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Well, Blagojevich’s chief of staff wants to spend more time with his family. Weird timing seems to be an issue with these guys, you know.

But also: Lisa Madigan seeks the TRO knocking Rod out of office. It seems to be the quickest way to get him out — the Legislature then can take its sweet time to impeach him and it won’t matter because he would be toast. Plus, Lisa Madigan has, of anybody left in Illinois government, the best rep.

(Still unresolved: whether or not Lisa Madigan is hawt. I can appreciate arguments either way.)


Dorky, but hot. She’s like the protagonist in a teen makeover movie, pre-transformation.

Not sure about the hair on Ms. Madigan, but otherwise, she gets a “hawt.”

@Signal to Noise: I would, in fact, hit it.

But I’d be surprised if this works – the rule is more for removing someone whose had a stroke – something like that.

Um, kinda fugly imho. But power : aphrodesiac so, yeah, hit it.

What’s this FOX News Chicago I’m reading about? Rahm is letting his inner Chicago boy out early. Are we nearing a “ruh roh” moment?

@nabisco: Link is hosed – what’s the story about?

@nabisco: This is EXACTLY WHY Obama should have gone of the teevee and said “Of course we talked to the governor’s office about our preferences for the Senate seat. However, we refused to pay-to-play, thus invoking such a strong reaction from Blago”. I mean, I have teh Hope and all, but who in their right mind doesn’t think that at some point someone from Obama’s team made contact. How would Rod have known that Barack wanted Valerie Jarrett? I feel like he could have really saved face here and didn’t take the opportunity, and his “I guarantee no one from my team blah, blah, blah” is gonna fuck things up.

blogenfreude: See, the key word is “disability.” What does that mean? “Something that makes you unable to do something.” Which is precisely what this situation is — his misdeeds and cheating are disabling. Nothing about physical ailments here. Disabled is disabled, no matter how it happens.

Every time you parse things, a lawyer gets his wings.


Apparently Rahm sent Blaggy a list of “acceptable” candidates, but no offers of pro quid quo or payments (which was mentioned much later in the article.)

That being said, there is still the theory that Rahm ratted to the Feds about Blago’s demand re: the Senate seat.

Madigan is hardly a rheltney, not really a rip snorter but close to a gumby getter in a goofy way. Still, she looks healthy and energetic, so if you woke up on a flight to Chicago with her tearing your clothes off with her teeth, I’d think it perfectly appropriate to pestork her into a quaking coma.

From TPM via Daily Beast:
The ongoing recount battle in Minnesota between Al Franken and incumbent Republican Sen. Norm Coleman turned in Franken’s favor today as the state canvassing board voted to allow 1,600 previously rejected absentee ballots to be counted. Observers expect the votes to break towards Franken based on pre-election polling of absentee voters. In a race where at one point Franken claimed to be ahead by 4 votes, the decision could tip the scales in his favor. Coleman, meanwhile, may be heading the way of Ted Stevens: A report from a local Fox affiliate says that Coleman may have been under financial stress at the time a Texas businessman allegedly tried to bribe him via payments to Coleman’s wife’s company.

whew, glad I found you guys again! i went over to and it was BARE!

Welcome back to another lost member of the flock.

@louisev: Welcome – so glad you made it! Sorry about the confusion, but as they say, “things happened”.

@louisev: Hi.

Yes. CP didn’t want us posting and intimidating all the lurkers who would have been posting if we hadn’t been intimidating them. We’re all afraid of homofascist.

@louisev: We got into some, er, trouble, and had to skip town in the middle of the night. Condo conversions are a bitch.

nojo: And louisev ain’t kidding. Last post on CP was on the 10th. Of November. Somebody send a priest over there.

[ADD: Hey nojo — what’s our hit count looking like, anyway?]

[ADD #2: But also: mad props to nojo for posting a comment over at CP referring to (ahem) “Flyingchainsaw, Blogenfreude, Chicago Bureau, Homofascist, Marcel Parcells” as “the usual gang of idiots.” I like it! Hugz.]

rickushay here with new identity. i feel like moses wandering in the desert for 40 days and finally finding the rubiks cube buried at the bottom of solomons temple.



He’s a pussycat if you just stroke him in the right place….

skyeking: I always knew that Moses was a fiend for Rubik’s Cube. “If I can solve this in 1 minute or less, LET MY PEOPLE GO!”

[Srsly: welcome to all. Bring friends and other honored and honorable refugees from Brand W.]

@tomcat: right back atcha! to answer your question: nobody really got the play on words / white boy rapper name / sorta thing


@chicago bureau: I have the secret to the rubiks cube….but it’s just too good to *give* away. winkwink

@nojo: Anybody seen my mind? I think I left it here awhile ago.

