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Blair House Mystery Solved: It’s John Howard [WaPo]

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Speaking of assholes:

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Two Guilty in Clinic Fire

By Olivier Uyttebrouck
Journal Staff Writer
Two men pleaded guilty Wednesday to a federal charge of conspiracy to commit arson for setting fire to the offices of an Albuquerque physician where one man’s ex-girlfriend had planned to have an abortion.
The negotiated guilty plea calls for Sergio Baca, 23, to receive 46 months in prison and Chad Altman, 26, 40 months for setting fire Dec. 6, 2007, to Dr. Curtis Boyd’s office in the Northeast Heights.
U.S. Magistrate Judge Alan Torgerson accepted the plea agreements. A sentencing hearing has not been scheduled. Both men remained free Wednesday pending that hearing.
Baca’s attorney, Miles Hanisee, called the arson an “emotional crime” that stemmed from Baca’s anger that his ex-girlfriend planned to terminate her pregnancy.
“Mr. Baca was upset about the planned abortion of his unborn son,” Hanisee said.
Baca had learned of the planned abortion the day before the arson, according to the plea agreement. He and Altman broke a window at Boyd’s office, poured gasoline inside, then ignited it before fleeing in Altman’s van, the agreement said.
The two men had faced up to five years in prison under federal sentencing guidelines for bombing or setting fire to an abortion clinic, attorneys said. Federal prosecutors agreed to accept their guilty pleas to a lesser conspiracy charge.

So the Bush Administration sucks so bad, even the Chief of Protocol is useless. Jesus Christ, will January 20 ever come?!

Breaking hard and fast: Illinois House impeaches Inanimate Carbon Rod.

No word if he and his hair will have separate trials in the state Senate.

@redmanlaw: Proving once again why no woman should ever date men named Sergio or Chad.

Way to prove the exes point that he shouldn’t be breeding.

@Signal to Noise: Damn, and after that rod won worker of the month, too; what a shame.

@Jamie Sommers: I would add Paul to that list as well (and add gay men to women). No offense to anyone here who may be named Paul, but my experiences with all of them have been nightmares.

@Jamie Sommers: @homofascist: Let’s add Derek too. Has anyone ever known a Derek who wasn’t a total ass?

@blogenfreude: He brought his Jets playbook with him on his honeymoon. As much as I love football, even I know that a honeymoon is about fucking not memorizing Xs and Os.

@flippin eck: I’m torn on that one — they have a 1-1 record in my book — but I think the good Derek takes it.

Meanwhile, Christie, Kristy, however spelled, usually spells trouble.

Anyone without a straightforward 1950s whitebread suburban name shared by at least two other members of your class is highly suspect.


I have a Cousin Paul who is ranked, I think, among the biggest losers the world has ever known. Right after Chimpy and Milli Vanilli.

@homofascist & @Tommmcatt Yet Again:

My first serious (college) boyfriend was named Paul. His dick was shaped like a turn signal. He’s on the list.

@Original Andrew:

I’m having a hard time envisioning that. Pictures?

@Original Andrew: Long and narrow with a crook on the end?

@Tommmcatt Yet Again & mellbell:

Long, skinny and absurdly pointed, with a sign that said “Danger Ahead.”

@Original Andrew:

And, of course, you ignored the sign like a good gay boy. Sounds like my youth.

Of course! He had an insanely hawt bod and was a wildcat in the sack.

@Original Andrew: I have heard of ‘Gonzo nose’ dick, but never turn signal.

Glad you agree about the Paul thing…


It was a high drama relationship that sadly never really worked right (must have been all those raging hormones), but he was a downright pervy 20yr old SOB who taught me things that make me tingly even now, over a decade later.

Cold shower time!!

Also I think the way this post is devolving it could take the place of Stinque After Dark for this week…


Wait, are we supposed to wait until Stinque After Dark to talk dirty? I just thought it meant we switched to hard liquor.

@flippin eck: I work with a great guy named Derek. Twice divorced vet with two young kids, however, so outside of work he might be trouble.

I’ve always had a love/hate thing with every variation on the name Elizabeth (and sorries up front to the One of Us who fits that); Lisa is good, Alicia fantastica, Liza elusive (and not at all theatrical).

@flippin eck:

Wait, my lovely, terrific ex-boyfriend was a Derek. Totally cute, half-Japanese/half-Chinese (which is to say, wavy hair, phoenix eyes, totally rock-hard, cut bod), terrific lay, and all-around sweet dude. We only broke up because I was his first and my moral code doesn’t allow for sex outside of the relationship (not anymore, at that point, anyway).

So not all Dereks are worthless.


Well, RML started with a post about assholes, and somehow we worked our way around to dicks, then I started blathering about asian guys again…

In other words, same ol’ same ol’. How was your day?

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Sucked.

Just put up your Puma of the Evening.

So, here’s a question I have never even asked my most intimate of gal pals, but somehow I don’t think it would phase the gay guys one bit.

Curved dicks, not downright Peyronies with an elbow, but, as I once saw described in a Tom Robbins novel, “arched like the curve of an egyptian eyebrow.” Left or right, from porn its obvious that the majority curve upward.

Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?

Seems to me this Peyronies drug could also be a penis-lengthening drug. The curve is obviously because one side is not as long as the other, this would lengthen the shorter side, presumably, and cause an appreciable increase in length. Interesting.

@Promnight: Based on one of my favorite vibrators, I would say it is a good thing, because of it’s potential for G-spot stimulation.
And yes, I’ve switched to hard liquor.

@Mistress Cynica: You go girl. Looks like At Night has started early.

You know what they say, “liquor then beer, never fear, beer then liquor, never sicker.”

But thats for kids. Once you mature, and your liver is in marathon shape from constant conditioning, its “Beer ain’t drinking.”

Still, your comment is limited to appliances, not the real thing. Hmm. Quick, do two shots, and then come back and tell, any experience with flesh and blood that would shed light?

@Promnight: Sorry, wrong person to ask. My number is in single digits and none of them have been curved.
And I’m more ashamed that I used an apostrophe in the possessive of “its” than I am about the overshare.

Single digits, well, sober, thats where I am too.

This isn’t a threadjack, just a related topic to where this thread-drift has gone, a Federal court has held that the Bushies cannot keep the White House visitor logs secret. Will we finally find out about Jeff Gannon’s visits?


For me it just has to be there, Prom. I use it mostly as a handle while I am, er, working with the other side. I guess they are cute when they go left or right, because it is unusual, but in the final analysis, all cats look alike in the dark.


Nah…no lengthening, I’m afraid. I bet it has more to do with dissolving the scar tissue that causes the condition than anything else.

@Mistress Cynica: “I’m more ashamed that I used an apostrophe in the possessive of “its” than I am about the overshare.

I love you. You joined that same FB group “I judge you when you use bad grammar” that Flippin and I joined, yes?

Oh, and @Promnight, to answer your question, it depends how sharp of a turn the turn signal is making. Good up to a point (so to speak) and then if it’s too sharp, not so good, very painful.

Wasn’t Bubba’s crooked dick one of the highlights of the Starr Report? It’s been 10 years now, thank FSM.

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