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If this doesn’t trigger an FCS post I don’t know what will.  And what’s with the fucking Riverdance soundtrack on this video?


Uh, yeah. Someone please alert the Southern Poverty Law Center about this guy, esp the comment stream that will result from his YouTube clip. I see a leaderless cell in the making.

Hey, I’d know that soundtrack anywhere..

It’s from “The Last of the Mohicans”.

Sad that this fractally-stupid dipshit had to sully it with his paranoid ramblings and odious use of the USMC uniform. Another example how an honored uniform, worn by a traitor like Stupid here or uber-phuckwad Ollie North, can make an asshole not an asshole.

I am impressed that he is on the “vaccinations cause autism” train. That adds just the most delightful spice of wierdness that makes him really special.

So, let me get this straight. He draws a salary from taxpayers and the taxpayers elected a government he doesn’t like so he is going to destroy that government. And? I am so sick of these people who go on and on and on about service to their country and they’re in the military which is an excuse to drink, smoke dope and shoot people randomly in places they don’t belong and they’re supposed to be the sine qua non of political wisdom. On and on about Jefferson when not the one of them has the the wherewithal to, say, do something Jeffersonian like set up a household and organize an enterprise to employ themselves and educate themselves. I wouldn’t give this guy the benefit of a firing squad. I’d sentence him to a life of 12 hour shifts as physical therapists’ aid in a pediatric burn unit, he is so eager to set things right in health care.

It’s okay to invade a foreign country based on bullshit because white “people” did it, but a black guy who tries to end the stupid war, save the US America economy and make rich people pay their share is a fucking traitor?

SF author Douglas Adams sad it best:
“nearly two thousand years after one man had been nailed to a tree for saying how great it would be to be nice to people for a change”

@FlyingChainSaw: I knew you’d think of an angle I hadn’t – we PAY him. To DEFEND us from people like him. Just great.

@blogenfreude: And this shit about his depthless command of constitutional principles. Show me the part of the constitution that establishes the standing professional army that I am supposed to fund, asshole, so you can entertain yourself with fantasies about being a minuteman. Can’t find it, asshole? Oh, hey, guess you’re going to get up and do something Jeffersonian and, like, employ yourself for a change. There are millions of small business owners right now juggling insane conditions, worrying about keeping their employees in work and health insurance and just keeping body and soul together. And these guys have the leisure to complain about the politics of the taxpayers who keep them in three hots and a cot. Where is the adult supervision in the military? Where’s Charles Dunlap? Was he buried alive by the brass? It’s just insane that some random Marine arrogates the authority to advocate coup and it says the Marines have gone fucking off the deep end to have any soldier spouting this crap, in dress blues no less.

@ManchuCandidate: Oh, yeah, he’ll empty the magazine into Obama’s skull. Yeah? And then what do the ‘patriots’ do? Install Rush? This place has really gone 3rd world. We’ll end up like Greece or Brazil under the colonels with the same glorious results.

“The tree of liberty needs to refresh from day-to-day” is the quote in the beginning?

“The used-prostitute-confederate-slut-whore of liberty needs to refresh from day-to-day.”

“The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a Republican form of government.”


“How can you fight something so strong as the United States military?”
Answer: Try to find that dude.

Jesus Christ I can’t stand these fucking idiots anymore. It was fun for awhile, but holy hell, this is getting a bit over line.

This dude is a fucking Paultard. “Google the Federal Reserve” my ass.

I’m telling you, they are getting worked up. I’m getting a little nervous about the rhetoric I’m hearing lately….

@Put a Tommmcatt in your tank!: HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE? OMGWTF they hate our freedom!!1!! They keep printing MONEY. NOOOOOOOOO.

Alright alright, everybody can agree that Greenspan was an asshat, but really? That dude blaming the Fed? Meh. Let him suffer the slings and arrows of this GOOGLE FEDERAL RESERVE he speaks of. They will internets the hell out of him.

And I wouldn’t worry about them, they are mostly too poor to make a difference and will probably end up shooting up a mall, for freedumb.


“How can you fight something so strong as the United States military?”

Um, is this the same military that’s lost every major conflict it’s been involved in since Dubya Dubya Dos? I’m jus’ sayin’.


@FlyingChainSaw: @blogenfreude: I’ll listen again later, but I don’t think he’s a Jar Head anymore.

@shortsshortsshorts: And don’t forget the upside-down US flag — a sign of distress. Once some numbnuts were raising the flag on base and accidentally raised it upside down. Once it gets to the top of the flag pole, it has to stay there all day. So all day long it looked like our base was under attack. The flag-raising dudes got in a shitton of trouble with the base’s CO.

Seriously — is anyone gonna alert the SPLC? Let me know — I can’t do it this morning or from work, but I’ll shoot them a link to the video later if no one else does.

@shortsshortsshorts: Hello, Shorts, etc. I was in the Navy for six years AND I served on a Marine Corps base for several of those years. Let’s not malign all soldiers, mmmkay? Thanks!

ADD: Apologies, Shortscubed. I didn’t read your comment carefully. Carry on.

@Original Andrew: What about Grenada? We saved those fucking medical students from certain … well I forget, but we kicked ass!

I like that he quotes William O. Douglas–a New Dealer’s New Dealer.

@Jesuswalksinidaho: Married his clerk, too! Thats an accomplishment.

@blogenfreude: From rum drinks with umbrellas. And a 4th rate med school education.

@JNOV: Feel free to attack my Twitter while you’re at it…

But while one bad apple certainly doesn’t ruin a few good men, as a United States citizen I have no problem expressing profound concern when a uniformed member of the military calls me a “traitor”.

I know that institutionally the armed forces take very seriously their constitutional subservience to a sitting civilian president, and there will always be cranks in the ranks. But this is the latest example of a pattern that’s emerging, advocated and blessed by Leading Wingnuts. They’re playing with fire.

Couldn’t he afford the whole Skeletor outfit?

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