Mitt Romney is Still a Terrible Choice

f1-1Hey, do you guys remember Mitch Rombley?  He was the one of the many candidates for president who was totally supposed to beat up on Old Man McCain. He was the one who had Executive Experience, because he once saved the lives of everybody at the Olympics (like Eric Bana in Munich!), and then served as a Conservative, gay rights granting, universal health care-loving Governor in the Conservative state of Massachusetts.

Mitch is totally still the choice of the 100% useless Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) straw poll.  This, of course, is the only thing that Mitch has won, for three years in a row.  To get you an idea of how in touch CPAC is with the view of the electorate:

The survey also showed that only 4 percent of conservatives at the conference approve of the job President Obama is doing, while 95 percent disapprove.

Of course, if you were to compare Rombley to the rest of the field, you might think he should have destroyed the competition, which consisted of pre-school teacher Bobby Jindal (2nd place, 14%), Max Headroomesque internet sensation Ron Paul (3rd place, 13%),  lying Barbie Doll Sarah Palin (also 3rd, 13%), and finally, completely obsolete Newt Gingrich (5%).

With this Supergroup of Political Retards, you might be suprised that a scant 44% of attendees “said they wished the Republican Party had better choices.”

As a sort of capstone on this cavalcade of nonsense, Rush Limbaugh came and spouted some:

This notion that I want the president to fail, this shows you the size problem we’ve got. That’s nothing more than common sense, and to not be able to say it?

To sum up, if you are a Republican and you feel the need to participate in the exercise in futility that is voting Republican, smart money’s on Joe the Plumber.

In Conservatives’ Straw Poll, Romney Still Tops [The New York Times]

Smart isn’t a word that should be used in the same sentence with Joe The Whatever.

Looks like Mittens is saluting a nice tall Bacardi Volcano.

Mitt’s the top!
The Uberstromfurer!
Mitt’s the top!
Only Regan has more allure-er,
He’s Guy Smiley with,
A Regressive Tax for all!
He’s so tall and handsome,
Got a Pharaoh’s Ransom-
And he’s not Ron Paul!

Mitt’s the top!
Wears the Magic Undies!
But he’s bland,
And that calms the Fundies-
I’m a libtard tool, but I’m not a fool, or sop,
If Fred Thompson is the bottom,
Mitt’s the top!

@Tommmcatt A Go-Go: Excellent. Although I think Charlie Crist is the bottom.

These people should be encouraged to stay in their fantasy world for the next 8 years. And beyond.

@Dodgerblue: Rahm and Barry are doing their best to cheer Rush on, and Rush is swallowing it like a case of Oxy.

@nojo: I too believe that is what is happening. Worst case? We have LimBlow to kick forklift around for 8 more years. Best case? Think Mama Cass.

I actually think he’d make a pretty good Commerce Secretary, if anyone on either side of the aisle could stomach him.

@nojo: Agreed. The less you see of Rahm, the more he is fucking over Rush Limbaugh. And The Big Blackgarbed Turd you see on CNN bloviating today at CPAC cannot resist, simply cannot, is lash out at a President with over 73% approval ratings.

Michael Steele and Rush Limbaugh: Separated at Abortion?

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