Later, Dick Cheney Will Shoot Him in the Face

Al-Zaidi in U.S. Run Camp Cropper Prison

What could possibly go wrong?

Iraqi TV al-Sharqiya just reported on the news that AL-Zaidi is transferred to Camp Cropper prison [the Airport prison, managed by the American forces].

The TV Channel announced that Al-Zaidi is in a difficult condition, with broken ribs and signs of tortures on his thighs. Also he can not move his right arm.


I am just telling you what I heard on TV.

Source: Roads to Iraq

On a lighter note, those crazy Norwegians have come up with a shoe-throwing game.


Blogggie, I have a BBC update on the original post and working on additions from AFP now.

Oh please, oh please, don’t let this turn into Katrina.

On a lighter note I got the son-of-a-bitch (which is what I believe the reporter was actually calling you-know-who) three times in a row right in the kisser.

And no, it doesn’t make one feel any better.

@Benedick: 11-12 height, power at 90, repeat as necessary.

Anyone remember the “flexible George” applet? Good times…

Kast en sko pa Bush!

Midt I fleisen!

Har du gjort det for?


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