MSNBC to Stinque: Fuck Off

I had to put your account on hold. MSNBC is reviewing all sites in their networks and sites containing profanity are an item of concern. If you can remove the profanity please let me know.

Email just received from the “MSNBC Politics Network”, which until moments ago provided the ads that filled the Great White Void at left. And we thought it was right-wing talk radio that was threatened by censorship.

(Update: We’ve filled the Great White Void with a Google ad. They’ll whore themselves out to anybody.)


I suppose they’ll be dismissing sites with war porn as well.

@blogenfreude: If nothing else, we’ve answered the back-channel question of when it’s appropriate to curse in a headline.

Fucking cunts need to suck the fucking shit out of my fucking asshole and fucking swallow it fucking whole before we go the fuck Disney for those fucking assholes.

@nojo: As you once said – only when called for. This one is called for.

FlyingChainSaw: Umm… yeah.

If memory serves, I think one my older posts was in regards to Michelle Bachmann, in which I called her a bitch. That was in the headline. (But also: the “Big Shitpile” series.) But that was back in October, when she let Matthews know that she was hunting for some witches, and when MSNBC was peaking in its influence among dirty liberals, such as.

Anyone here think that we have been de-MSNBCed because some of us have begun to seriously question the utility of Saint Keith?

@chicago bureau: Oh, I am sure they are aware that Olberman is a loudmouthed airhead.

We need a subhead to our post: “ to MSNBC: Chew the Smegma From Our Damp, Swinging Balls, Assholes!”

@chicago bureau: Big Shitpile was the counterexample: I wasn’t going to fret about light grey type, never mind anything said in the body of a post. But if you’re going to Cock Fuck Shit in 22-pixel Georgia bold, make it worthwhile.

If they remove their ads from every blog containing profanity. . . well, let’s just say it’s not a marketing strategy I’d recommend.

Gosh darn those futher muckers! They can come down here and kiss my axe for all I care. [Battlestar Galactica mode on] Fraketty, frack, frack! [\Battlestar Galactica mode off].

Which brings to mind an Untold Story from the old joint…

Last summer, when we were still talking to each other, Hunter mentioned he was in preliminary conversations with a Big Website about taking CP under its wing. (I don’t remember which, and wouldn’t be at liberty to say even if I did.)

I don’t know how serious the offer was, but one of the sticking points was profanity: Would we be able to lay off the shit in exchange for institutional support?

I told him I would be able to write around it — writing around it is part of the fun — but obviously it would undermine Chainsaw’s fine vituperative work.

And, to be honest about it, I would have been happy to go along — I was still there for the ride at that point, and wouldn’t entertain insurrectionist fantasies for another month or two. It was Hunter’s site, and if he wanted us to stop working blue, I could deal with it.

But now that I’m philosopher king, fuck that shit. This site has to be what it is, and that’s that.


So long MSNBC. I’ll miss your “Mika needs a vibrator” Stories.

@nojo: Lewis Black was not allowed to play the Kennedy Center because they counted 43 “fucks” in one of his HBO specials. He wound up at the Warner, where he said they had “an 80 fuck limit”.

So what now? Porn advertising?

@blogenfreude: Does Stormy have a feed?

Until then, I have this to say about that.

@blogenfreude: I love that special.

As far as the Great White Void, I’ll probably stuff it with a Google ad tonight, after I’m done enjoying our martyrdom.

Maybe by “profanity” they were referring to the Ann Coulter ad.

ADD: Or perhaps someone referred to the former junior senator from Pennsylvania.

@nojo: Maybe fill that space with this post, in a black border. Can we get that “just enough pop culture” asshat on Rachel’s show to reference this obvious subversion of modern free speech?

@Nabisco: I’ve emailed Sully, Think Progress and C&L to see if we can get some action.

There’s at least a footnote here to TP’s campaign against O’Reilly’s advertisers — might be entirely coincidental, or it might be MSNBC covering its ass.

Maybe MSNBC is just strapped for cash, and they figured a good unutterable-word based purge would be a good way to save some money on advertising without displaying obvious signs of cost-cutting.

