Party’s Over?


Well, maybe not, but we check the old joint on occasion to see whether John McLaughlin is still wishing us a happy new year. Only this afternoon — the first of the month — the lights seem to be out. (We can still “ping” the server, which is what makes us wonder whether the end is nigh.)

If this is indeed the closing of a chapter in Our Neverending Legend, we thought we’d take this moment to share a logo we proposed early in CP’s existence. It still captures for us the spirit of the site — and this one.

Update, 9pm: McLaughlin’s back! Happy New Year!

Update, Oct. 21: Now it looks like it’s really gone. Except for the Wayback Machine.


I know what happened with the mass exodus from Wonkette, but what happened with CP?

@lentinus: It’s a long story that I’ll need to work up into an FAQ someday, but basically the CP database broke down at the same moment Greg and Hunter were planning significant unpleasant changes to the site.

Stinque was conceived as an alternative to those changes, but launching during that turbulent moment made it the only game in town.

1) Complaints about TJs
2) Comment database craps out
3) Former overlord Greg posts poorly recieved PODCAST which leads to:
4) JNOV led commenter revolt
5) Harsh words spoken including those from Mommy 1.0
6) Commenter exodus
7) Here we are

I like the logo. It makes me want to pour a cocktail.

I love the logo. We should have been with you from the beginning. If only I had know you could have been the SP (straight partner) in the HFA.

@nojo: I think the link to the Mommy 1.0 post, as long as you read the comments too, is a pretty good summary of what happened.

@homofascist: The logo is an example of my belief in serendipity, at least when it comes to my existence in this here dimension.

I sent it uninvited to the Tips address during CP’s second or third week. Megan liked it, but Greg was already working on an update to the original insta-design, and had another direction in mind.

A few months later, the CP template is a browser-busting shambles, and Greg gets my email from that message and asks for help under the hood, which I happily provide. I’m still tinkering when everybody forgets to post for a day or two, and that’s when Geek Week commences, the posting joyride that was my initiation Above the Timestamp.

The Rest of the Story follows. But without me impulsively redesigning CP for my own amusement in the coffeehouse that afternoon a year ago, Stinque probably wouldn’t exist today.

(And feel free to link to Megan’s Lament. I just don’t have it on hand.)

I like it a lot.

@nojo: I remember fondly when they tossed you the keys to the car and you invited us along for the ride. I could feel the birth of this thing here right then and there.

Didja know they had a FB group? Sadly friendless, for a “party”.

@Nabisco: You’ll be seeing that car again, sometime in late May. Our anniversaries are legion.

There were three All-Star moments for the departed CP:

1) The inception, where Loyal and True HFA Volunteers found a new, permanent home.

2) The DNC Rules & By-laws meeting, which gave the world “DENVER DENVER DENVER” and “for what — an INADEQUATE BLACK MALE?”

3) The fall of Lehman Bros., covered as it happened — and which was promptly followed by the complete implosion of the site.

If memory serves, all three events were commenter-driven. There’s a lesson in that somewhere.

@chicago bureau: Actually, two of those three belong to Blogenfreude.

He made the effort to start an open thread on DNC Saturday — I didn’t tune in until hours after it began, and only because he was paying attention.

And if memory serves, Big Shitpile #1 was him sounding the alarm on a Sunday afternoon — another development I didn’t grasp until he flagged it.

But the Official Stinque Anniversary shall always be January 19, 2008: the first HFA post.

@nojo: I am ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille.

Seriously – I’m amazed that anyone remembers anything I’ve written. Thanks.

@blogenfreude: Mind like a steel trap, at least for Significant Moments. Or sadly outdated pop-culture references.

But speaking of the former, it was Friday of Geek Week that CheapBoy crossed our borders. To have a new friend show up out of the blue from Australia was mind-blowing.

They totally should have gone with that graphic instead of those dumb red and blue stars. The only time I see stars at a party is when I’ve drunkenly staggered into something and split my skull.

