Now I’ve Seen Everything

Item: National Lampoon hauled in for securities fraud, relating to kickbacks for stock sales. Carry on.

[Image intervention by Nojo: The graphic CP didn’t want you to see! Not that it matters now…]


As I read, I thought “this has to be a goof.” Apparently not.

Nope. Not a goof. This really is happening.

Yes, but how many times has NatLamp changed hands since the Seventies? It’s not like P.J. O’Rourke is doing a perp walk here.

Gah, we are a nation of crooks. Mourn, oh ye forefathers, for the United States, once the best hope of the world, has become a den of thieves and confidence men.

On the other hand, a very drenched postman just delivered my hardcover Spy retrospective. It’s gorgeous.

magnificent, even. just packed mine today.

were you a pip squeak like me when you discovered spy?
it is singularly responsible for my stinque qualifications.

“Buy this stock or we’ll shoot this dog.”

@redmanlaw: Damn, I was trying to come up with a twist on that.

@baked: Well into my 20s — it was the Teri Garr Christmas cover, as I recall. The neighborhood corner store had an esoteric magazine rack.

My pipsqueak years were well-wasted on early-70s Mad, plus a dabbling of NatLamp just as it was losing its mojo. When it came along, Spy felt like the next stage of evolution.

@nojo: shared cohort, dude. Too late for classic Creem, juuuuust right for Trouser Press, am I right?

@nabisco: Not in my Monkees-nerd youth. It wasn’t until I was a news stringer for the local FM rock station in college (back when that meant something) that I got my ears out of Bad Pop.

well into your 20’s is good. my whole life might have been different if i was reading highlights instead of spy as a child.

fun fact: mad published a letter i wrote them. i believe i was editing a movie spoof for them, at 8 i knew everything, now? nothing.

Check out this loop, Nojo. We have to do something with it. Make a little Muntadar memorial or something on the index page.

HP has some others:

@FlyingChainSaw: Heck, pick yer favorite for a fresh post…

And now I feel terribly old-fashioned. I share an idea with deadwood media, while animations appear across the Web. I really need to get my head in the game. We have a YouTube account, after all.

@nojo: Oh, If I had my druthers, all the good stuff would arrive at 5 am on my doorstep in newsprint so I could read it without having to look at a screen. But some of these shots are hilarious and impossible to imagine on (contemporary) newsprint. Have you done anything with the Stinque channel on YouTube?

FlyingChainSaw: Great. Thanks for ruining Letterman’s first two segments tonight. Bravo. You jackass.


@FlyingChainSaw: Thank you thank you thank you. Cannot get enough. Laughing so hard the dogs are hiding.

tj/Richardson Donor Subject of Federal Grand Jury

Dec. 15 (Bloomberg) — A federal grand jury is investigating how a company that advised Jefferson County, Alabama, on bond deals that threaten to cause the biggest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history, did similar work in New Mexico after making contributions to Governor Bill Richardson’s political action committees.

– remember you heard it here first

@FlyingChainSaw: YouStinque is just an account right now with the Joe the Plumber video — haven’t gussied it up into a “channel” yet. One more latent tool awaiting exploitation.

@nojo: I bought an old reel to reel for five bucks off eBay and have played back some of my college shows for my kids. The speed is off so my voice sounds rather mouseketeerish – or else I really was stoned all the time.

Hey, “Daydream Believer” remains an all-time favorite of mine (along with the 1910 Fruitgum Co.’s “Build me a Buttercup”), but I had an older brother who introduced me to the grownup stuff.

@FlyingChainSaw: That is so awesome I’m almost tempted to create a facebook page just to run that on infinite loop. Dude was throwing heat on that second shoe.

ADD: Glad to see the ole Lampoon parody was revived. Didn’t Mommy 1.0 deep-six that?

@nabisco: Ah. I’m the Elder Brat, so I had to culturally fend for myself growing up. And I had terrible taste.

But say, have you seen Head? Quite decent, considering — it’s really a Rafelson/Nicholson movie fronted by the Monkees. And the opening “Porpoise Song” — cowritten by Carol King — is honestly trippy.

And yes, Dear Megan kiboshed my doggie the first time. She was worried the Secret Service would pay her a visit. Or maybe it was the proximity to Hillbot’s Bobby Kennedy remark. Or whatever. Megan is easily outraged.

@nabisco: The guy has a great eye. Too bad Stinque doesn’t have a softball team. If Caligutard was smart, he would have caught those shoes and asked the guy for the matching jacket. But he is the Caligutard, a drooling, brain-damaged child-man marking the end of our civilization, like other tyrants.

@nojo: The dog cover and Swampsow’s RFK remark? Huh? She was very sensitive as a satire site editor. Got upset when I’d do serious reportage on NeoNazi Insurrections or whatever and peppered the pieces with swastika-laden graphics, always in good taste, mind you.

@FlyingChainSaw: Hey, can we say Swampsow again? I think that was another Megan Rule, although I recall she had support among the groundlings.

Secretary of State Swampsow. Oh, yeah.

@FlyingChainSaw: Probably picked up estrogen poisoning over at Jez.

@FlyingChainSaw: I’d love to have this on the teevee in a constant loop, like that Yule log thingie.

@nojo: I should hope so. @Mistress Cynica: Possibly. @Mistress Cynica: Nojo, this is a great idea. Can we make an ear on the index page of a reduced version of this small clip. It’s so perfect.

One thing I notice is that Maliki didn’t even flinch. Just looked kinda forlorn and desultorily tried to catch the second shoe.

@FlyingChainSaw: Check your email. I have a Burning Question.

I totally noticed Maliki didn’t flinch or move, except putting his hand up for the first shoe. He looked resigned and no need to do anything affirmative once he realized he wasn’t the target of the hate. Appropriate metaphor for the entire Iraqi gov’t vis a vis the US ‘Merikens, verdad?

P.S. Love “desultorily” and will try to find a way to use it tomorrow.

@nojo: I like the baby and kitchen sink sequences. Might be useful for your project.

@FlyingChainSaw: Oh, yeah. I can fold those in — that’s the kind of thing I would have put together Sunday, had I been thinking. (More to my taste than Stooges cutaways.)

OMG. Harry Shearer on Rachel. Gotta go.

@nojo: If my guvner has any sway with the new Foggy Bottom (heh), I’ll put a word in for secret service codename:Swampsow.

Wait…Foggy SwampBottom?

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