@Nabisco: Oooh, I like the idea of the black border. Maybe with a countdown inside it of how many minutes/hours/days it’s been since MSNBC got nervous about being on the same website as our potty mouths.

@IanJ: I thought that Cash4Gold was the go-to for quick money in this tough economy, no?

@mellbell: Only works if you’ve got crappy old gold jewelry lying around. I bet MSNBC pawned that stuff off months ago.

@mellbell: Our friend Hank Steuver of the WaPo in his end of the year column said that Santogold was no longer in, while Cash4Gold was hot.

MSNBC blows – they still don’t have an HD channel on Time Warner – of course fucking CNN does.

blogenfreude: MSNBC doesn’t have an HD channel, full stop. But really — do you want to see a Lockup marathon in HD?

@chicago bureau: Or Tweety HD.

But word is that MSNBC will go HD sometime this spring — although they earlier planned the switch for the election. So who knows.

Meanwhile, the Daily Show and Colbert may also upgrade in a few months. Comedy Central has an HD feed, but converting a studio is not a simple task.

I use Camino which blocks ads anyway because I can’t FUCKING STAND THEM. I did however offer some *ahem* monetary compensation to nojo to atone for my lack of click. And for access to his ‘private’ gallery on flikr. Offer still stands.

Meanwhile, here’s a little bit of feel good, courtesy Sully:

“There’s one more picture of a windmill than there are charts of numbers. And there’s exactly one picture of a windmill,” – Robert Gibbs on the inanity of the GOP budget proposal, which doesn’t even estimate future deficits at all.

@nojo: Meanwhile they’re stretching out the image and making the shows unwatchable.

@Benedick: There’s nothing in my private gallery that you won’t find in a classy coffeetable book by Robert Mapplethorpe.


You used the DEFCON 1 Hotline to the Blog-o-stars?!?!?!!!?! You really are pissed.

@nojo: I sent the link to Atrios, who loves all things media.

I’m shocked — shocked! — to find that profanity is going on in here.

I’m partial to some of the more evocative lines from the wonderfully written and sadly short-lived Firefly. A lot of the articles I find on Stinque remind me of this one from Mal:
“Ni ta ma de. Tianxia suoyoude ren. Dou gaisi.”
which means:
“Everyone under the heavens ought to die.”
That pretty well sums up my feelings about humanity on many days, like this past Monday when I found Stinque is now blocked by the firewall at work.

Good luck to the Stinquers in the NCAA pool. I quit participating years ago when I discovered I could enjoy pulling for the underdogs without worrying about upsets destroying my bracket.

……and I thought my day was eventful with a student’s projectile diarrhea.

@Tommmcatt the Wet Sprocket: Pissed or opportunistic, take yer pick. I’m more than happy to get some mileage out of it.

Anybody remember the video I just added? Fuck YEAH!

I am going to really miss the daily update of what Joe Scarborough said on the side of my screen.

I think it is my fault. I think MSNBc did not like the stoopid limerick I posted in a previous comment thread.
I would post another just to upset them further, but they aren’t there anymore, so I guess it is no use…

@blogenfreude: Awesome. I think the 10 seconds of Scaborough saying fuck you on permanent loop – inside a black border, should fill the void. The “countdown since MSNBC declared ‘no profanity associated with the network’ ” ticker could run just below…

@Nabisco: Right. We’re obscene and they cut checks to a proven, multi-count plagiarist like Barnicle. Barnicle should be painting signs under an assumed name somewhere in northern Alberta.

STINQUE SPORT/SPORTS UPDATE: Connecticut bounces Purdue. But also: NCAA looking into UConn recruiting violations. Ruh-roh. Meanwhile, Pitt looking very human against Xavier — 2:30 left and still tied.

[ADD: Pitt gets some clutch points and survives. Barely.]

STINQUE SPORT/SPORTS UPDATE: The way Memphis playing, my bracket is going down in flames tonight. I’m relishing my last few moments of being listed as the “Leader.”