FUCK CP! Stupid motherfuckers! I piss on your grave!

Brilliant logo. and JNOV, my favorite part of their web design was the colo scheme of blue and salmon pink. I felt like I was at a political baby shower.

TJ/ Oh, hey! So Jr and I just got back from seeing Taken. After the week I had, it was nice to see a middle-aged Liam Neeson kick some serious ass even if his dye job was pathetic. I’ll even forgive the torture scene. Sometimes it just feels good to see the bad guys get fucked up without mercy.

Film question: The fight scenes were hard to follow — they seemed too fast, and the characters wore similar clothing, so sometimes it was hard to tell who was getting smashed in the face. Jr and I suspect that the fight scenes are fought in slo-mo and sped up for the film, and since Liam ain’t not spring chicken, they must’ve been filmed in super-duper-geriatric slo-mo. Are we on to something?

Oh, and wait for the DVD. I didn’t mind paying to see some cathartic violence, but it’s really not that great. Entertaining but not worth the $ unless you need to get some rage out of your system NOW.

@Mistress Cynica: Yeah! WTF was that about? It used to be primary blue and red, but right around the time the server started to give up the ghost, the colors got all washed out.

@Mistress Cynica: @JNOV: Stage One of Greg’s redesign. The sketch I saw was a lot worse, and after my Friendly Critique was dismissed with prejudice, I spent a profoundly restless night — at the end of which I registered

Rapid cut shakey cam editing.

That’s the flim (sic) style that’s in vogue.

Hated that in the Bourne movies, Batman Begins.

@ManchuCandidate: My kid totally brought up the Bourne movies when we were bitching about Taken!

ADD: Jr adds that it’s worse in Batman because everything is dark.

@ManchuCandidate: @JNOV: Can I insert a drive-by swipe at ex-Mr. Madonna? Warmed-over Tarantino, after Tarantino was already busy warming over himself, and much too self-regardingly clever. I’m all for Style, but Discipline is what makes it work.

No disagreements from me. I hate Guy Ritchie movies. Saw Lock Stock blah blah and just loathed it.

Rock-an-Rolla ads made me laugh. What a waste of decent actors time.

Agreed on Batman. Can follow more action in Black Bears attacking a Black Forrest Campsite at Midnight.

@nojo: @ManchuCandidate: Aw, Geez! Really? I loved Snatch and Lock Stock. And I can’t stand Tarantino. I’m striking out with lit and film today. Next it will be music.

@ManchuCandidate: Haha! And Jr and I just remembered that Liam was also trying to kick ass in Batman Begins. Maybe there’s a Neesom Curse, or maybe he should just leave the ass kicking to Clive Owen.

To be honest, I’ve been accused of being an overly critical guy and picky about movies so there isn’t a lot I really like.

Liam’s just seems awkward in action oriented movies which is odd considering he was a boxer as a younger man. Getting out emoted by Jar jar Binks in Star Wars: A Phantom Plot, um, Menace didn’t help.

My all-time favorite movie is Kundun. Scorsese outdid himself, and the cinematography is absofuckinglutely awesome. And he didn’t use any professional actors — the cast was entirely Tibetan. One cast members is here in Philly running a Tibetan Buddhist church/temple(?).

Sadly, Kundun came out at the same time as Brad Pitt’s Seven Years in Tibet, so Kundun was pretty much overlooked. If I’m interested in a guy, I watch Kundun with him and check out his reaction. If he doesn’t like it, he has to go.

@ManchuCandidate: Haha! I’m weird about movies, too. Under normal circumstances I never would have dropped the $ I did at the theater today to see Taken. But I needed some violent escapism where the guilty are made to pay.

My favorite part of Snatch was when they blindfolded some guy with a tea cosy. I had never heard of a tea cosy before, and I just loved the wannabe gansters’ argument over why this guy had a tea cosy on his head. That’s the kind of silly shit I would discuss with my brothers or son except our accents wouldn’t be as cool.

