for you guys…just give me a call and I’ll meet you over there….

@Tommmcatt the Wet Sprocket: Are hardhats req’d in the salt mine? We’ll call in a bit.

@Tommmcatt the Wet Sprocket: It was great to meet and talk to Tommcatt and the RML outfit in my home town, in my fav local pub where the Newcastle and Guinness flow like, uh, water. I’m only sorry that I had to bust up the party due to this damned work thing.

News flash: RML and his son just visited my office. All environmental problems now solved, and the bars are open.

@redmanlaw: I looked up and saw that he was looking at Stinque and called out “Hey [redacted]!”

I always answer to “Hey [redacted]!” on the street.

@nojo: I laughed when I saw [redacted] too.

@redmanlaw: Why didn’t you just yell out “Hey TommCatt!” I’m sure some heads would have turned in the hotel lobby…

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