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My pal and favorite N’awlins blogger oyster fills us in on the latest Stormy happenings:

In a telephone interview Thursday from Tampa, Fla., Daniels said that while [Larry] Flynt had nothing to do with the “Draft Stormy” boomlet that has drawn her into contemplating the 2010 Louisiana Senate race, “I have reached out to him in the last couple of days that I want to discuss if he wants to be my campaign manager.”

Can you imagine the possibilities? Can you imagine the embarrassment? Vitter.  I want his head on a PIKE!

Latest video from Draft Stormy after the jump.

I want her. To run for the Senate I mean. Yeah. That’s it.

Stormy Daniels Invites Larry Flynt to be Her Campaign Manager [Your Right Hand Thief]

Really beautiful, but she considers herself a libertarian which makes me wonder if she was a secret WoW Ron Paul supporter. My hope is that she can demolish Vitter in the primary campaign and create an opening for a progressive senator from Louisiana. How about Harry Shearer?

She needs to get herself a real opposition research stormtrooper and start attacking Vitter for his psychoconservative record and push the line that she is 1) rich and incorruptible; 2) scandal proof because she is paid to fuck battalions of men, boys, women, girls, farm animals, etc. for a living and 3) understands the plight of average Americans because she had to crawl her way out of the smoldering, fetid hell of small town Louisiana by sucking the cocks of corrupt, vile monsters in a twisted industry that regarded her as a disposable line item. “Vitter has one job, Louisiana: delivery of cannon fodder for Republican wars of opportunity,” she could say holding up the picture of a vet with his legs blown off. “And remember, when the Gulf Coast was drowning, Vitter was laughing along with GOP, delighting in the deaths of voters who might not vote Republican. [flashes picture of bodies floating face down in NoLa] Just because he wears diapers doesn’t mean he is too young to hang for his crimes.”

@Dave H: Would you rather have a Libertarian in the Senate or a Vitter-type “Conservative”? Give me a Libertarian any day … you’re likely to get more of your shit left alone. Leave me alone.

I need a senator who can smooth her eyebrows with her own tongue.

TJ, Issikoff says Yoo and Bybee are going down, at minumum, referral to their local bars for disbarment. Says an internal report quashed by Mukasey called their torture opinions and executive power opinions sloppy, inept, incompetent, unethical blatant efforts to tell the client what it wants to hear without regard for the truth. yay

@Promnight: I am sure they’re shopping for agents to sell their books to the psychofascist right who love the idea of the states randomly chopping the genitals off of little kids in the name of jesus. Obama needs to grow a pair and have this crowd carted off to The Hague.

@blogenfreude: Jesus Haysus Christ on a Popsicle Stick, I log on for the first time in days and there’s Stormy again?! I think we need to stage an intervention.

G’day mates! Having a smashing time here in Kiwi land. Got to the plane on time, though my fellow Stinquers were worried about it. Good thing Cynica and I only split a carafe of wine instead of a bottle, though.

Just toured the NZ Parliament. Unicameral, multiparty. Very interesting.

@Promnight: It’s very difficult to be disbarred in California. Only if you’re selling drugs and stealing from your clients. If disregard for the truth were grounds for disbarment, there’d be a hell of a lot fewer attorneys in CA.

@SanFranLefty: Wellington. In another life, I toured the first groceria in NZ to have a bagel-making machine. When I realized this, indeed, was the most exciting thing to do in town, I got on the ferry to Nelson.

@SanFranLefty: If you want to come to 74th and Amsterdam and intervene … DO IT! I will get you blind drunk, then have you post pictures of Stormy without my assistance. NSFW videos will follow, and I will have to edit your comments. You will fall in line. Mark me.

@blogenfreude: Would you rather have a Libertarian in the Senate or a Vitter-type “Conservative”?

I’d like to try Door #3 for another option. Vitter is certainly a piece of work without regard to his political affiliation. My opinion of libertarians is that they think Ayn Rand had all the answers, whereas I think she and Gordon Gekko were in perfect alignment with the whole “Greed is good” mantra. Hasn’t that worked well for us recently? If the idiotic comments I remember from the Ron Paul videos on YouTube were any indication of current libertarian thought I guess I’d prefer a petty criminal like Vitter in the Senate to a true believer in the fantasy of the rugged individual.

@blogenfreude: She’s pretty, she really is, its a shame she has the tits, they are a distraction. And somehow, I see that she is also smart, nobody’s fool, and I am starting to actually admire her.

We may have to run her against Talibunny in 2012.

@Dave H: Now that you spell it out, I’m all for a few libertarians to split the vote. Look at the service Ross Perot did for the Republic.

Cap-rock martinis – steaks . . . wine . . . a Cap-rock G & T . . . after dinner coffee (w/Turkey 101 for the boys who were watching Robot Chicken on the webz) . . . friend’s X-GF who is still mad about him . . . friend who would rather get intoxicated w/rml . . .

anyone following the election in israel except me and CB?
talk about a clusterfuck. tzipi can’t get her coalition shit together with larry moe and curly. i’ve been caling it, bibi is a lock. and i’ll say this again too: tehran? duck.

the overzealous airstrike on the puny hamas rockets was a clue. it was meant to say, bring it motherfuckers. we ain’t playin no mo.

i have MUCH better things to do with my tongue, thank you very much.

hey lefty! glad you made the trip safely. the first thing you did was go to the parliament? you are hardcore sister. i can see the knesset from my back deck, and have been too busy boy shopping and whatnot to take the tour. have the greatest trip, take lots ‘o pics, and don’t miss the hot springs!

@baked: I think it was meant to say “we better kick some ass now while Bush is a lame duck and the schvartze is not in power yet,so as to send a message to get us through the next administration which might be a little more resistant to letting us bomb arabs whenever we have a mind to.”

baked: I’m barely following it, compared to you.

Oh hai: Iran’s having an election, too. Sort of. And, of course, Bibi taking over with new best-bud main-man Avi Lieberman and his wanting to have all Arabs in Israel swear allegiance or GTFO…. there’s no way that plays into the hands of Mr. I’m Too Sexy For An Imperialist Necktie. No way at all.

Everything’s just setting itself up way too nicely for Israeli airstrikes. Gaza ain’t getting any better + Israel moving right = more sabre-rattling from Mahmoud…. with hilarious consequences. This is not good.

BTW: while we were out this weekend, it was the 20th anniversary of clerical rulings from Iran against Salman Rushdie. And thus a great word entered our vocabulary of snark: fatwa.

dinner time, out for a meal. prommie, you would keel over from the food here. see y’all later. you know the old joke: every jewish holiday is the same, “they tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat.”
sally jesse rafael tells a funny story. she’s on the finance commitee at the friars club. she suggested one day they cut out the bagel brunch on saturday and just have it sunday. she says she gained conciousness at 57th and lex.
jews like food. a lot.

@baked: What, what, the herring, the whitefish, schmaltz and chopped liver?

I keed, I keed.

I have discovered that you don’t have to put lox on your bagel-cream cheese-onion-tomato sandwhich; nearly anything salty will do, the beauty of the whole thing is the onion, cream cheese, and tomato, ohh, tomatos make me quiver. I use bacon sometimes, Jesus, that nice jewish boy ( he loved his mother), he must turn in his grave.

@Benedick: My take was that SJO was set upon and beaten senseless for the mere suggestion.

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