I liked Lock Stock because the bumbling idiots were good guys at heart and through pure luck they made it through a whole host of ridiculous circumstances. I was pulling for them in all their ineptitude. I usually hate movies with happy endings, but this one made my day.

For me the end of CP was that one post by, shit, who was it, he only posted once every 2 weeks by that time, but he savagely attacked JNOV and me and anyone who dared criticize the overlords’ posts, then turned into a diatribe about how we, the loyal CPers who were there from the beginning, were ruining his brilliant blog with our threadjacks and pictures of tonradoes, and we were too clique-ish and we were scaring away the thousands of lurkers, intimadating them so they were afraid to post, and there were even intimations that once he ran us off, then his brilliance would shine and the blog would break out.

And it was so bizarre, delusional, mean, and condescending, and it was like hearing some stranger come in, too, because I don’t care if he owned it, he neglelcted itc completely, for 6 months or more CP was Nojo, to me and I think all of us.

So all I have to say to them is “so, how is that working out for you, running off that opinionated clique that was intimidating all your thousands of lurkers?”

And to reveal my truly twisted sense of humor, Grizzly Man is one of the funniest documentaries I’ve ever seen. I used to feel guilty laughing my ass off at it, but I’m past that now. The first time Jr and I watched it, we had to keep pausing the movie and rewinding it because we were laughing so hard that we were missing key parts.

@Promnight: I don’t think they grasped the concept of unique visitors to the site and thought that their audience was wider than it was. Whatever. We called them on their bullshit, and they started crying like babies. They could dish it but not take it, so good riddance.

T’would be Hunter (I kinda hoped it would be Col Hunter Gathers, but alas it was not to be–Go Team Venture!)

I took a look at my DVD collection.
Favorites of all time (I have no ultimate fave):

High Noon
Full Metal Jacket (flawed, but I love it)
When Trumpets Fade
Shine (I love the movie but I don’t watch it often because it hurts to see it thanks to the father son dynamic, one of the few movies I’ll shed tears through besides Bambi)
Dark Blue World (Czech film)
Born On the Fourth of July (yeah, I know Tom Cruise, but I thought it was his best damned role ever and the story of Ron Kovacs is a powerful one)
Office Space
Animal House
Blade Runner
Dr Strangelove

Sounds like an AFI movie list… Jeez.

@Promnight: That was Greg’s Notorious Podcast with his (stockbroker?) brother. Or maybe the brother was a different post, celebrating his NYT op-ed or something.

But where the Redesign from Hell compelled me to register the stinque domain as self-protection, it was Greg’s sniping at JNOV that weekend that sealed it. I did not want to be part of that scene.

(Oh, and Hunter’s plan to limit bloggers to one edited post a day. They were both working hard to take the joy out of the enterprise.)

Both Greg and Hunter suffered from the delusion that we gave a shit what they thought — that they were proto-political columnists whose opinions must be respected. Obviously it takes some form of self-aggrandizement to post anything and expect anyone to pay attention, but I usually save my “opinions” for the comments, where they can fight for mindshare with everyone else. Above the Timestamp, it’s all performance.

@JNOV: My favorite movie of all time is American Beauty. I cannot really say why. It had me with the wisteria everywhere, with the boy next door and Thora Burch in an amazing performance, and the Real Estate King, and the Truth with which it ends, that life is just so fucking beautiful, every horrible minute of it, and if we don’t realize it now, we will.

I don’t own any DVDs, but we borrowed The Boondocks 1st season from husband #1, and we’re going to show it to my mom when we see her next weekend.

Love damn near all Clint Eastwood westerns but not that Dirty Harry business. Who was that other vigilante guy that made movies about the same time? He was Clint Eastwood lite.

