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he's a good bubba

1. Has anybody seen Bobby Jindal’s birth certificate? WHAT IS HE HIDING FROM US?

2. Interesting that I haven’t seen Sen. Richard Shelby come out and DEMAND proof of Jindal’s citizenship. CONSPIRACY!


You see, there is a huge flaw in your lojik, CB.

It’s called IOKIYAR* and thus “Bobby”‘s birth certificate is cool.

Repubs can do whatever they want with little or no consequences.

Touch kids? IOKIYAR
Start a disastrous war? IOKIYAR
Deregulate finanze to a depression? IOKIYAR

IOKIYAR is the catchall and be all.

*It’s OK If You’re A Republican

3. He’s a secret muslimHindu.
4. His real name is Piyush.
5. He’s part of that corrupt Louisiana political machine.
6. He pals around with terrorists.

ADD: 7. He’s a member of a crazy Xtian church.

Yep, he’s a lock in ’12.

Please make them secede. Please, please, please.

@nabisco: He is fucking strange. Did ever see that weird essay he did on, like, a lady friend in college who was upset and he had to fight demons not to try to take advantage of her ‘weakened state’ or whatever and try to beschlong her or whatever he thinks satan wants you to do with your genitals?

@FlyingChainSaw: She was probably having some sort of seizure, and he just “prayed over her”. What a tool.

My secretary is demanding proof of Wolverine’s gayitudness.


Jindal Heart (in honor of his “exorcism”)

@FlyingChainSaw: Yeah, dude must be following the Sarah Palin wiring diagram.

Seems the “Louisiana Limbaugh” thinks he’s too liberal. Is “Rhodes scholar” the new elite?

@redmanlaw: I would be MORE than happy to conduct that research for you, RML.

@homofascist: You will have to knock this sorry old carcass out of the way HF! However it would take the combined effort of our gay super powers to try to make the Wolverine play for our team. EverythingI have read says he is a very straight Aussie.

@redmanlaw: Gay. As. Blazes. Although I much prefer him (and I am sure rptrcub will agree) with facial hair.

And who the fuck can possibly read Jezebel? Good lord. They had a post about celebrities making gay references to Ryan Seacrest (who, can there be a bigger fucking tool douchebag on the planet than RS – well, not counting politicians or pundits?) and all of the commentors were like “it isn’t cool to try to out someone” and “let people go at their own pace” and “you should respect his privacy” to which I say bull-fucking-shit. Once you did the “making out with Teri Hatcher” photo op you are fair fucking game baby.

Earnestness is the enemy. Never forget.

Damn, never realized Jindal was a ZZ Top Fan. Guess he’s bad, he’s Nationwide!

So is that where his old catchphrase came from, “Seacrest. . . . Out?” You think he used to announce it, when he was done, and pulled out?

Didn’t this guy on the right and Ned Beatty have a scene together in “Deliverance”? Something about squealing like a pig? Good choice for the photo op there Gov. Piyush Jindal the Hindu Roman Catholic evangelical Christian.

So where did the Bobby come from? Wickipedia says he named himself for Bobby Brady. Way to aim high.

@Dave H: You could mash that with the boardroom scene from Network. After the dude is finished with Beatty, we cut to Peter Finch: “I have seen the face of God”.

aha! caught ya! you went to the jezz? i go over once in a while to see “this commenter is banned.”makes me giggle.

@Dave H: And whats the pigfucker holding in his hand?

Conversation of peoples pictured:

Man in the middle: Ok , once your gloves touch, the fight begins.

Big Ole Redneck: You mean I can catch one of these here brown-skinned peoples without even trying. I gots a noose ready for him in these here parts (it’s hidden in my cell phone holster).

Jindal: What? I’m a Christian type person. I’m not brown. I’m a Republican. Republicans, back me up. Republicans????? Helllooo????

Off-topic, but is anyone else watching “The Daily Show”? Jeff Bezos is weird.

@mellbell: Turns out Comedy Central HD is ET only, so I’ve happily time-shifted my evenings…

Is Bezos weird? Maybe, but I thought he was just greatly enjoying the show, never mind that he happened to be a guest.

But Lux Mentis might actually have the goods. I think he knows Bezos, or at least he’s a few degrees closer than me.

