Just Shoe It

We couldn’t decide which audio to use for our Ultra-Repetitive Shoe-Tossing Video. So we made two.

(If the robocops censor this before morning, just imagine the best video you’ve seen in your life. Otherwise, make do with this one.)


This one is the shiznit. Good work Nojo.

“and the agony of defeat.”

Preheat oven to AWESOME. If for nothing else: reminder to pour one for my homie, Jim McKay.

(Only editorial comment: next time — use the star wipe.)


Saw a comment at Sadly, No! last night – something about the insurgency being in its last throws.

Brilliant, Nojo. I especially love how you sped up or slowed down the shots to match the music.

Now all I need is some old school CBS Special music and logo to make me think that Charlie Brown Christmas is coming on, and I will have totally regressed to the comfort of the ’70s.

SanFranLefty: Ask and ye shall receive:


(Actually, this was used in the early 80s, too.)

That is 10,000 kinds of awesome. Loved how the shoes flew as Jim said “defeat.” You have made my day, and fortified me for trying to make it to work, which yesterday involved parking in a field a quarter mile from my office and hiking up the hill in the snow. Today, the snow will have a nice sheet of ice on top. Fun!!

Great work, but I wouldn’t be surprised to later hear that Dick Cheney was lurking around the bushes near your place. Just hope he still has his pants on.

@chicago bureau: Noelco! Even our name says Merry Christmas!

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