From your list I’ve seen:

Full Metal Jacket (although I get that one confused with all the other Nam movies)
Animal House (thought it was dumb, but that was like 2 decades ago)
Blade Runner
2001 (saw it in the theater and later as an adult)

Do any of you remember a short animated movie where humans were slaves of these big blue humanoid aliens, and the humans wore collars that kept them in line? I think they showed that before 2001 or some other age-inappropriate movie my mom took me to (e.g. I saw Tommy when I was about 8, and I had nightmares for weeks b/c of the Tina Turner Acid Queen iron maiden python thing).

I also remember a movie where some guy was alone on a space ship, well, he was the only human, and there were these robots that helped him tend the garden and maintain the ship — I think the actors playing the robots were actually costumed little people walking on their hands. Really.

@nojo: Greg and his stockbroker brother’s podcast, and Greg’s unmerited adoration of said brother’s mediocre writing, really just highlighted the fact that Greg really doesn’t know much about politics, popular culture, and humor. It was just so lame. Lame lame lame. Chi Bureau, FCS, Ewalda, JNOV, Baked, Cynica, and many many others, forgive me for not also naming you, Manchu, Reportercub, so many here have real and lengthy world experience in that strange place where ideology, politics, bureaucracy, pop culture, the media, and the intangible and variable winds of popular opinion blow this way and that. Greg was just sorta average. And when he got all high and mighty defending his turds of wisdom and telling us we were not fit to smell his shit, well, please.

@nojo: Then Greg had the nerve to bring his shitty attitude here to try to give me more grief. Dumbfuck.

@Promnight: We prefer to smell the turds of wisdom from our commenters and overlords at Stinque.

@JNOV: I remember that sci fi movie, dude was tending the trees, which were being preserved in a spaceship-ark of some kind, having vanished from earth, is that the one? It was decided for funding reasons to let them die and give up the project, I think.

@Promnight: And when it comes down to it, I may be the most ignorant of the bunch. (This is not bait for pity applause.) I bring no special expertise or background to the table, just a knack for a thing or two. I have to be very careful sometimes not to speak beyond my meager competence — a dozen folks here would call me on it immediately.

@Promnight: Sounds right — and one of those hippie actors was the star. Not a Carradine or a Fonda, but some hippie dude.

I actually hate most westerns because of the hokey conventions and the comic book view of good and evil (especially most John Wayne ones), but the Unforgiven and High Noon appeal to me. Clint does very well with westerns.

The Space Garden movie was actually Silent Running starring Bruce Dern.

I enjoy movies where characters are forced to re-examine their lives through interaction/conflict (whether physical or not) as the environment changes mixed in with a sense of self/personal moral code.

@Ewalda: Mena Suvari looks amazingly like my first ever girlfriend, the one who first broke my heart by “jilting” me, leaving me flat after I had devoted 3 whole weeks of my life to her. The first time I ever took a girl to the movies, “So Fine,” with Ryan Oneill. But I also took her the first time I ever saw Rocky Horror, and you never forget your first time (no, there were no other “first times, but Rocky Horror, thats the most significant, no?).

She just recently freinded me, out of the blue, on Facebook. Funny thing, I never spoke to her again, really, after junior year of high school. And I have not been able to find (and I have totally lost contact with) everyone else from high school I used to be close with.

@nojo: You are too modest. Waaaaaaaayyyyy too modest. All my life, in my journey through mediocre institutions of higher learning, I had got used to being the smartest guy in the room, and God, when I go to work at Dunder Mifflin, whoo. But here, in this place, its the only group of people I have ever found myself in where I know, absolutely, that in the intellectual pecking order, I am down in the 4th quartile.

@ManchuCandidate: @Ewalda: He’s the one!

Now about that cartoon with the big blue people and the tiny naked human slave with collars. Any help?

Never stopped me before. Of course, I have also eaten a lot more crow than I probably should have.

@Promnight: Dude, people from high school keep friending me, and I have no clue who they are.

@ManchuCandidate: Deadwood.

