And Now, As Promised: 2006

This was the year of Ned Lamont, and of the very first Special Comment, and of others who made the rumblings of the previous year turn into a full-throated roar.  Dubya, not getting the message, hung onto the Iraq War (repeat after me: “the central front on the War on Terrah”) and Donald Rumsfeld like liferafts, for no real perceptible reason.  There’s a reason why they don’t make liferafts out of lead, of course; George, poor guy, never really understood that.  And thus the Republican Revolution of 1994 — at least in terms of pure numbers — was turned back.

Absurdity continued apace.  Dick Cheney shot somebody and wasn’t even arrested.  The government wanted to turn over port security to a bunch of guys from Dubai.  The government spying program mess began to escalate.  Mark Foley, it was discovered, was a proponent of children to a somewhat excessive degree.  John Kerry tried to tell a joke and damn near spoiled the election. And several federal prosecutors were shown the door in December, on account of no particular reason that people knew about.  Yet.


If the color grey and the taste of Cream-of Wheat were a person, that person would be Donald Rumsfeld.

2006 in Sport: Steelers win Supe; Floyd Landis wins – then loses – a bike race; Israel attacks Lebanon, and loses. US failed to advance in the World Cup. Oh, and there was baseball, hockey and tennis in there as well. And golf, I think.

TJ/ Nobody has seen the shoe thrower since December. Is Amnesty International on this yet?

Ah Cocktober 06. Gleeful times when the Republican closet was much bigger and more hilarious than as hinted by notables such as David Brock.

On a personal level, joined W in March 06.

TJ: the Dodgers cut loose fat fuck Andruw Jones, admitting to a hugely expensive mistake, a mistake that the fans will be paying for for years to come.

I thought the Dodgers never made a mistake or so poon hound (ew!) Tommy LaSorda tells me.

@ManchuCandidate: I think I joined W mid-year, but at least months before Coctober. Indeed, we should probably think of 2006 as Year Zero in Stinquedom, I’ll bet that’s when a lot of us started commenting.


Wait, when did I join the Wonk? It was around Larry Craig time, I think….


He’s been beaten, tortured and denied access to his attorney, but he’s alive.

They’re even throwing him a birthday party. The Green Zone is one big episode of freakin’ Hogan’s Heroes (except with beatings and torture).

(I’m referring to Muntadhar al-Zeidi and not Floyd Landis, of course).

Mid-term elections. Demrats ooze into Congress.

@ManchuCandidate: Early 2005, I’m guessing — just before Butterstick Summer. Started with Defamer, then I started checking out the other blogs.

@nabisco: Yeah, I think I joined in July or August of 06 but had been lurking back to OW and butterstick days. When was that?

I started reading The Site Which Must Not Be Named around 2005 ish (I desperately needed some humor after being totally mind-fucked after the 2004 election), but I really recall 2006 and 2007 because I mostly stopped reading the posts after Pareene left and just read the comments and thought “who in the world is this Promnight Dumpster Baby person? And Flying Chainsaw? Nojo? What?”

And I remember SanFranLefty and Cynica, Jamie Sommers, rptrcubbie, all you guys, of course, as well as several who may still be there like Southern Bitch, etc. Good times.

Definitely 2006, because that’s when I moved to DC, and it seemed to offer some insight into this strange new city.

And Manchu’s poetic stylins. And Baked. And Dodgerblue. And Chicago Bureau. And melcat (that was you, mellbel, verdad?). And generalissimo homofascist. Wow, this is really a trip down memory lane, which I suppose is appropriate seeing as how we’re coming up on the one year anniversary of our little mutiny.

I never commented there though, not until the end. I really enjoyed being a cyber-fly on the matrix wall and reading yall’s convos. You all always made me laugh whenever I was pissed as hell about the latest pick-any-insane-Bush or Republican-story.

I loved the Late Night Shots updates. Know your enemy. I had been very occasionally reading Brand W since the glorious ass-fucking days of that delicious redhead Ana Marie, whom I fell completely in love with. But I fell into a state of hopeless addiction under Pareene. I wonder still about the one whose avatar was a beautiful naked woman covered with M&Ms.

@Original Andrew: I’ve always just been plain old mellbell. I was not nearly as prolific over there as here.


Pareene’s still the politics guy over at Gawker, but I sense that his heart’s just not in it anymore. I dunno if it’s Bush fatigue–which is totally understandable–or exhaustion from the somewhat demoralizing Gawker bizniss model–or likely both. He’s still got his hee-larious moments though. And he and Layne really worked well together at {REDACTED}, I have to say. I can’t believe Denton let Moe go. She was my sistah on Jez then Gawker.

@Original Andrew:

Nah, I was plain ol’ Tommcatt. I was pretty prolific, but you know me, my funny is hit and miss….

