Cigarette and Blindfold: Backordered

So the only question now is when Blagojevich decides to hang it up.  A.G. Lisa Madigan wants to get him gone.  The Legislature will, at least, yank the Senate appointment by a bill — which Mr. Hair will veto or sit on for weeks, but which would put any appointment under a cloud that would give nuclear winter a run for its money.

But the story here is that Michael Madigan, the House Speaker (fist of iron, as most leaders of state legislatures are) is apparently wavering on passing articles, in a supposed move to promote Lisa’s image.

How these people act just fascinates me. Who says nepotism is dead?

Anyway: my guess is that Gov. Blagojevich, after much soul-searching and prayer, will decide this week that the best interests of the state require that he step aside.

And now, if you will excuse me, the nurse is bringing my nightly medication. Laters.


Blago will not step aside, unless there’s a photo of him blowing a donkey, dog, or 5 year old boy.

And if I’m wrong, I’ll buy you a drink, C.B.

I’m inclined to agree with you because Blago is seriously in debt to the ugly tune of $1Mil+ including possible funds for his D-fens. He has nowhere to go and as Sun Tzu once pointed out some 4000 years ago, a trapped leader is a very dangerous thing to deal with.

@SanFranLefty: @ManchuCandidate: I agree with you both. Blago hasn’t exactly seemed that interested in doing what is best for the state, and now that he is cornered I see him naming names. It isn’t like he has to turn on friends or anything, because he seriously only has like two left, and that was even before he was arrested.

God, is this still going on? Don’t we have a new scandal yet?

SanFranLefty: I was suggesting, per my medication line, that thoughts of Rod packing up the Executive Mansion (oh, wait — he has never lived there — sorry) are pipedreamish. Shoulda made that clear.

Benedick: It’s Chicago. Be patient. There’s a scandal about once a month or so — only here, the only thing that changes is that the papers get to break out the big font for a couple of days. Case in point: last month, Trib expose of spousal units of aldermen in the real estate game, where they get etc. etc. etc. Big splashy headlines that leads to… fuck all.

@ManchuCandidate: The cornered opponent fights to the death, which is why you need to leave him with a way out.

@Benedick: Count your blessings. Remember, we were complaining mere weeks ago that scandals were happening too fast, crowding each other off the daily schedule. Now we’re back to letting scandals breathe, like a fine wine.

Hey Chicagoans, what’s up with Jan Schakowsky:

Last night at the Midwest Academy Awards and 35th Anniversary Celebration in Washington, DC, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown introduced Illinois Representative Jan Schakowsky by saying, “We may have a special election in Illinois, and if Jan Schakowsky runs, I’ll support her.”

At the end of her speech, Schakowsky threw her hat in the ring, announcing that she was “passing around a clipboard” for people to sign up to be on an organizing committee for her “Senate race, and a basket for donations will follow right behind.” The audience cheered.

Schakowsky is the representative of the 9th District (Evanston, Northeast Chicago (Rogers Park, West Ridge, Uptown, Edgewater, etc.), including Homofascistia, Flippin Eckston, and Chicago Bureauburgh). Generally regarded as very liberal.

The husband (of course) got rung up for check kiting and tax fraud, serving five months at Hotel Terre Haute, all associated with his work for (whooo) a public interest group. He also worked for His Serene Majesty, Richard M. Daley, as well as Blago.

I like her. Ish. But her appointment would be giving the 2010 election to the GOP on a silver platter.

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