I’m not enough of a film geek to shout hosannahs to John Ford, so I’m left with the Spaghetti Westerns as the mythological peak of the genre, and Unforgiven as the American Anti-Western that undermined everything. (Sorry, Bob, McCabe doesn’t do it for me.)

Other than that, a lot of horse operas. And High Noon.

@nojo: ?Que? I call BULLSHIT on you, nojo!

@Promnight: The modesty is both heartfelt and calculated. I know what I do well — and I know what I don’t. Knowing the latter is fundamental to keeping your head on straight.

@JNOV: The full Iris Murdoch quote:

Humility is not a peculiar habit of self-effacement, rather like having an inaudible voice, it is a selfless respect for reality and one of the most difficult and central of all the virtues.

I’ve lived with that for, oh, upwards of a quarter-century now.

I keep my mouth shut when the discussion goes to fashion/style as I have not much (if any) of either.

I like the logo, but the tweak is that the glass of ice should be at a dynamic angle…it would add some needed drama.

@nojo: Don’t let me tossing out the words “smartest guy in the room” make you think I am not a worshipper of humility, and possess it in a clinically diagnosed excess.

I don’t have a high opinion of myself (or my intellect), no, I know I suck; its just that most other people are even worse. Except you all here, you magnificent bastards.

Here is a quote: “Loyal moronicans should not be reading books.” Its from a 3 stooges movie, Little Steven just played the clip as a bumper coming out of commercial on “Underground Garage,” and I am blown away.

And by the way, Little Steven Van Zant does this fantastic radio program Sunday nights called “Underground Garage,” and it is just fantastic, he will talk about everything, from Star Trek to bubblegum rock, while playing the most amazing obscure and rare music.

And just to share, its snowing like a motherfucker here, an inch or more an hour, a full on Nor-easter blizzard, in NJ, on the first of March. They are saying we will have a foot by tomorrow.

SNOW DAY. Fucking snow day, the funnest day ever! Its just like being a kid, when you get a snow day off from work. Yayyyyy!

@Tommmcatt A Go-Go: I think the glass should be animated and rock back and forth.

@Promnight: Easter, 1970 was at the very end of March. I was visiting someone at a hospital in Philly and got snowed in.

Late winter/early spring storms are the worst in my part of the world.

Worst was April 2003. Ice storm basically dropped a two feet of freezing rain/ice and two feet of snow in 24 hours. I had to clear my parent’s driveway (where I was living at the time) with a pick axe.

I’ve just spent 25 minutes reliving that weekend of Easter, 1970 in my mind. I’d pretty much forgotten about it until Prommie mentioned snow, then suddenly it was as if it was yesterday. No, it was as if I was living it again. I was so in love, and we were so young, and it was so sad in the end.
It’s not that the world is cruel, because it isn’t. The world is actually completely indifferent to we smelly little beasts.

@Ewalda: With little twinkles inside, like every other damn graphic on Wonkette.

Ken, Jim, have some restraint. A little irony goes a long way.

What’s the name of that site?

tj/Med Update from ICU – My nephew is coming along fine, thanks to everyone’s love, prayers and good wishes; great medical care at the University of New Mexico Hospital; and our family’s Wolverine-level powers of recovery. The second degree burn areas are already showing signs of skin growth and the grafts appear to be taking hold upon the first dressing change. Thank you all for your thoughts and concern.

Good news.
Here’s to a speedy recovery.

@Promnight: Well, I’m not exactly lacking in self-regard — there’s humility, and then there’s false humility…

But whether one person here is “smarter” than the others is beside the point. We’re all smart. Me, I don’t know shit about automotive retail (or automotive engines), I’m a nice-white-boy from a nice-white-boy town who can’t possibly speak to the experiences of those who aren’t members of the Dominant Skin Tribe, I don’t have an extensive policy background fighting the good fight, and what I know about finance and law is whatever NYRB contributors tell me.

