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You thought 43 was responsible for all the looting and pillaging?  Not so fast – look what 41 inflicted on my beloved state of New York:

An appointee of President George H. W. Bush who was the first woman and first Hispanic to serve as surgeon general, Dr. [Antonia C.] Novello was praised even by the Clinton administration for her “vigor and talent” and promised to bring new attention to pediatric health.

But the New York State inspector general’s office says that she turned her staff at the Health Department into her personal chauffeurs, porters and shopping assistants during her seven-year tenure, and has referred a criminal case, including potential felony charges, to the Albany County district attorney.

Where does the Bush family find these people?

heckuva-job-toniDr. Novello also ordered a Medicaid fraud investigator in her department to drive her on trips to Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. On numerous occasions she had state workers drive her or her mother from the Albany area to Newark Liberty International Airport, roughly 300 miles round trip, to fly to Puerto Rico for personal business. When traveling between state offices in New York City and Albany, she liked to stop at the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets in Central Valley, N.Y., and she is also accused of using state workers to take her on excursions to three malls in the Albany area.

Security guards who acted as her drivers said in interviews with state investigators that she would embarrass and yell at them if they did not do things the way she wanted and expected them to be at her beck and call at all hours.

Saks.  Remind you of anyone?

The report alleges that Dr. Novello required state employees to work more than 2,500 hours of overtime performing personal services for her, costing the state $48,000. One employee told investigators that “Novello’s fondness for shopping was so well known that employees in the office would give her sales fliers or coupons to encourage her to leave the office so that they would not have to work late,” according to the report.

Easily distracted by bright shiny objects.  Remind you of anyone?

The employees who spoke to investigators at the inspector general’s office said that Dr. Novello would call them at all hours on their cellphones and at home to come to her personal service, and that they feared ignoring the demands of the commissioner.

But occasionally they balked.

When Dr. Novello told one security guard to use his own car to drive her and her friends and family on a sightseeing trip to Cooperstown, N.Y., the guard refused and they used a state car, the report said. The same guard was instructed to drive her from Albany to Newark at 1 a.m. on Christmas Day, shortly before the end of the Pataki administration. He did so. But the final straw came when she ordered him to pick her up on her return trip, and by then it was January 2007. Dr. Novello was no longer the health commissioner.

The guard “testified that Novello had urged him to take vacation leave and use his personal vehicle to chauffeur her,” the report says, adding that the guard said “it felt good to finally say no to Novello.”

This is one more reason we should say “no” to another Bush in the White House.  Never again.

Report Assails Ex-Health Chief in New York [NYT]

C’mon, bloggy. You know you want to see what kinda fucked up shit Jeb will pull.

Hey, at least she didn’t actually have anyone barbequed or ordered her staff to chew the shagnasties off of her asshole. What do you people want? Saint Francis?

Somewhere off in the distance, you may hear someone weeping. That is Sheila Jackson-Lee, learning for the first time that she has been well and truly defeated.

TJ: Complete regional and state unemployment data out today from BLS. Most states announced this shit before the federal release, but some states didn’t. It says what we already know.

I just want to know what’s in the water in Wyoming and South Dakota, and how they’ve been able to keep their rates so low. Also, they may want to prepare themselves from the zombie hoards coming from other states soon.

@chicago bureau: She lost that title a couple of years ago to the brief but memorable tenure of Shelley Dracula Cunt, also from Houston.

Jamie Sommers: And lest we forget Barbara Mikulski and Kitty “Pink Sugar” Harris.

I want this bitch thrown in the slammer. I want our money back. I want … revenge.

mellbell: Word is that her staff live in constant fear, on account of personal demands, swift retribution for minute failures in performace of same, etc. This was the rep she had back in the late 90s, and I’ve heard nothing to suggest that she has softened in her old age.

[TJ] As SFL was saying last night, the Dems (uh) pulled out the contraception funding from the (uh) stimulus bill. And… the Republicans were going to vote against it anyway so pulling out the funding did them precisely no good at all.

God damn it. The GOP is going to run on Democrats being in lockstep with San Francisco Values, no matter what happens. You might as well go all the way. But no. Let’s throw them a bone that they will use to beat us senseless with next year. Does anybody here know how to play this game?

@chicago bureau: Withdrawal is, after all, the only method of contraception they’ll accept.

TJ: Ex-Regent University assistant law dean pleads guilty to sexually abusing children. Regent University, if you remember, was the training grounds for Bush’s party apparachiks in DOJ.

Though Bush might be gone, the cold winds of Jizzuary still blow.

I wish Obama would keep Gitmo open to send bastards like this into Cheney’s iron maiden.

@rptrcub: Don’t they get mad if you spill your seed upon the ground?

You are dealing here with the combined ego and sense of entitlement and granduer of a Doctor, and a High Ranking Bureaucrat. Its really surprising she doesn’t have bearers who carry her everywhere in a gilded sedan chair, while nubian slaves proceed before her and scatter rose-petals in her path.

