Taint Necessarily So

  • Butterstick TaintBlago Taint Spreads to ‘Jim Hendry Way’ (Sporting News, 1/8/09)
  • Terror link taint on ex-naik (Calcutta Telegraph, 1/13/09)
  • A place where bribery, graft taint much of life (Boston Globe, 1/4/09)
  • U.S. Retail Sales Taint Europe (Forbes, 1/14/09)
  • Safety act won’t taint thrift store shopping (Akron Beacon Journal, 1/14/09)
  • Clinton’s Decisions Don’t Taint Holder’s Integrity (Hartford Courant, 1/4/09)

  • Secrecy, unfairness taint big tax rebate (St. Petersburg Times, 1/8/09)
  • Winemakers fear pulp mill will taint drop (ABC Australia, 1/7/09)
  • Researcher shows plumbing materials may taint your tap water (insciences.org, 1/6/09)
  • Taint-Free Image Drives Bag-In-Box Growth (Packaging Essentials, 1/8/09)
Image: Obamicons [Paste Magazine]

“Tainted” Love

Sometimes I feel I’ve got to
Run away I’ve got to
Get away
From the taint that you place onto the rep of me
The work we share
Seems to go nowhere
And I’ve lost my light
For I toss and turn I can’t sleep at night

Once I ran to you (I ran)
Now I’ll run from you
This shameful taint you’ve given
I deny you all a boy might give you
Take my tears and that’s not nearly all
Oh…Shameful taint
Shameful taint

Now I know I’ve got to
Run away I’ve got to
Get away
I don’t really want any more Taint from you
To make things right
You need money to pay your flight
And your denial is the only way
But I’m sorry they’ll just say say say

Don’t mention me please
I cannot stand the way you appease
I loath you because you taint me so
Now I’m going to pack my things and go
Shameful taint, Shameful taint (x2)
Piss off baby, shameful taint (x2)
Shameful taint (x3)

TWO banks did the FAIL yesterday.

Oh, and CNN sez they might try to get that plane out of the water in about 30 mins. I was thinking of going down to watch, but the temperature here is 6 F. No kidding. So I’ll watch it on the teevee.

@blogenfreude: No kidding indeed. We’ve got no hot water because the pipes froze.

@Benedick: Where do you live? I’m on Upper West Side.

“Tainted Love” Manson style. This goth shit looks more fun that we’ve been led to believe. I’m sure Prommie’s will rival next week.


@blogenfreude: I’m near Woodstock. About 100 miles north and on the other side of the river in God’s country.

@redmanlaw: I know. And I left the cold water running all night so this wouldn’t happen.

@Benedick: Don’t envy you today. Plastic or metal pipes?

@Benedick: Geeze – and I thought it was cold here. You might have to start burning your furniture to stay warm.

@Benedick: It was six when I got up, thermometer showed it got down to 2 last night but our pipes held, miraculously. We were out the door for 6 y.o. mob rule basketball practice at 8 and my daughter cheerily pointed out that it was “already 10 degrees” by the time we were finished at 930. A coupla years ago I was living in the tropics with Nojo-like temps this time of the year *sigh*

Heading down to VA in a few hours; staying in Arlington not far from the Lincoln memorial and may take a peek at the crowds for tomorrow’s HopeFest. Back tomorry for the Big Game of Sport.

@redmanlaw: A mix, but it’s the copper pipes that lead from the tank to the water heater that are frozen. The house has been added to over the years and, of course, didn’t have running water at first. So it has its eccentricities. I’ve jammed a hairdryer in the space to thaw things. It’s better than it was last year. The door to the cellar was fixed and the windows now close so it’s not so cold down there.

@blogenfreude: The house itself is warm.

@Benedick: I had a house once where the pipes from the well were inexplicably routed through the garage. Froze once, and all I could find was a hibachi. Lit it under the pipes – problem solved.

@blogenfreude: Right. Unfortunately the pipes in question here aren’t easy to get at. However, I’ve got the hairdryer on and I put a heater in the secondary cellar. Bat flew out. I think I disturbed it.

@Benedick: n One of those heat flood lamps in the cold area would do the trick. That’s what my inlaws used in their pumphouse.

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