Plus, I fully admit to owning — and enjoying — more than one Carpenters album in my life.

We all bring something to the party here. Anyone who didn’t wouldn’t survive in this moshpit.

@redmanlaw: Excellent. Here’s hoping he has some great stories to tell down the road.

I confess to laughing at the mere thought of shitting dicknipples.

@nojo: have some restraint
OK, can we at least have a glass eye in the drink?

Just a little one? Preferably blue?

Very promising news for the RML nephew. Hope he’s getting a good morphine drip, which I learned when I was in the hospital, works best for young children and very old people. Burns hurt like hell – the skin is the least of the damage compared to what it does to the nerve endings.

@redmanlaw: That’s the best news I’ve heard in a while. Wishing him a rapid recovery.

@nojo: I think you don’t give yourself enough credit. It was very insightful this week to learn about all of your connections to media throughout your life, and I think you understand the power of what we all have created here (and can explain it) better than really anyone I have ever interacted with. I also think that if you have a certain worldview and temperament it can get you pretty far, even if you don’t have the ‘book smarts’ or whatever. You definitely see the bigger picture, and I think your dedication to the enterprise has been just outstanding – actually I don’t think words can really describe it.

Thanks, everybody, and best wishes to all of you too.

@homofascist: “Obsession.”

Or, the version I use in polite company: “I like building things.”

@nojo: I was reading along at Brand W, and then at HFA Headquarters, then at CP, until I finally snapped and had to post on a topic that I can no longer remember.

Being outside of US America, I find I can’t contribute to much except conversations about anal pears, oral sex, and general political nastiness. But thanks to you lot I have found the full episode players for both the Daily Show and the Colbert Report.

@nojo: Well, understanding how to build something and maintaining it (obviously the latter I don’t have – look at how quickly HFA fizzled out once we had moved on) is an incredible skill.

@CheapBoy: I don’t remember the subject either — must have been something in the morning link dump — but as soon as you showed up, I had to reach for a shrimp/barbie story to play the stereotype.

@homofascist: I will allow that I provide a clean, well-lighted blog for everyone to party, and that I harbor some immodest ambitions for what this thing can become, as well as some considered judgments about what it shouldn’t become.

Setting Gawker aside for the moment, let’s take a look at the Atlantic. I was enjoying Marc Ambinder’s work last fall, but then in recent weeks they’ve turned his blog into a channel, crammed with stories and much less compelling. Just like Gawker, they overcooked it.

So: a good day here eventually would be six or seven posts from different voices, enough to take everything in without being overwhelmed. And maybe the additional volume would force some additional presentational organization — but never sacrificing the Stack. And never compressing it.

Look what happened when they took Giant GrazerHead away from Lisanti — Defamer lost a small but significant amount of charm, something everyone enjoyed. And when they subsequently compressed all Gawker sites to a headline-news service, almost all the remaining charm was leached away. Expect a merger with TMZ within the year.

So yeah, obviously I give a lot of thought to stuff like that, and three cheers for me. But it’s still just sheetrock without everyone else, Above and Below, joining the party. That’s why whatever I do, I always — always — end up Publisher or Producer, building the contraption so others can play with it. I’m the Great Enabler.

just checking in with The Best People I Know, given my acquaintances, you can TTFWIW.
shout out to RML’s nephew and CYN’s kitteh’s and STOP that NOJO, you’re brilliant and i adore you and the carpenters.
now where was i…right..went to orthodox bar mitzvah –in israel. (a tale in itself for another day) i swear to fucking god, it landed me in the ER with, yes, SFL, a morphine drip, for the worst migraine headache anyone has ever experienced in the history of the universe. slung over rat’s shoulder, i was carried in like a burlap sack (couture, natch) of pain, the IV goes in and within minutes….ahhhhhhhhhh. i suffer pain about as gladly as i suffer fools.
it’s been hailing in jerusalem since, oh, i got here. i’ll be under the down now til spring and catching up with everything i have to read, which is everything. they sent me home with a doggy bag of morphine pills, can you tell?

