It’s Pat!

Pat Buchanan makes shit up, melts down.  Serious craziness is about four and a half minutes in, but you should watch the whole thing.

I think Black Eagle is getting to old Pat, eh?

UPDATE: zOMG! Just when I think I’ve found Peak Wingnut, along comes Alan Keyes.


The more I see Obama, the more I think HE IS BLACK BART and that Blazing Saddles is not a comedy but a prophetic look into the future.

Gabby Johnston is Pat Buchanan?

I must say John Boehner makes a fabulous Hedley Lamarr.

I don’t know why I’m surprised by the turn of events the past month — why I was somehow expecting some amusing soul-searching among the nutz, ending with an internecine battle for party control.

As opposed to, y’know, balls to the wall, pedal to the metal. It’s amazing to realize that Shrub held them back for eight years.

those clips are so horrifying, there is nothing to be done but recast blazing saddles. now that i’m thinking about it, that is exactly what mel brooks does. same as we do. we must laugh, point and giggle at the wingnuts. laughter is the only response or we would all have to kill ourselves.
pat was singing “springtime for hitler”

That would scare me.

“Is it true that you terrorist associating people are gifted?”
“It’s true! It’s true, you betchya!”

@baked: No, more likely the “up yours” old lady.

Its good, this thing. Instead of doing the sane thing, some soul-searching, maybe a re-emergence of the old school republicans, a rejection of the fundietards. But no, they decide that the problem is that they WEREN’T INSANE ENOUGH.

This is all the effect of Palin. She’s an insane simple-minded egomaniacal fundie fucktard, but she got wild cheers and enthusiasm from the fucktard base, and you know politics is just show business for ugly people, like in show business, they are going with the act that got the people in the seats excited.

Hate her, loathe, despise, revile her, of course, we must, she is evil, but you cannot deny that she has had an enormous impact, and I believe it will prove a disastrous impact. She is the reason they are not revamping and soul-searching, they are clinging to her, clinging to the only act they have that still gets some good audience response.

And its good, really, they are just digging their hole deeper, following her down into total irrelevance, except among drooling mouth-breathers.

Wait just one fucking second. Black people commit crimes at seven times the rate of whities?

Did Pat confuse the demographics of the prison population with that of the “common (white) folk”, where most of us commit at least small crimes daily yet fail to get arrested and incarcerated for them?

And oh how sweet is an insane rant from the likes of Alan Keyes. I really hope that guy sticks around for comic relief as the cannibal hordes close in.

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