Rookie Takes Bishop (Check!)

Per CNN: “In her first interview since giving birth, the teenage daughter of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said having a child is not ‘glamorous,’ and that telling young people to be abstinent is ‘not realistic at all.'”

Bristol? Your mom’s on line one. This is the fourth time she’s called in the last half hour. You might want to take this call.

(And if you can suffer it, here’s the video…)


Best part? Didn’t tell Mommy until the day before the interview!

I can’t believe I just read the text of that. Her interview may have made me lose some like, IQ points.

People should just wait ten years? Yes, that’s the answer the the problem. Just give it ten, then a switch is flicked and you’re ready to be a parent.

My sympathy is limited. Lots of kids have these problems without the MSM spotlight, but they also don’t get strings pulled for them and People isn’t dropping 300K on them either.


I just got the most awesome scam e-mail ever:

[ No Subject ]
Monday, February 16, 2009 9:09 AM
“Mr Joseph poon”
Add sender to Contacts
I am mr joseph poon, i have a business prosposal to make to you runing
into millions of dollars.

That was it. That was the entire e-mail. I laughed until I cried. Mr. Joeseph Poon…HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

@Tommmcatt Yet Again:

There was an awesome restaurant in London just off Leicester Square called Poon’s. I wanted them to sell shirts that said “I ate out at Poon’s, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.” I heard recently that Poon’s was either sold or gone–maybe its related?

Team Sarah sent me links to the Talibunny tag-team videos, but I don’t know whether I can sit through Greta enough to check them out.

P.S. There was also a Thai place called Phat Phuc.


Greta scares me. It’s like she was made of the parts they had left over when they sewed Ann Coulter together.

@Original Andrew: Let’s not forget the mythic Chinese restaurants One Hung Low and Sum Dum Goy.

@Mr. Tommmcatt Poon: Interesting thing about that video — it’s the clip I grabbed from Team Sarah.

What Team Sarah didn’t post was the first part of that interview, where (per Keith) Bristol rips on the failure of abstinence in the real world.

Still, it was on Fox, so I’m sure everyone there saw it all anyway.


Hey there is a glorious restaurant in Portland called Hung Far Low, no keeding!

Horror of horrors, what is our country come to, a scientologist cult member interviewing a backwoods cracker racist-babe and her unwed-mother of a daughter while the daughter’s baby-daddy’s mommy awaits her crack-dealing trial. And this is the republican presidential hopeful of the future, and all this while we spiral into a new dark ages and the raving republican loons secede and build basement dirty bombs and shoot up liberal churches and basically ignorance, insanity, and stupidity reign supreme in our popular and political culture.

Now I feel really bad for Bristol. Grandma is such an overbearing bitch.

@Ewalda: Mencken said that the greatest thing about America was that for an intelligent person of taste, it is a source of endless amusement.

But underlying that observation is the assumption that America is a meritocracy, as he states earlier in the same essay, making a living, even a fortune in such a wasteland of second-raters, should not occupy any significant effort, for an intelligent person. But thats a false assumption, then as now. Making a living, and a fortune, in the US did not then, and does not now, have anything to do with intelligence, it has to do with with blind overconfidence, and brazen dishonesty.

So yes, if intelligence did in fact guarantee prosperity in this country, then, maybe from the position of earned prosperity, the idiocies are amusing.

But thats not where I am seeing it from. Every tree I pass, I think to myself, how many nooses would those limbs hold.

Good lord – who is the transvestite in the red jacket?

Also: “oh sorry, the other grandma is out in the parking lot dealing meth.”

If there was any proof we needed that this was a culture in decline, this is it. The finance-based economy is basically lying in ruins and won’t recover for three generations, if any culture can crawl its way back from cannibal anarchy, and the big news to cover is some teenager from Alaska telling her mother, ‘Mom, I fuck. Get used to it.’

@FlyingChainSaw: Yup, you said what I was thinking.

But you know, you never know.


I had forgotten about the infamous Poon Tang warlords…

@FlyingChainSaw: There’s a slight chance Bristol could be salvaged if she left that dysfunctional mess. But she won’t. She’ll settle back into that comfortable mess and become a breeder, like her mom. Ugh.

@blogenfreude: Who knows? Who cares? There are lots of fucked up kids in the world. She’ll get a book deal, pose nude, do a string of porno movies and use the proceeds to buy a double wide. Set for life.

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