@redmanlaw: Wait! Whoa! What? I missed this unfortunate news. I am so sorry RML! ((((((RML)))))))

@homofascist: Indeed. And nojo, I love it when you discuss freedom of speech issues.

@baked: that must be one hell of a migraine. When do the fur babies arrive?

@baked: Migraines like that run in my family, but I’ve been fortunate enough to escape (knock wood). I have seen my mother rushed to the ER in such a condition. No fun, morphine or no. Take care, and I know it will be better when furbabies arrive.
PS: How does it hail all the time I lived in storm central USA, and even there (OK) hail was occasional and brief. Is it like some biblical plague?

@Mistress Cynica: yes, Yahweh is pissed off about Netanyahu.

@redmanlaw: Glad to hear that your nephew is coming along well.

@SanFranLefty: Like you need an excuse to pour a cocktail!

@Promnight: Thanks for the shoutout.

I tried to continue to comment on CP, but honestly, I can’t bring myself to do it with any frequency. The community isn’t there; but spam sure is.

And Nojo, many felicidades on keeping this place running.

@nojo: We, a little multitude that keeps going and growing, are grateful to the Great Enabler. Thank you, thank you!

@redmanlaw: Yay, good news. A shot of Jameson in honor of your family’s supernatural recuperative power.

@CheapBoy: Amazing how anal pears references keep their relevance, isn’t it? Our suppliers–manufacturing in China, of course–are working on a prototype for comedian Rush Limbaugh. By far it will be their largest project and, perhaps, reverse the Global Financial Crisis. I understand the primary technical difficulty has to do with the hydrogen-stability issue. Something like The Hindenberg, I understand. Oh, the humanity.

@nojo: Ah, thank you. I agree with the Academy in their selection. I have so much to catch up with, but I will say, had I been here at the time of our Second Great Exodus, I would have been a Charter Stinquer. RIP, good times and bad, at TCP.

Guess who visited and dropped a comment on CP?

Serolf Divad.

I’ve followed him home and dropped an invite. Who knows, if he’ll show up.

@ManchuCandidate: I’ve tried to lure Flores (I’m old school) a couple of times from his drive-by CP comments, but he never returns soon enough to see the message. And I can’t bring myself to chase him around Wonkette. Yet.

@SanFranLefty: Excellent. Let’s all gang up on that Monday post. Manchu started the action.

@nojo: It was getting to be a bit of a brodeo over there (SFL excepted), so I dropped in to extend the invite as well. Hopefully it takes.

@nojo:Last time I tried to comment there my browser opened about 100 windows before I pulled the network cable from the NIC. I’m not going back..

@Ewalda: Don’t know about Cynics’ Party these days. We’re trying to reel in a commenter par excellence through his blog (to which SFL linked).

@mellbell: Let’s see… that gives me, oh, a couple of hours to figure out how to use “brodeo” in the form of a Twitter.

@mellbell: Somehow I conflated Flores and his post on CP. My apologies.

@nojo: Wait. I don’t see a link from SFL. This thread is getting headache-inducing. Please repost the link for us dipshits.

I have a couple of email addresses for dear David from HFA days.

@Ewalda: But they’ve just invaded the White House and Jack Bauer’s in the brig! There’s no time! There’s no time! Dammit!

Oh, still a commercial break. Here’s the Serolf/Flores link.

@nojo: For some reason I can’t comment there using my WordPress signon. I’ll screw with it tomorrow.

@Ewalda: It’s Blogger, not WordPress. I think you can just choose Anonymous (or Name/URL) instead of logging in.

@nojo: Yes, but Blogger supposedly allows you to log in via WordPress (and AOL, for that matter).

@Ewalda: Ah. Right. But we’re not connected to the WordPress network, in case you’re trying to use this one.

@nojo: Nope, I’m not. I’ll screw with it later.

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