When Fundies Attack

bildeNice Vitteresque twist on this one:

A man held a woman captive in handcuffs and an adult nappy for three days while he read Bible passages to her in the US state of Ohio, police said.

Troy Brisport, 34, picked up the woman last Wednesday night in Detroit after she told him she had nowhere to stay, and brought her to his home in Toledo, about 90 kilometres away, police told The Toledo Blade newspaper.

The Bible passages might be the worst part.

The woman told police that after she fell asleep Brisport handcuffed her wrists and ankles, gagged her, undressed her and put her in an adult nappy, then read Bible passages, police Captain Ray Carroll said.

She apparently was not sexually assaulted, Carroll said.

However, court documents alleged that Brisport tried several times to suffocate the woman using a pillow and blanket.

The woman told police she escaped on Saturday after Brisport fell asleep.

Ah religion! What a wonderful invention!

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Held Captive in Handcuffs and a Nappy [Sydney Morning Herald]

My my my. You know sometimes, the absurdity reaches a level that nothing is left but simple human pity. Really. Forget what misguided and insane things were going through this obviously lost soul’s mind, can’t you see this is just sad simple insanity.

Oh, you all, we are all just creatures trying to muddle through our lives, through a hard world full of injustice, tragedy, and pain, all of us, in our way, the best we know, are just muddling along the same ultimately lonely path. Cradle to grave. Trying to find meaning and purpose in it, and the more aware and feeling you are, the harder it can be because you cannot turn off all the information, the pain and random, unjust, cruel tragedy killing and maiming and wounding people all around you for no fault of their own, oh, its impossible to find any good in life at all sometimes.

But once I was reading a book, and you know the little tiny mites that can live in the bindings of a book, you open it up and this ultra-miniaturized spider creature starts crawling across the page, anyone ever have that happen?

And I went to kill it as I usually do, run your finger across it, its a tiny smudge, all gone. But I was looking closeley at it, and as my finger approached it, it reared up on its back legs and raised its microscopic front legs towards me in defiance, ready to fight.

And I realized, in a flash, THAT IT WANTS TO LIVE, and that it did not matter that it was attacking an enemy a billion times its size, it wanted to live and it was going to go out fighting to live.

I realized two things in an instant and believe these things with all my soul. First, we are all one, we are all brothers and sisters, all people, all beings, everything that lives, the bond of life itself is the greatest bond of all, all that lives, is a victory of non-life.

And second, I realized that JUST BEING ALIVE is the purpose of life. Life is so rare and precious and miraculous, that simply being alive and surviving is itself alone sufficient meaning and purpose to life. To live, is the purpose of life.

If you are looking for more, you are spoiled, you are not mindful of the rare and amazing series of accidents, of your good fortune, simply to be alive, and in cisrcumstances in which the basics of remaining alive, food, water, shelter, are simply assumed, is to be among the most fortunate humans ever to live on this earth?

Oh we are lucky.

That poor fucktard, and that poor woman, people fuck up so badly, some are so unsuited for it, the muddling trip through life.

@Promnight: Agreed. But can we get started shitting all over his likely identification as a values voter?

hey, mustn’t let the Christian fanatics have all the fun. From the AP:

The crime drips with brutal irony: a woman decapitated, allegedly by her estranged husband, in the offices of the television network the couple founded with the hope of countering Muslim stereotypes.
Muzzammil “Mo” Hassan is accused of beheading his wife last week, days after she filed for divorce. Authorities have not discussed the role religion or culture might have played, but the slaying gave rise to speculation that it was the sort of “honor killing” more common in countries half a world away, including the couple’s native Pakistan.

On Sunday, I told Mrs RML to make a generous (for us) pledge to the Annual Catholic Appeal, cos they do good work around town feeding the poor, caring for the sick, etc. then today I found out those peckerheads are opposing the state domestic partnership bill to “preserve marriage as we know it.” Fuck those assholes. I want my money back. I axed one of my activist friends to find out the revenue source for this vile piece of hate those guys are pumping out. Tax exempt my ass. Sell some of those fucking crunk cups and put that shit out with the proceeds and belly up with the rest of us to pay your fair share.

@redmanlaw: Thank you. And that’s the quandry the religious folks put us in — they some good work, then when they do shit like that and get heat back because of it, they’re painted as the good-hearted, good-works victims that the mean ol’ fagelehs are attacking.

You mean like, this whole universe, could be like a single atom, in my fingernail?

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