Day One: Fitzmas II — Fitzy’s Wrath

Well, well.  What have we learned?

1. Patrick Fitzgerald is afraid of nobody, and he got convictions on all of them.  George Ryan.  Connie Black.  Scooter Libby (of a sort). If I were Richard M. Daley, Mayor, I would set up a hotline to his lawyers, pronto.

2. AG Lisa Madigan was just on teevee, saying that she is willing, as a last resort, to go to the Illinois Supreme Court to have them declare Blagojevich incapable of office. He is certainly on borrowed time, and even that is running short.

3. Nobody is safe. Even Barack Obama needs to sweat. Any call that he has ever made to The Man With The Hair That Dare Not Speak Its Name will be scrutinized. This is the new birth certificate, friends.

4. Tomorrow will bring fresh hell. But it will be hard to have that news be as downright hilarious as today’s.


Late news — or, in this case, actually early.

Today’s lead editorial in the Daily Herald (the suburban paper of record, if such a thing exists actually): Governor, make a decision on Senate.

What’s tomorrow’s editorial? “NO! NO! WE TAKE IT BACK!” This should be interesting. Update tomorrow. Unless I stop caring what the Daily Herald thinks.

I am very pleased. Fitz weeded this shitbag out. R or D, they need to be purged.

@chicago bureau: I will care what the Daily Herald thinks the moment they stop running every letter to the editor that lands in their inbox, no matter how inane. It’s like there’s no filter. I have to wonder, are they really that pressed for content?

@mellbell: Are they really that pressed for content?


@blogenfreude: Ditto. Unfortunately, this blatant episode concerns a democratic politician, putting paid to the hipster’s complacent assumption that only Repubes would be rash enough to climb the tower, adjust the Speedos, and dive into the damp sponge of political, social, and financial ruin. Hey, no bailout book deal either, unless a lot more sex becomes apparent. BTW: the hairstyle is called “the RFK “.

I’m pretty sure the Chi town folks have better info than I. Obama’s urging to pass an ethics bill in Illinois indirectly triggered Blago’s downfall because it made him desperate. Oh idealism…

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