Torched Tabernacle Update

Whoever set Sarah Palin’s church ablaze Friday night wasn’t taking chances — ATF investigators on the scene have found evidence of “accelerants” (gasoline or something) in multiple locations around the building.

But local fire chief James Steele says nobody knows yet whether the fire was set by terrorists, hooligans, witches, or turkeys. “At this point, there is no information that we have that even points in that direction,” he said.

However, federal agent Nick Starcevic did note one discrepancy: the alarm went out at 9:40 p.m. “It’s kind of odd to do in the evening hours,” he said. “I can tell you that most of the arson fires I’ve worked on are late nighttime, usually when no one is there.” Five women who were inside the building escaped safely.

Meanwhile, online acolyte coven Team Sarah disputes characterizations that Talibunny “apologized” for any role her reputation might have played: “One cannot apologize if they have done nothing wrong, and clearly, Governor Palin did not do anything wrong whatsoever.”

Team Sarah did not demand that Muntadar al-Zaidi apologize for stealing focus.

Accelerant poured around Palin’s church [Alaska Daily News]

ATF: Accelerant poured around Palin’s church [AP]

ARSON At Sarah Palin’s HOMETOWN Church [Team Sarah]


So now we can guess where the RNC’s missing clothes were stashed. Check to see if the state of Alaska recently took out a multimillion dollar fire insurance policy on the church. This could be the Guv’s strategy for balancing the state budget now that oil prices have collapsed.

@homofascist: Maybe a bunch of neophyte Tundra Klansmen who didn’t realize you just burn a cross, not the church attached to it.

Like I said before – it was witchez, bitchez.

@blogenfreude: No, the real enemies are the Gheyz. Or possibly gay witches for abortion.

At Men for Palin: “Thank you so much for writing this. You are so right. The next time a gay guy gets his head bashed in by a gang of Christians, I won’t feel bad because i’ll know they’re doing the lords work. Gay people are the most evil people on earth (they are the only ones that could have done this) and they must be removed. It’s God’s plan…It’s in the bible. “

Faggots of America: arm yourselves now. I’d like them all to know that I will cut and mow down a bitch with an AK.

Seriously, I fully expect the Adkisson brigades to retaliate as Obama takes office and this country tries to step away from rule by theocratic fiat.

Sorry, my Xanax has not yet kicked in. I’ve been having nightmares lately. I don’t feel safe even under the new hot chocolate hopey Overlord. I haz Fear of being sold down the river.

They are so fucking batshit insane, I am at a loss for words.

I’m sure RML will be happy to advise you on the best weapons to suit your needs. Unfortunately, you’d have to go in to a Georgia gun shop, which I don’t think I’d get through the front door as soon as I would spot the inevitable Confederate flag on the wall.

@SanFranLefty: It’ll be one of those *nice* confederate flags. Think Kid Rock, Charlie Daniel’s Band, etc.

The most versatile, cost effective and useful firearm you could get? Probably a Mossberg 500 12 ga. pump action. I got one new a few weeks ago for $364, and it’s all tricked out for turkey. Durable, good value and proven in the field. The military buys a ton of them for CQB. Ammo and shotgun available at Wal-Mart.

Santa Fe is snowed in today – schools are closed, gov’t is on 2 hr delay.

@SanFranLefty: You’d be surprised with the Pink Pistols around here.

@redmanlaw: Hmm… I’ll save up for it.

@rptrcub: There was a guy from the Pink Pistols Portland chapter on the local NPR talk show the other day, talking about concealed carry laws.

@Mistress Cynica: I think I will be satisfied with carrying some large switchblade strapped to my ankle in lieu of a sidearm. I’ll let my gang of north Georgia redneck bears take care of the firearms.

@rptrcub: That jogger tear gas is pretty awesome, too. My son set one off in the house and Mrs RML was in a bad way for hours. (New house rule: don’t tear gas Mommy.) Another accidental discharge cleared Tina’s Range Gear for an afternoon. You can get the stuff with a paint-type marker for later identification of assailants.

@Mistress Cynica: Some of the new .380 autos are what some of you might call “adorable”. I saw one used for $275 the other day.

@blogenfreude: Nobody has blamed fans of Norwegian black metal?

@Dave H:
hey it’s daveH, who told me i’m a loser for taking back my husband and having the compassion to feel for another woman he wronged.
want you to know i am multi married and have been so for waaaay worse reasons than great sex and money.
so there.
don’t yell at me today, update: he be my bitch now, happy?
he’ll do it again? who can say who will do what. you never made a mistake and learned from it and never made the same one again? huh?

@redmanlaw: I’ve also considered something mildly to moderately acidic as well — nothing disfiguring, but painful.

i would be honored.


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