Butterflies are Freaks

We proudly present some randy highlights from a new study of butterfly mating habits:

  • “During sex the males physically restrain the females for an entire day”
  • “She then arranged for some female butterflies to receive a large deposit from a single male, and others to have a small deposit from three different males adding up to a similar volume.”

  • “I don’t know of any other creatures that respond to the amount of sperm inside their mates,” says Solensky.
  • “Solensky suspects that sensors on the male penis detect the volume directly, like the dipstick in a car’s oil tank.”
  • “Ms Narayan on December 7 allegedly doused her husband Satish’s genitals with petrol as he slept in their suburban Adelaide home and set him alight.”

Oops, how did Australia’s Flaming Penis of Death get in there?

Butterflies use penis to gauge sex competition [New Scientist]

Torching penis bad. However,I seem to remember some English dude write about hell, fury and women so I am not surprised either (kinda surprised that baked didn’t do something similar.)

As for the butterflies. Wow?!?

Last man standing as it were.

Restrain them for an entire day? That was a few girlfriends back, but I could probably dig out the soft restraints.

You know, there is a theory out there about the dilly-O with swinging. According to this theory, for the male, the real thrill of seeing your lady fucked by another dude comes when you go home after the orgy. There are apparently studies which show that men who suspect their wives of cheating emit more sperm than usual. This is apparently an instinctive response, all Darwnian and all, which tries to increase your reproductive potential by drowning all of your rival’s sperm in a veritable tidal wave of sperm. And apparently, according to what I have read, for many swingers, the best part is after the party, when the swinging couple has sex, and this instinctive response kicks in. See, coming, for the guy, is really just the ejaculation, and the more you ejaculate, the longer you come. Apparently, this is why makeup sex is the best sex.

So really, its not that different from the butterflies.

Where are you, Stinquers? I am lost tonight. Trying so hard for connection with someone else who understands.

@Promnight: I’m here. Just finished dinner, which I think you would have appreciated. Local grovery had fresh sea bass (not the endangered kind) and Mr Cyn seared it, then finished it in the oven, and served with a sauce of white wine, capers, shallots, anchovies, and artichoke hearts. Served with a creamy arborio rice flavored with herbes de provence, sauted beet greens with roasted beets sliced over them. It was very tasty.

@Promnight: Reading the examiner’s discussion of some of the claims on a patent application a colleague and I are processing but my heart isn’t in it. I can’t combat my own sloth some days. What’s there to understand?

@Promnight: Just finished the first two hours of “Tess.” I think it’s kept ambiguous in the book whether she is raped or seduced. Not much ambiguity in the BBC version.

@Mistress Cynica: That sounds fantastic. Seabass is good, beets are good, all sounds good.

@Promnight: Hey. Just checking in after dinner sacking out in the daddy chair by the fire and getting ready for “gun inspection” at the Pueblo on Sunday. I have a few minutes while the goo works on the barrels of a couple of rifles I’m cleaning that need sighting in tomorrow.

Back home we have a tribal officer known as the war chief who is in charge of interior matters and natural resources for the tribe. He conducts an annual ceremonial event called gun inspection at which all pueblo men and teen boys get all duded up in blankets, mocassins, etc and take down our hunting rifles and ammunition so show that we are adequately prepared for hunting and defense. Picture about 150 guys standing in a huge circle in the village plaza, ready for inspection which an occasional shot going off as the war chief or one of his lts. fires a rifle to check it out. I was criticized once for having a ball of lint in a barrel, but since them I’ve been told that they’re so clean they look like glass.

Gotta go. The goop is done. I’ll check back later.

OK, back. Got my work done, the fire has burnt to coals and Mrs RML and I watched What Not to Wear together as I ran around cleaning and laser bore sighting rifles. I though they were being mean to the geek chik tv producer girl, but eventually she went along with the program.

Chillin with a big fat martini and watching “Aeon Flux”. Charlize shot a movie, “North Country”, about four blocks from my couch.

Hey, is this thing on? *wheeeep* sputter, sputter . . .

Were I not busy Sunday, I’d be on my way to Colorado this weekend to pick up my share of 150 lbs of beef raised by my oldest friend in the world Alex Parks (she’s on FB as one of my friends, reclining against her milk cow) and to fly fish the San Juan River. (Any one who wants a copy of my magazine article on the river, just drop an email). A fly I developed the summer I spent there has caught big trout in New Mexico and bass in Florida.

You guys must think we live weird lives in the high desert. We do, too.
OMG, is that Frances McDormand in “Aeon Flux”? Holy shit — fucking Marge is running the show. “Well, I have to say that I’m not 100 percent in agreement with da execution of your black ops work, ya know, but that’s OK.”

For real line from a Upper Midwestern FB page: ” ya i haven’t seen the luterbachs a while!”

Mrs RML has already banned this weekend’s showing of “Independence Day” from our TV.

This should be our national nathem:


Free speech for the dumb . . .

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