Dirty words are fun. My favorite, with respect to the current dust-up, was the forced bowdlerizing of Norman Mailer’s 1948, ‘The Naked and the Dead’ where his publishers forced the change from “fuck” to “fug”. This lead to the [probably apocryphal] greeting from the great Dorothy Parker upon first meeting him, “So, you’re the man who can’t spell ‘fuck.'”

Apropos of nothing, she also said, “This is not a book to be put down lightly. It should be thrown with great force.” Wonderful woman, Ms. Dorothy….

@Mistress Cynica:
Did anyone else pick Missouri to go all the way? Just sayin…

@libertarian tool: Mizzou has always been a joke in the Big 12 (and before that, the Big 8). I saw their tournament win as a total fluke, and never saw this coming. Obvs.
A little pick-me-up for teh girls and teh gheyz.


I used to like MSNBC. Can’t watch it now.

This may be counter intuitive, but if you want to get some attention for this bullshit, the place to go with it is Fox and specifically O’Reilly. He gets to tweek MSNBC hypocrisy and tsk… tsk… yet another profane, disgusting, foul mouthed leftist blog all in one shot. Stinque gets some attention. With any luck, you might even get stalked. Win. Win. Win.

@Mistress Cynica: Indeed (though his stomach veins scare me).

@libertarian tool: Interesting thought, but as creative as O’Reilly can be, I’m not sure he could nail MSNBC on this one. But maybe we should join Pajamas Media.

@nojo: But maybe we should join Pajamas Media.

YES! I can totally see a Point/Counterpoint-style weekly feature, Nojo vs. Joe Wienerschnitzel.

“Joe, you ignorant slut!”

@Mistress Cynica: I just checked and you’re still in the lead and TommCatt is still in the anchor position. Why he chose the Longhorns to win the whole thing, I don’t know. Of course the refs were going to throw the game to Puke over UT.

I’m just so damn stoked about Puke losing to the Villanova Catholics, at this point I don’t care what else happens.

@SanFranLefty: My reign will be brief–did you see my total potential points? You and mellbell have to carry the torch. Villanova made my week!!

@Pedonator: Pajamas is finished … now it’s only PJTV. We’d be better off w/ some lefty advertising.

If Louisville loses it, I’m dead in the water. I have them going all the way. I had Memphis in the Final Quatro, stupid me.

@blogenfreude: There’s, but they didn’t serve CP very well — you may need a sufficiently substantial audience before they pay attention to you.

MSNBC was beer money at best, but they actually paid per view, not per click. Google is a sheer rip-off, but I enjoy seeing what they match to our “context.”

With my Final Four still intact, I have hope for my bracket now. Memphis – Missouri should have been a semi-final match-up. I saw Memphis as the toughest opponent that MO would face until they meet North Carolina in the Final. They are similar teams, with a focus on Big Defense, although you would not know it from the final score. Looking forward to Louisville vs. Mo. I don’t expect Louisville to give the Tigers as much trouble as Memphis.

@nojo: As the money is a pittance, we might as well go for whatever looks pretty.

@Mistress Cynica:

Yowza! I’d hit that so hard, even Bobby Jindal would pay to monitor the eruption.

@blogenfreude: That’s my thought — pretty or amusing. Those Christian Singles ads are always good for merriment.

And I doubt we’ll ever reach Wonkette’s “visit” average (not warm bodies) of 1.5-2 million a month, which gives them a suitably large audience to pitch. (We’re at 17,500 visits the past 30 days, but that includes a couple of extraordinary peaks.) There’s a number that would make it interesting — 50k? 100k? — but until we cross it, there’s nothing worth sweating.

Sigh. That’s just so…lame. Are they afraid someone will come to hte site, see the cussin’ and the ads, and put 2 and 2 together and get OH MY GOD MSNBC LIKES THE CUSSIN!!!!11!1!1111!!!!!!

I cant stop myself from clicking through and learning all about the Ford 2010 Transit Connect.

hmmmm…a decapitated Ann Coulter in The Space. Nice.

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