Damn she can bring the stupid:

We now have an illustrious addition to the ranks of Republican governors turning down stimulus money: Sarah Palin.

Palin has announced that she is rejecting $416 million, out of $930 million originally headed to her state. “We are not requesting funds intended to just grow government,” Palin said in a statement. “We are not requesting more money for normal day-to-day operations of government as part of this economic stimulus package. In essence we say no to operating funds for more positions in government.”

On the other hand, her fucking state gets too much money from us as it is.

Freshman Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Begich has already called on the legislature to override Palin on this.

This is notable for two reasons. First, Palin is widely seen as a potential presidential candidate, and a move like this can help her build up credibility with conservatives. Second, this might actually be the first time that Alaska rejected federal dollars for anything.

Palin Rejecting Hundreds of Millions in Stimulus Cash [TPM]

Eh, can we just not have to look at her until the primaries in 2012?

Good. I’m tired of subsidizing mouth-breathers in Red States. Feel sorry for the out-of-work and the poor in Alaska, maybe they can use the stimulus cash to buy them bus tickets to move to Seattle or Portland.

It’s a little too early, but someone ran a 2012 poll.

Hope does indeed float and kick ass. 20+ point beating on the Talibunny.

If she really wanted to capture conservative hearts, she’d take the money and use it to build churches and barbeques to cook endangered species.

@FlyingChainSaw: If she really wanted to capture conservative hearts, she would accept the money, contingent on it being used to build a $416m perpetually-blazing cross, 1800′ tall, visible “by Putin” from Russia. The use would of course be disallowed by the Feds and/or the courts, resulting in a veritable tsunami of outrage from the Fundies.

@Ewalda: You, you are a God of conservative political strategy. Rove should be kneeling in your driveway, calling your name and begging Jesus to be worthy of a stomping from you.

@FlyingChainSaw: I wish Rove was kneeling in my driveway right now. I’d suddenly be seized with the urge to roar out of the garage in pursuit of a Slurpee.
No court of my peers would ever convict me.

@Ewalda: Convict? My word, no. They’d burst into rapturous applause and ask, ‘what flavor?’

@Ewalda: Speaking as the forewoman of the jury of your peers – we’d buy you a lifetime pass to 7-11 for all the Slurpees you can drink.

@FlyingChainSaw: Or release the real life footage that served as coda to “Nailin Pailin”, a three way between SarPal, Hilz and Condi. BTW, that scene was totally gratuitous, didn’t serve the plot at all.

@Nabisco: I missed this important cinematic event. Do you have a URL?

@FlyingChainSaw: I’ve been told you can find it on bittorrent sites.

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