Jaw Dropping


Bachmann Introducing Bill to Ban Use of Made-Up Global Currency.

That is all.


What will I do with my stockpile of Schrute Bucks?

Fuck you Bachmann Paranoid Overdrive.

Huh? HUH???

What is wrong with her face in that photo? She looks like a tweaker.

I predict lot of hilarious hi-jinks as she tries to get this baby passed. The other house members should pretend to take it seriously just to fuck with her- you know, move it from committee to committee, pretend to let it go to a vote only to withdraw it at the last second, promise to support it if she promises to eat only castor oil and chocolate for a week, etc, etc.

Komedy gold, people.

Augh, the comments, they burn! (At ThinkProg, not here.) I don’t care what nojo says, I’m glad we don’t have wingnut trolls here very often.

@IanJ: I’d be gone like a bat out of hell if we had wingnut trolls every day.

@SanFranLefty: Me too. I don’t need to deal with that in my every-day life.

She’s got teh full-on krazee so bad.

@SanFranLefty: @IanJ:

Seriously. We should have a zero-tolerance policy for trolls: they can post, but they won’t be addressed. Period.

I love Sadly, No but the trolls there are waaaaayyy too much.

She looks exactly like Bugs Bunny in drag from the nose down.

@IanJ: Think Progress is now in a full-on flame war with O’Reilly, hence the trolls there. But their regular commenters are also afflicted by earnestness, which makes the trolls more effective than they would be otherwise.

It’s all about entertainment value. Comments and accounts are easily deleted, and I wouldn’t hesitate to zap once the amusement has passed. But in a year of Stinque/CP, I don’t know that we’ve ever had a case of it.

@nojo: Sure we did, we had that guy, whatsisface, who posted his name and address and phone number and told us we were all “on the list.” Hal somebody. Related to Hannity? I forget, he posted once and never responded, so it wasn’t much to go on.

@Tommmcatt the Wet Sprocket @IanJ @SanFranLefty:

Please, no. No trolls, period.

That’s why gawd created registered commenting. If we do get trolls, I hope they will be executed immediately. (I write this after years of reading the local Seattle blogs, the comments on such will make you wish Caligutard had just pushed the button).

@Original Andrew: Ugh, like all the comments on the PI stories about bicycles. Inevitably, someone would urge running bikers off the road because “they’re all assholes,” and apparently be completely serious in their suggestion. DO NOT WANT.

@IanJ: The disbarred rapist doctor dude, the Randiantarian, he was le hoot.

@nojo: Being earnest isn’t all its cracked up to be, is it? Sometimes I get earnest, but never about politics, only about drugs and alcohol and sex.


The comments on that college-age gay couple, who were beaten unconcious and left for dead last weekend on the beach at Seaside, were so bad that the PI had to delete them all and turn the comments off.

@Original Andrew: I have a usually fool-proof policy of never reading the comments, but sometimes I forget. I heard tangentially about the Seaside incident, but didn’t read up on it.

It’s like reading about the Milgram Experiments and discovering that like 90% of your fellow citizens would torture you to death if ordered to do so by a guy in a lab coat.

You don’t want to get inside the heads of most people.

Trolls happen. Some of them are a laff riot. I say let ’em rave – the only comments I’d delete are threats of violence.

@IanJ: Oh, Hal. Yes, of course. But he’s actually a third-string radio dude, not just some random troll. I would have enjoyed him returning to threaten us some more.

@Original Andrew: Registered commenting is why I removed the spam filter, which had a nasty habit of disappearing valid comments.

Curiously, I see a lot of registrations — two today — that never bear commenting fruit. Maybe those are proto-trolls who lose interest by the time they’ve figured out the confirmation process, but there’s no way to know.

But again, it’s all about entertainment value. Chief Payne could have been considered a troll, but he was fun to have around. The trolls at Think Progress are boringly repetitive, as are the responses to them. If a mouse slips in here, I’ll wait to zap until the cats are done playing with it.

/on topic/

Wow, MB really is a 90s-style wingnut; she srsly reminds me of Helen Chenoweth. All that Ace of Base must’ve fried her brain.

What do you suppose her policy is on seatbelt usage? Nanny state tool of Satan, perhaps?

This thread is headed by an add saying “Ann Coulter — Free”.

No thank you.

@SanFranLefty: I think it’s a screenshot from some sort of webcam. In other words, this is what she looks like when she’s not using a team of hair and makeup people to prep her for national teevee exposure.

@nojo: Chief Payne was a keeper. Kind of like our village idiot. Didn’t we go around the block with him about whether or not he was actually a “chief” of something?

And whither AfghanVet? Does s/he post over at W still, Manchu?

I think I’m partially responsible for driving the Chief away from W when I began to mock him by comparing him to Lloyd Fredenhall during the “grate” Paultard War and got really upset with me.

The rational AfghanVet is still around at W.

@Nabisco: Ooh, yeah, we need AfghanVet, what a fine voice of reason.

@ManchuCandidate: Hee, hee, that’s right. See if you can lasso AfghanVet.

Michelle Bachmann stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

@Nabisco: Homofascist would love to lasso him, I can tell you that.


My butt is too sore from the ass-whipping I got in the first pool…

@Original Andrew:
Helen Chenoweth!! now that brings back some memories…
my favorite quote about her was:
As one GOP political operative in northern Idaho once told a reporter in an unguarded moment:“Helen is living proof that you can fuck your brains out.” (Chenoweth is widely considered, in Idaho parlance, dumb as a mud fence.)

Ah Michelle. You raise batshit crazy to the level of an art form.

Should we take up a collection to buy her a new tinfoil hat?

The Afghan Vet I know who posts on W is actually sane. No snark on the rational comment.

@ManchuCandidate: Yes he is rational and sane. And as I recall, Homofascist and Pedonator were giddy fans of his beefy biceps when he crashed a hearing on the Hill.

@SanFranLefty: Is “Afghan Vet” whatshisname who also showed up at the GOP convention? I thought he went all Paultard on us, and we had to let his biceps go.

@nojo: AfghanVet =/= Adam Kokesh, unless I’m severely mistaken.

@mellbell: Oh, I thought they were the same dude.

@ManchuCandidate: That’s exactly what I meant, no snark intended. AfghanVet always had good things to say from a perspective I didn’t have. I really liked his posts. I’d love to have him here. I had forgotten about him since the schism, though.

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