And yet Dick Cheney still walks the earth.


We can never forget, she was the epitome of pestorkability.

@FlyingChainSaw: Indeed she was. Read the alt text if you haven’t.

and the inspiration for innumerable hipster girls with a wall of black bangs.

@blogenfreude: Hehehehe. We know Jesus, too, was waiting at the Pearly Gates to give Betty the good news.

@Jamie Sommers: Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, like, maybe?

@nojo: They gave way to skeletonized clothesracks. “They just drape better, darling.”

Wow, the General really looks good in drag, doesn’t he?

Incidentally, didn’t Bettie Page try to kill her son or something?

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Apparently big into knifing people when she was driven crazy by Jesus.

The prototype for every fundie girl turned sex symbol/pornstar turned fundie, and WHAT A PROTOTYPE!

@blogenfreude: Well, I knew she was all about the second coming…

/warning: massive overshare ahead!/

Speaking as someone who was inspired enough by Betty et al to give being a pin-up a try, this news makes me sad.

/massive overshare concluded/

@flippin eck: Can I access these pictures in your effort to land Mr. HF’s brother? He is going to be in town around Xmas!

Oooooooo – idea! We can have a ‘Ladies of Stinque’ calendar – make some money for Nojo’s hamster.

@Prommie: I know it can be hard to tell the girls from teh gheyz around here, but go back and check the stinque stream. She’s a chick and she’s hot (imho).

@Prommie: Wait, seriously? She was our intrepid girl reporter at Grant Park on Election Night.

@Mistress Cynica: @mellbell: Aw, thanks for jumping to my rescue ladies, but Prom has to be making a joke, right? Right? Huh. And I thought Tommcatt took a long time to figure out the Vagina-Americans around here…

It was a total blast making a pin-up calendar–three friends and I decided to do it two years ago and we spent months hitting the vintage stores in Chicago and plotting out all the outfits, props, etc. Through one of the girls, we also had contacts with a professional, freelance photographer and make-up and hair people, so that help keep costs down. And the print run was all of 50 copies at most, so only our close friends and ourselves have documented proof. But I would do it again in a minute and I think a Ladies of Stinque calendar would be super-extra-awesome, except it would need a different name, of course.

HF: Not the best stategy, I don’t think…the hair and make-up people did a damn fine job, and it would suck to be a let-down in the flesh.

@homofascist: We can have a ‘Ladies of Stinque’ calendar

Oh, dear — we can.

I’m involved with some production chores for Silent Creative Partner right now, but Stinque Gear is next on the list. I’m looking a printfection.com for insta-tees, since they have a good printing reputation.

But they don’t offer everything, so I’m considering zazzle.com for novelties — which include custom calendars. And coffee mugs. And postage stamps. Which is almost too fiendish to contemplate.

Most likely post-holiday for all that. I have some video to crunch out right now.

@Prommie: That was Carolyn Jones they were going for. Remember her?

@nabisco: Second coming… Excellent.

@flippin eck: Thank you for oversharing.

@flippin eck: … except it would need a different name, of course. Teh Bitchez of Stinque?

homofascist: I prefer “Big Squishy Bewbie Hugs.”

Come to think of it: that would be a pretty good name for the calendar, too. [Drumroll, rimshot.] Thank you, thank you. Try the veal!

@flippin eck:

I still haven’t figured it out….I just play along :).

Yes, but, but, but… If there’s a Laydeez of Stinque calendar, that would be the thin edge of the wedge for “Menz of Stinque” (Or Stinquey Men) calendar!!

I’m not nowhere near buff or bear enough!

Haven’t seen any quote from Bunny Yeager regarding her best model’s passing. You’d think somebody coulda asked her for a comment.

Can the calendar contain the great days from history (Shoe Tap Day, Spitzer Ho Day, etc, etc)?

Ewalda: Must include dates. Inadequate Black Male Day, Fitzmas I, Fitzmas II, Pageover, etc.

@Benedick: Now I have to go google Carolyn Jones, but always glad to have my cultural literacy raised a notch, Benedick, thank you.

She was nuttier than a fruitcake. Which you probs can buy for Xmas using the Amazon link!

@CheapBoy: Yes, parity.

@Promnight: Carolyn Jones? Morticia Addams, of course.

@nojo: So I have learned, I can get lost in wikipedia. I don’t see it, Uma in Pulp Fiction was a throwback to 50s pulp pinups, it had to be Page.

@Promnight: Uma was too skinny to be a 50s pin up.

Morticia’s sexuality was a knowing, ritualized sexuality, an upper class , arch, teasing, sexuality tied to luxurious decadence. There must be champaigne and caviar involved in bedding morticia. Betty Page was a brassy stripper, she did not have that sophistication, the ritual of teasing and flirting, the decadence, Betty Page was the personification of bursting out overflowing sexuality with a bit of crazy but also a bit of unsophisticated, but still primal, awareness of the power and how it could be used, but even if she was using you, she was going to go teh full crazy and it would be exhausting and amazing. The Modern example would be That Guess Jeans dead woman who was so so so wowza wowa wow boom.

OK, now I see that Uma in pulp fiction was somewhere in between.

@JNOV: I like Curves, dammit. You are right, thats why I loved anna nicole, she was make my tongue hang out and pant like a dog sexy at 200 pounds.

When I was in college, with the requisite 70s long-parted-down-the-middle hair, I was constantly told that I looked like Morticia/Carolyn. It never felt like a compliment.

I am so not going to do a calendar. Sorry, Nojo. I’d rather write you a check for the web hosting costs.

@nojo: Also a lot of movies; East of Eden, etc. And a lot of TV. Not just as Morticia. She was a sort of Carole Kane; a thinking man’s Yvonne de Carlo. But it was her distinctive look they used for Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. At least, that’s what Ms. Thurman says.

In the words of the song:

First you’re another sloe-eyed vamp,
Then someone’s mother, then you’re camp.

@Ewalda: Aircraft-carrier Codpiece Day?

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