I vividly remember my first comment of Brand W because it went hand-in-hand with my selecting a rushed, uninspired handle like Flippin. It was during the live blog of somebody-or-other giving a speech (maybe Chimpy?) and I was following it at work via the Beeb and lurking as usual at W. At one point in the broadcast, all the US news sources had the sound cut out and everyone was freaking out (or you could say flipping out) trying to figure out if it was a technical glitch or if he had been censored for saying something naughty/top secret/etc. I rushed to register and make a comment so I could confirm that I had heard it fine on the Beeb and that it was nothing consequential. Hence my stupid, stupid username, Flippin, that I’ve never dared to change for fear of getting lost in the shuffle. But it’s grown on me and I don’t mind it now.

Does anyone remember that speech with the sound difficulties? At least then I would know the timeline of my becoming an active participant.

“Sperminator?” Paris ponders mystery sperminator? I am just completely in love with this Page 6 item:

January 16, 2009 —

WITH le tout Paris wondering who fathered the baby of French Justice Minister Rachida Dati, suspicion is now focusing on billionaire Gucci heir Francois-Henri Pinault, 46, the sperminator who’s already sired children with Salma Hayek and (allegedly) Linda Evangelista.

The glamorous Dati, 43, a protégé of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, is the offspring of Moroccan-Algerian parents and has 11 siblings. When she announced her pregnancy in September, she said, “My private life is complicated and I am keeping if off-limits to the media. I will not say anything about it.”

@flippin eck: I remember the speech, but can’t recall when it was. The whole time is one big glob of Bad, in terms of which bit of Evil went where.

I know I started commenting on the W in summer, and before Cocktober. I followed mutely for about 6 months, then jumped in.

My first comment over there was in regards to Mark Knoller and his gloriously unkempt hair. (I know: he’s on radio, so he doesn’t have to comb it. But still.)

It would get better from there.

@flippin eck: I fell into “Nabisco” in much the same way. I just kept commenting and commenting (or was that “auditioning”?), none of which were “approved” until some throwaway line under the most idiotic handle got accepted.

I felt like I had really joined the party when AL used one of my questions in her column. Oh, and I think it was Prom and I who had the most fun with the Snorg girl meme, since we are obviously junior high schoolers in disguise.

@nabisco: Snorg Girl! Her name is Alice, and she is a communications major at Auburn. Here is her myspace page: I have to physically restrain myself from stalking her.

2006. I was in LA. (That is not a boast) I got linked to the W site from some other place and it appealed to the trashier me. When I applied for posting access (how weird is that?) I invented a name that I thought might appeal to the more jejune among us: Lyndon LaDouche. And got stuck with it through the revolt and shift to CP. Yes I switched to Benedick but it’s not satisfactory. However, it will have to do. Anyway, now you all know the Real Me. Such as. (see linky-clickey on Facebook. And BTW, what the fuck is the point of Facebook? I don’t get it. I’m trying. But I don’t get it. Help me, you IT geeks.)

I remember driving along Mullholand Drive listening to accounts of Foley. Good times.

May I just say that when I found Stinque I felt I was coming home. I found all you favored posters from CP and W. And I felt whole.

/brushing tear from eye while kicking dachshund under table.

P.S. I always thought that flippin eck was a very witty screen name. Excellent. I also liked promnightdumpsterbaby in its full glory.

@Benedick: Near as I can tell, the real point of Facebook is to hook everyone into playing Scrabble online.

@nojo: I think I’ll schedule the end of the world due to asteroid strike in December 2012 on FB and see who signs up.

@Benedick: I loved to pretend it was a protest against the right-wing attacks on women’s reproductive freedom, and the double standard in sexual morality, that causes young women to go into a panicked state of complete, delusional denial. Yes, me so sensitive and concerned about women’s issues. He he. Its not that I just find it amusing, that I find the entire broadway style song and dance production number performed by newborns with dangling umbilical cords opn The Family Guy so completely hilarious that I am now going to look for it on Youtube, for I must see it again. Promnightdumpsterbaby, god thats funny.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again:

Ack, please forgive me. My memory’s not what it used to be after years of job stress, booze and Good News.

@Benedick: Cheers, luv. It was just Flippin thru W/HFA/CP, but I tacked on the “Eck” when I got to Stinque (aka home–you’re so right) and thought it was much improved.


FSM help me, I love how the French handle a good scandal, so classy and dignified and “I’m not going to say another word about it.” And just being so glamorous and wearing huge dark sunglasses and scarves and looking so sad yet sensual.

Shit, here in the US, they’d beg the reporter to shove a camera up the vajayjay to interview the phoetus in utero.

@flippin eck: “Flippin’ (h)eck” a nicer way to say “fuckin’ hell”?

@Benedick: I thought “Steeldick LaDouche” was the best screenname ever. I too was in love with Ana Marie and started commenting Over There. then, Wandering Jew that I am, found my way here, following Homofascist and Nojo. the Promised Land, yes?

