The Silence of the Lambs

Float like a Talibutterfly.Sarah Palin has been curiously absent from the national stage the past couple of eventful weeks, and just as we were getting concerned enough to check in and make sure Putin hadn’t invaded Wasilla, we were relieved to learn she’s been busy doing Governor Things.

Just this week, she appointed a new member to the state supreme court. Nice lady by the name of Morgan Christen. Well-qualified, and active in the community, what with her service on the boards of the local United Way, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and… um…

Planned Parenthood? Bristol must be more powerful than we thought.

That background check didn’t escape the notice of the Alaska Family Council, an anti-abortion group that shot an email to its members opposing the appointment.

Which only confuses us more, since our friends at Team Sarah sent us an email on Tuesday, inviting us to chat with Fred Thompson about baby-killer-enabler Kathleen Sebelius, who, presuming she doesn’t use TurboTax, will be the next HHS secretary. But Team Sarah didn’t mention what Sarah was up to.

Email being what it is, perhaps we didn’t get the memo. So we paid a visit last night to the Team Sarah website, looking for what must be expressions of outrage that their heroine betrayed them on a fundamental issue.

And we found — well, nothing. Baby-killing must okay, as long as Talibunny’s behind it.

To be fair, we did stumble across some scattered comments in the forums, even if the leaders (who work for anti-abortion site owners Susan B. Anthony List) were politely looking the other way. And sure enough, discussion was directed to the only possible conclusion: the Alaska Family Council was being unfair, and how dare it impugn Sarah’s integrity. For that matter, how can we be sure the new justice approved condom budgets at Planned Barrenhood?

In other words: If Sarah Palin is wrong, Team Sarah doesn’t want to be right.

Palin bucks pressure in Supreme Court appointment [Anchorage Daily News]

It’s good for people to compromise their uncompromising principles. Like worshiping a false idol (see ten commandments) based on a Cult of “personality”, you betchya!

Builds character… right?

Even that crusty taint Scalia, who claims that the Constitution is a dead document, conveniently looks the other way for his varied ideological masters. Conception, abortion and prenatal care were all legal and private between a woman and her mid-wife at the time of the founding Patriarchy. Yet Crusty still insists this is not true and would deny a woman the right to keep private and legal her dealings with her mid-wife.

tj/breaking/Update from the ICU

My nephew, who was burned a week ago and airlifted to the UNM Hospital in Albuquerque was moved from the ICU Wednesday and is recovering well. Some of the burns look only like road rash, my brother said.

I saw him Wednesday night and he was watching a LOTR movie on the DVD player on the computer in his room (fancy . . .) and playing with a little action figure with both hands. He’s still pretty tranked up, but they cut down on the Rush Limbaugh level pain killers and are just using plain ol’ dope now.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and good wishes.

Like I said, it’s that Wolverine – grade recovery ability my family has. I was wondering the other day whether that is an adaptation to not having regular access to health care except in the past generation or two before the current one because in the old days in Indian county you could not be down for too long.


wherein we read that Merrill Lynch did not disclose losses of, oh, 120 million dollars, more or less, to Bank of America until after BofA bought Merrill Lynch. No honor among thieves, apparently, BUT they do share out the swag. “Mr. Montag was paid a bonus of $39 million, while Mr. Gu’s bonus was close to $15 million.”
Just checked the link I posted and realized looking at the article again that the 120 million was really only chump change, a loss incurred by just one trader. Merrill Lynch actually lost 13.8 billion in the last quarter of 2008 but disbursed huge bonuses to its top [sic] managers anyway, right before the merger.

John Thain should be the first Wall Street guy to be ritually slain and eaten.

@redmanlaw: Great news. Hope all continues well.

And here’s the joke of the day: Denny’s is offering new breakfast called the Suleman (in honor of the octopussy). Its 14 eggs, no sausage… and the people at the table next to you have to pay the bill.

Brand W’s originality deficit is now off the charts! They did their version of “Stinque After Dark” last night, and yesterday, they did a “Review of the New York Review of Books,” which was, as will be remembered by those who could read during the 80s, a regular feature of Spy Magazine, along with “Letters to the Editor of the New Yorker,” which I am expecting Brand W to resurrect today.

@Prommie: Borders here has a stack of Spy mag books for $2.99.

@Prommie: I’m thinking of a “Pigfucker Salt” line. The labels kind of draw themselves.

@redmanlaw: Thanks for sharing the only good news I’ve seen this morning. Go little Wolverine!!

@Prommie: We all steal from Spy. It’s just a matter of how artfully you disguise the theft.

And while I’ve noted a couple of suspicious Wonkette echoes of work here in the past, I don’t see it in the Sexytime post. But I’ll leave the door open for more evidence.

DEVELOPING HARDER: Per CNN: “Israeli media are buzzing with reports that right-wing nationalist Avigdor Lieberman may become Israel’s next foreign minister.”

So help me, all it will take now to make this the most annoying day in the past three or four weeks for me is to get news that Jonathan Toews blew out his knee while tripping over a sewer grate on his way to practice for tomorrow’s game against Boston.

