We’re Moving Again! Sort Of.

Not to worry — nothing, y’know, drastic this time. But tonight around 2 a.m. Eastern we’ll be taking the website offline while we move it to a new server.

The good news is that other than a test pattern for a few hours, you shouldn’t notice anything different. Unlike our previous travels, the database is moving with us, including all the posts and comments. Same address, too — no need to change bookmarks or anything.

At worst, you may have to log in again once the site’s back online. But as always, there’s an automated means to reset your password if you’ve forgotten it. And, as always, Geeks Are Standing By if you need help.

Well, one Geek. And he sleeps in. But he’ll get around to you.


The hamster isn’t going to be drowned, is it?

We honor your internet expertise. Will the new server also dispense Diet Coke?

@Dodgerblue: Last week the work Diet Coke machine, already subsidized at 40 cents per, started spitting out 4 to 6 DCs for each push of the button. Sadly, they fixed it.

So I’m trying to decide whether to cook dinner or acknowledge reality (2 wild card games) and order Indian.

I’m lost in admiration. Such as.

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