@rptrcub: Naw, the fundies are cool with contraception, its only teh catlics who approve only of the rythm method. The catholics do, yes, have a problem with the spilling of the seed, which is why masturbation is also prohibited.

I think the fundies don’t even mind if you beat your meat. They just don’t want no orgasm-giving between the unmarried. And of course teh gays are evil.

Prommie: Nah… I think they pretty much mind anything that does not automatically lead to 3+ additional kids. Go on, ask Richard Land or James Dobson what they think about beating off. They’ll tell you.

Here’s Albert Mohler on the issue:

“Most evangelical Protestants greeted the advent of modern birth control technologies with applause and relief. Lacking any substantial theology of marriage, sex, or the family, evangelicals welcomed the development of “The Pill” much as the world celebrated the discovery of penicillin — as one more milestone in the inevitable march of human progress, and the conquest of nature.

At the same time, evangelicals overcame their traditional reticence in matters of sexuality, and produced a growth industry in books, seminars, and even sermon series celebrating sexual ecstasy as one of God’s blessings to married Christians. Once reluctant to admit the very existence of sexuality, evangelicals emerged from the 1960s ready to dish out the latest sexual advice without blushing. As one of the best-selling evangelical sex manuals proclaims, marital sex is Intended for Pleasure. Many evangelicals seem to have forgotten that it was intended for something else as well.

For many evangelical Christians, birth control has been an issue of concern only for Catholics. When Pope Paul VI released his famous encyclical outlawing artificial birth control, Humanae Vitae, most evangelicals responded with disregard — perhaps thankful that evangelicals had no pope who could hand down a similar edict. Evangelical couples became devoted users of birth control technologies ranging from the Pill to barrier methods and Intrauterine Devices [IUDs]. That is all changing, and a new generation of evangelical couples is asking new questions.”

@Prommie: During my parents’ religiosity days in the late 80s, I was given Intended for Pleasure to read as my first sex ed primer. From what I can remember, I read the descriptions of hetero sex and I was immediately disgusted.

@rptrcub: Regent University, if you remember, was the training grounds for Bush’s party apparachiks in DOJ.

Olbermann got off a good line last night: Boxtop University. Probably not his.

@nojo: DoJ people and characters all through the federal government. Many are are still there drifting into mandarin class jobs over time. Need me to do something on “Federal Government Riddled With Child-Rape University Grads” ?

@FlyingChainSaw: It does give “burrowing” a whole new meaning.

@mellbell: Ooo. Oooooo. Do you have a license for that pun?

@FlyingChainSaw: Puns shouldn’t require a license. Reproduction should.

@Prommie: Time to go all Punisher on someone’s ass:

An Albuquerque woman is suing a Rio Rancho medical center claiming that her contraceptive device was removed without her consent by a nurse practitioner who told her it was a form of abortion.
In her complaint, Ashley Van Patten claims that the nurse practitioner, who was supposed to be adjusting her IUD, removed it instead. Although the nurse said it was an accident, she refused to replace it and suggested other means of contraceptives, according to Van Patten. Van Patten filed the federal complaint for civil battery, violation of Constitutional rights and negligence against Sylvia M. Olona, Presbyterian Medical Services of Santa Fe and its Rio Rancho Family Health Center. Presbyterian Medical Services, which operates clinics throughout the state, has no affiliation with Presbyterian Healthcare Services.
According to her amended complaint, Van Patten went to the health center in January 2007 in order to get her IUD adjusted. An IUD is a contraceptive device placed in the cervix.
The complaint claims that, during the adjustment, she felt a tugging and then a “sharp pain in her uterus.”
“Uh oh, I accidently pulled out your IUD,” Olona told Van Patten.


The complaint also says Olona told Van Patten that the IUD coming out was a “good thing.”
“I personally do not like IUDs,” Olona told Van Patten. “I feel they are a type of abortion. I don’t know how you feel about abortion, but I’m against them. What the IUD does is take the fertilized egg and pushes it out of the uterus.”
Olona continued: “Everyone at the office always laughs and tells me I pull these out on purpose, because I am against them, but it’s not true, they accidently come out when I tug.”
Olona told Van Patten that she could now use a “non-abortion” form of contraception and suggested the Depo Provera shot or birth control pill. Olona made clear that she would not insert a new IUD.


@blogenfreude: @redmanlaw: She should also go after them for catastrophic mental trauma. This isn’t like being fitted for a hat.

@redmanlaw: Good for her for standing up to that whack job. Maybe some former patients will see her story and come forward with their own.

We gotta get a big boat. Or some land, in Cuba.

@redmanlaw: Wonder if Ms Olona will be protected by that stupid “conscience” law.

TJ/ Although not a popular read among the Stinque Literary Club, Rabbit is Dead. Use the link to catch up on local Steeler reports if ya like (heh heh).

@redmanlaw: The complaint claims that, during the adjustment, she felt a tugging and then a “sharp pain in her uterus.”

Oh, OW! Geez, RML. Warn a girl before you post something like that.

No more photos of that fuck or his murderous twat father!

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