[For those who do not follow Sport: Jonathan Toews (/tehz/), baby-faced center for the resurgent Chicago Blackhawks (who play ice hockey); team captain, scores a ton, good guy.]

Why NOT execute Rush for treason in wanting the Unicorn to fail?

On her best days Stephanie Miller is possessed by the spirit of the female Bugs Bunny.


I don’t get it? What the problem? It’s only 120 Million, after all. Chump change.

So it’s now legal to hunt foetuses from helicopters in Alaska?

@Prommie: I call B.S.

The only crystals that come out of western Maryland are meth.

@redmanlaw: “Lars Larson”? That sounds like a good Aryan name. The Reich resurgent?


Good vibes and best wishes to your nephew ; )


Even the guillotine wouldn’t shut up Jabba the Radio Hatecaster.

@CheapBoy: I love the way the people who follow British English conventions spell “foetus” – just thought I”d share that.

This Spy. I haz never seen it. But it clearly made a deep impression on many here.

@redmanlaw: Glad to hear about your nephew.

@Put a Tommmcatt in your tank!: It’s donut money. (spelling used ironically to taunt MissCyn)

@Prommie: And here’s the Breakfast Song. You need to see it if you haven’t already. I found it posted at the NYRB website. It can best be described as the Biblical approach to eating a good breakfast.


I was thinking exactly the same thing! The Brit/Canadian/Austrailian accents and spellings make me swoon!

I’ve realised that I’m an unapologetic Anglophile/Angloslut.

Meanwhile: snowflake Americans take a hit — Black Eagle’s going to lift the ban on funding for embryonic stem cell research.

Any Stinquers in Madison, Wis. must report on the street party / beer blast to ensue tonight on account of this news the occasion of it being another Friday.

@Benedick: Satiric journalism magazine published in the late ’80s/early ’90s, vaguely modeled on Private Eye.

The entire U.S. publishing industry swooned when it came out, and everybody rushed to cop its moves — not just the editorial attitude, which bequeathed us Snark, and not just meta-parodies of journalistic gimmicks like lists and tables, but also its lively innovative design.

Early Gawker was a descendant of Spy. Defamer was a descendant of Spy’s monthly Hollywood column, “The Industry.” Newsweek’s “Conventional Wisdom Watch” is a Spy inspiration. And Entertainment Weekly averages one Spy move per page.

For that matter, the next time you see one of my tables with little thumbnail pictures — I’m not the genius who invented the form.

@Prommie: Know as well that I’m channeling Great Expectations almost every morning. The editorial We does that to you.

@nojo: Don’t forget that Spy invented the “Seperated at Birth” meme.

@fupduk: How could I? I’ve run direct ripoff “Doppelgangsters” at CP, and I’ll do it here soon as something’s worth the attention.

i know you would enjoy spy, especially one of my fave features–always read it first, “reviews of reviewers” delicious.

i retch at the thought of brand W doing anything similar, but must admit, it’s about time someone did.

i’ve missed so much here! computer problems, wandering israel, made a few new friends. turns out one of them is a well known musician around here. we’re going to his concert this weekend, and i’m already tight with this cute lead singer, guitarist. what a voice! met him in the pharmacy. not an unusual place to find me. he said something to me in hebrew, and i responded, “no evrite” i say that a lot. he repeated his hilarious remark in perfect english with a brit accent! i followed him home, he ‘s a neighbor, and i was treated to a mini private concert, a CD and my fave libation!! i dragged him back to my house to meet rat, who briefly wondered where i’d gotten to. because i’m the picture of propriety. right.

@baked: Not to mention “Logrolling in Our Time”, which is where the current “blogroll” comes from.

And again, I don’t fault Wonkette from stealing ideas from the same source we all raid. But their similar post about the Atlantic table of contents is what set me off last week — not because it smelled of Spy, but because it smelled of lame, more filler for an overstuffed blog.

If you’re going to do that, go with Gawker’s classic all-purpose submission to the New Yorker caption contest: “Christ, what an asshole.”

Get some photos of the yuffi (was that the word?) Israeli musician for the next Jam! When do fur-babies arrive?

Speaking of which, anybody know former Gawker pin-up Gabe? I’d love to revive his weekly “Unethicist” post. That was a Spy-worthy classic.

@SanFranLefty: And that Jam would be… tomorrow! Knew I was overlooking something. It’s Battlegeek Night, you understand, and I get distracted.

Apropos of the original post, I saw some of “Nailin Pailin” last night. It starts out with some decently humorous riffing on the seeing Russia from your backyard thing, but then it is all pretty standard pron. FWIW, the actress playing La Sarah totally had a boob job, and the guy standing in for First Dude looks nothing like Todd. We stopped viewing after he pestorks the Katie Couric character, who is actually far better looking than the SP gal.

@Nabisco: I haven’t seen the naughty bits, just the beginning, and the two Russian guys look hot.

@homofascist: Funniest line is when she discovers one of them is uncut and declares “wait a minute, you look German“.

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