@lentinus: Oh, yeah, this is nuts. Here’s the part where he sounds like he is only prevented from turning into a rapist by keeping himself far from wimminz: “I promptly sat Susan on a bed and placed myself in a chair located several feet across the room. This physical arrangement was hardly conducive to the love and support I was supposed to be providing, but I was too scared and unsure of myself to get any closer.”

Any closer and what? He tears her clothes off with his teeth and savages her? Rapes her into a coma? Cooks and eats her? Again the psychoconsevative right expose themselves as medievalists.

@FlyingChainSaw: One is reminded of Gandhi’s perpetual battle with his inner satyr.

@nabisco: First she dismisses you as irrelevant and foolish.
Then she is captivated by your insouciance and studied impoverishment.
Then you’re pestorking like weasels in heat.

Sorry to break away from the schtupping references, but I have to say I went on a boat tour of the Port of L.A. yesterday, and it was a fucking ghost town. The truckers aren’t working. There’s no work for the ILWU “casuals” and even the guys with regular gigs are having trouble. I left around 5:30 PM and there was almost no truck traffic on the freeway leaving the port. Y’know, I don’t think that giving billions more to those assholes at AIG is going to make this any better.

@FlyingChainSaw: FCS, the soul of the Catholic church is misogyny. Women are evil and inferior, its doctrine. Adams rib, created solely for companionship, to be ruled over, responsible for the fall and original sin. Women fucked it up completely, they are the reason we die, for fucks sake, according to the catholics (and the rest of the christians, but especially the Catholics). They are not worthy of being priests, and priests must avoid them because they would corrupt the priests, thats how bad they are, women.

What do you suppose the attitude of a society composed entirely of celibate males would think of women? Its the sissy-man woman-hating club.

Hell, the whole reason for the Cathalic church’s abhorrence of all forms of sex, the guilt-ridden prudery and self-loathing of the church’s sexual teachings, is not because the Church, the priests, think SEX is evil, its because sex often leads to consorting with women, and WOMEN are evil. Yup, the anti-sex thing is just to keep men from falling under the spell of the wicked, wicked women.

Yup, its a major pillar in the Church’s efforts to disempower and subjugate women. Woman do have sexual power, and men can be controlled by it, so the priests tell the men “its evil, that sex you want,” and also, “any woman who would give it to you, she’s evil too.”

Half of the rest of catholic doctrine is also designed to disempower women, no birth control, no abortions, suffer for your sins, woman, barefoot and pregnant, subordinate and controlled.

Sanjaya there wasn’t afraid he would eat her, he was afraid she would eat him.

@Dodgerblue: Did you take pictures? We can post and you can report on your excursion from the frontiers of financial apocalypse.

@Prommie: True. Was his family catholic? Or was he a convert? He has the zeal of a convert.

@FlyingChainSaw: Somehow I got the impression he is catholic, probably from that story.

@FlyingChainSaw: How about photos of rigid, vertical, erect, massive steel members? When the harbor cranes aren’t working, they stand at attention.

@mellbell: Yeah. Makes sense. I mean, Indian, OK, whazzegonnabe? Hindu, Buddist, Zoroastrian (lot of those people got punted out of Persia)? Writing for the Catholics? Probably helps build his bona fides as being totally sold out to the scarlet whore. Lines up now. And, hey, how original? Becoming Catholic in Louisiana!

@Dodgerblue: Perfect. Any reports of random screams or gun shots amidst the desolation?

@redmanlaw: Wolverine not gay. Even though he was a dancer. I know. What’s the world coming to? He shot to fame playing Curly in the London revival of Oklahoma!.What’s even more weird is that Patrick White, who played the same part when it came to B’way is also NOT GAY. This led more than a few New Yorkers to declare that Musical Theatre as we know it was over. But as for Wolfie, when he was doing the Peter Allen musical he was required to kiss another man and there was a minor flap when it was discovered that he wanted that man to be straight so that there was no chance of, you know, ‘accidental’ tongue action. What I do believe is that he seems to be professional, accomplished and fun: but that doesn’t mean the same things as gay. Plus, I have heard of no man who has slept with him. Double-plus, he’s married.

And that, my friends, is the clincher.

@Benedick: The double clincher would be if there are “stolen videos” of him cheating with another woman.

@Benedick: He certainly is a talented individual.

@redmanlaw: This is true. I believe he can even play Sport.

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