@chicago bureau:

a) Some Geek is keeping an eye on the CP domain, which expires in January. We’re just one auto-forward away from steering any other MIA’s our way.

b) I’m callling our average daily “unique visitor” count at 120. This is not comparable to CP stats, which count you multiple times throughout the day — I’m interested in warm bodies. (Or technically, warm browsers.) We had an 891-visitor day last week thanks to a Crooks & Liars link.

c) Commenting in a Jugular Vein.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Nonsense! I respond to various forms of stroking.

@nojo: Hmmm warm bodies… Bodies equal brains… Braiiiiiinssss

One of my favourite questions at staff meetings is “Do we have a zombie plan? ” Although being I work in the software industry, the pasty faced unfocused individual could be a programmer, not a zombie.

This stream of thought is brought to you by my inability to get back to sleep after waking up at 3:30am this morning.

Lisa Madigan reminds me of Samantha Bee. But without Sam Bee’s yum-a-licious curves.

@Mistress Cynica:

Oh please oh please oh please let it be so. Bill O’Reily will have a stroke….

@Ewalda: Yay! I was about to send SFL out in search of you.
@louisev: @skyeking: Welcome back, kids!

The fucking bagpiper is outside my office practicing again. I’m going to go beat him with those pipes.

@Ewalda: Don’t be a stranger.

@skyeking: I got the Rickushay reference, BTW.
@louisev: And Good Flying Spaghetti Monster, woman, it’s been ages!

Fashion Emergency TJ: On Keith O tonight, Margaret Carlson (a/k/a BLinky McBlinkerson) is wearing an iridescent purple jacket (with a mandarin collar!) . My EYEEEEZZZZZ!! Put on shades before watching. You have been warned.

@louisev: yes, Cynics party is bare because of all the millions of lurkers we were scaring away.

@Ewalda: Ewalda, I missed you. Thank you for coming back.

@nojo: When the world finally recognizes the depth of intellect and volume of cutting wit which runneth over here, they will come, oh yes, I see it, they will come, seeking wisdom and laughter.

@FlyingChainSaw: I don’t see any sex in that face. I see control, always in control, sex is impossible for someone who wants to be in control, sex is shit without letting go and screaming, I just don’t see it in her.

And don’t nobody start with the “you neever know, still waters run deep, the quiet mousey types can rock your socks,” I know that, and I still say no, even in the quiet controlled dignified peeps who are tigers when the time is right, you can tell. Hear that, SFL? No, she has none of that in her, I have hetero-dar, she is not gonna let go.

@CheapBoy: Is that a legitimate question in your line of work or some type of l33t sp33k?

@JNOV: You know how it is, if you’re boring someone, they must be a zombie. How could any valid human not be entranced by your presentation.

I used to work from home. Okay, I didn’t really work from home which is why I don’t work for that company anymore, but I was home all the time not working which meant I had time to play on the intertubes. Now I have to shower, schlep to an office building, produce some sort of work product and schlep my ass back home, and when I get here, I’m all alone. Or maybe not alone, but no one plays with me. Sadness.

@Promnight: Speaking of presentations, how did your meeting with the board go?

@JNOV: I’m playing with you. The board meeting, I was amazed today, raise and bonus the same as last year, I was totally ready for a freeze on both. I feel totally completely fortunate, lucky, so many people this year facing the shit. Be glad you have a job, JNOV, this depression is gonna be one where if you have a job, you are okay, if you lose your job, its gonna suck. Like I said before, its like sitting in our house during a bombing raid, the London blitz, you hear the bombs hitting around you, hitting other houses, other families, and there is nothing you can do but hope it doesn’t hit you.

Like plague times, you get sick, or you don’t, you are glad it didn’t hit you, but if you have a heart, there is survivor’s guilt.

@Promnight: I hear you on the survivor’s guilt part. I try to ignore the dire predictions (oh, and was it you who said there should be an My Xon You Will Dire award? There so should!), anyway, I try to ignore them, but I’m afraid you’re right. I’m thrilled to have a job, even if it’s eking out a living on doc review.

@Promnight, @JNOV: Right there with you, kind of.

Just got off my first week at a new job, startup company that I really (because I have to) have faith in, the morale is great because everyone wants to be there, unlike my last place where everyone wants to leave. And I talk with the folks back there and I’m so sorry they have to be there but I’m so glad I’m outta there, and I think in their humanity they are glad for me even if somewhat jealous.

You gotta have faith. Did I say that? Don’t really mean it I guess, I’m just so fucking thankful that I’ve been so fucking lucky.

And then I was dialing the iPod and came across Led Zeppelin, Physical Graffiti, and couldn’t resist. So I made myself a great dinner & had a soak in the tub, and I feel so relaxed right now I could shit $700 billion and not even feel it, or, better, just feel pleasure from getting that crap out of me.

@JNOV: It’s a big FU to the buzzwords that get dragged out whenever management meets. “Going Forward”, “incentivisation”, blah blah blah all the weasel words…

So just to be prick I ask “Does the company have a zombie plan. It’s an OH & S issue!” I don’t get invited to the next meeting. and there is much rejoicing my part.

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