Complete and utter threadjack: What does it mean for a doctor to be board certified? And how bad is it really if they’re not? Because I’m having a very hard time finding a GP who takes my insurance, and at this point I’m willing to take what I can get, even if it means compromising on quality a bit.

@mellbell: How shaming it is that anyone would have to ask that question. In the richest nation on earth. Wish I could help. But it does seem to me that it would be important to be certified. I doubt I’d go to a doctor who wasn’t.

@Dodgerblue: “I thought “Steeldick LaDouche” was the best screenname ever.” Blushing. True though. Four hour erections? That’s on a slow night.

@mellbell: It means he/she has passed a test to be called a specialist. The tests are tough. You want that, if at all possible.

@Benedick: Gary Shandling had a routine about the 4-hour warning on the Viagra box. He said: “Tell your doctor? If I had a 4-hour erection, I’d tell everyone I know!”

@mellbell: I’m a board certified specialist in what I do, so, yeah, what Dodger said.

@Original Andrew:

Don’t mention it…didn’t bother me at all…

I never actually joined The Place Which Shall Not Be Named. I joined Jezebel early on and fell in love with Moe and the The Anonymous Lobbyist. The first time I commented on TPWSNBN was when the HFA tried to give Megan as many page hits and comments as possible on her farewell post. I was on all weekend, and then I followed you guys to CP. And then, well, we ended up here, and for that I say, “Yay! Thank you, nojo!” And thanks to you guys as well. What was originally diagnosed as bipolar disorder might actually be major depressive disorder, and you all have helped me in so very many ways. The holidays are over, the days are getting longer and then there’s the amazing way a bunch of strangers have banded together to give each other support and love. *tears of gratitude*

@mellbell: I’ve been called certifiable, but I’m not sure that helps.

@JNOV: Glad the clouds are clearing, JNOV.

@JNOV: Hang in there, we are here for you.

@JNOV: Much like me. But you have to deal with the depression. Just know that we miss you when you’re not around.

@Prommie: Her rack is bigger than your old one.

@all: :-D

One of the things I miss is the Friday night sex post. Yargh! But the meds give me good sleep, so I’m not complaining.

@JNOV: Have you been to the new FB clubhouse yet? Clothing optional…

I arrived and lurked on W during the Washingtonienne (aka assfucking) scandal, but didn’t join until AMC started allowing commenters who didn’t have a blog. I became seriously addicted during Butterstick summer, and was never entirely happy after the boys club took over. Always loved the commenters though, and when my favorite people started walking out, I followed, through the wilderness to the Promised Land o’ Stinque.
@JNOV: I have had several major depressive episodes, one of which I barely survived, but life is amazing since I: 1) got on the right combo of meds; 2) made changes that eliminated much of what was stressing me out; and 3) was lucky enough to have friends like the ones here who got me through. Hang on, baby. It WILL get better. Promise.

@JNOV: I really want to give (and receive) a big squishy boobie hug in person with you while I’m in your town this weekend. Let me know if you feel up to it.


Perhaps this ad featuring condoms shaped like balloon dogs will brighten your evening:

@JNOV: And JNOV, you know I love you. You should. Trust me.

@SanFranLefty: Apparently the first two hundred are in, and that’s it. I will, of course, let y’all know if I am so lucky.

@SanFranLefty: Brings to mind the stories of Andrew Jackson’s completely chaotic inauguration. Could be scary.

love seeing jnov’s avatar. love that painting. love her.

@JNOV: I’m so glad you’re back. I picture you buoyed up and floating on the oceans of Stinquer love being sent your way. Sweet dreams in your good sleeping!

i took a nap, so i could be awake for after dark! i overshot, and it’s 3am.
lynn, you still up? i was prepared to recite the latest installment of ‘as the stomach churns’ my running soap, but alas…….another time.

i’m a commenter since spring of ‘o6, but i lurked for a year. by the time i opened my mouth i felt like i knew so many so well, it was very natural.
(natural to run here for help when the jezzies attacked me. i told them if they couldn’t figure out how to breast feed, they shouldn’t pass on their genes–imagine how that went over. pitchforks. torches. you took me in) i read a billion sites, this is the ONLY one i babble on.
then i started a mob, prommie and i impeached chimp, then we migrated, and then again, and now we even have a secret clubhouse where everything is super private unless you tell flippin eck. btw flip, was watching some BBC thing, and this geezer is cursing cause he has to get up, he says disgustedly, “flippin eck!” great tag.

and an even better ’09 for all of us, and if not, we have a commiseration outlet and support system here second to none. all hail nojo for pulling it (and us) together. dibs. remember, i have dibs.

@Mistress Cynica: bzzt bzzt rml inrange . . .

and check yo FB inbox, Ms Baked


Just goes to show that you can pull anything off with a great set of abs (and kahk).

BTW, thanks for introducing me to my new main squeeze and back-up BF, Logan McCree… gaaauuugghhhahhsaaadrooollll….

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