Blagojevich Pulls a Vitter

My prediction was correct: Rod’s lawyer says he isn’t going anywhere

Rod would have made a good Republican.


Allow me to provide the Chicagoan response:

Dis guy!

Seriously: Rod turns on the TV tonight at 6. Or 10, after perhaps a long talk with the kids, explaining what [bleep] and [bleep] means. (Remember, the bleeps are not really bleeps.) He is totally going to see the depth of the shit he is in. And then he will hang it up.

Is there any perp walk footage available? Or perhaps a wigless booking photo? Better yet, photo with wig askew!

@chicago bureau: I think he goes longer than Spitzer before he figures it out … I think Spitzer went – what? Three days?

And while your governor was shaking people down mine was fucking a cute hooker. Nyah.

Hahahahahahaha. Hahahahahahahaha. Let him play that game. He can pretend he is governor until sentencing, when the marshalls tear the fucking wig off of him and hand him his wedding dress for the inmates awaiting his arrival at his new home.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Eh, someone could always sneak in a New Traditionalist Pomp for him if he needs it.

Conrad Black is happy. He won’t be the new guy anymore.


Let’s face it…where this guy is going, all being the new guy means is that you have to be the caddy for everybody else…

Another wingnut Obama-can’t-be-president case … and Scalia referred it to the conference.

Even so, apparently IL isn’t even in the Top 5 of the American Corruption Hall of Shame; incredible, no?

The publication Corporate Crime Reporter crunched Department of Justice statistics in 2007 to rank the 35 most populous states of the nation by corruption. The publication calculated a corruption rate, which it defined as the total number of public corruption convictions from 1997 to 2006 per 100,000 residents.

These are the results:

1. Louisiana(7.67)
2. Mississippi (6.66)
3. Kentucky (5.18)
4. Alabama (4.76)
5. Ohio(4.69)
6. Illinois (4.68);_ylt=AjUYbJpygnTNZxc0yhBAO2us0NUE

@Original Andrew: Alaska’s going to be on that list next time they compile it …


I buy SN!’s explanation…he just wants it to die a clean death.

Scalia is a scumbag, but he’s not a complete idiot.


Upon review of their methodology, there are two reasons why Alaska won’t be on this list.

a) It’s too sparsely populated (the Seattle metro area has like 4 X as many people as the entire state of AK).

b) It’s based on actual convictions. Unlike most states, Alaska has no criminal court system, so Alaskans (like Uncle Ted) are only convicted for crimes commited in other jurisdictions. Also, nothing legal has happened there since 1959 which is related to their status as a former prison farm penal colony.

BTW, Princess Sparkle Pony has the courtroom drawings. I don’t know whether to laugh or be frightened by the artists’ renderings of both Blago’s hair and his droopy sad eyes.

@Jamie Sommers:
I’m too tired to check the toobs right now – who was the Congressman from Ohio who went to prison and had to take the horrible rug off when the po-po took him off to the lock-up?

Yes, of course. Talk about pathos, with that dude.

So who is the infamous “Nominee Number 5” who was willing to pay Blago 500 K? Jesse Jackson Jr.?

What is PSP going to do once Condi is gone and since Palin is back in Juneau? Condi shows she (or her speechwriters) has a sense of humor, and I agree with PSP, why didn’t she just come out and say she voted for Black Eagle?

@SanFranLefty: The Bill Richardson “Papa Bear” facial hair alert system is already up and running…


Oh, look up some of James Traficant’s plaid suits from the good ol’ days, if you really want to be blown away.

@Mistress Cynica: OMFG, I think I just peed on myself, I was laughing so hard. Hope Papa Bear doesn’t get caught up in a New Mexico corruption case, for no other reason than not being able to follow the facial hair alert system.

TJ: Don’t forget to call in gay tomorrow for Day Without a Gay.

P.S. Obvs so many of us are happy to just have a job we can’t call in gay, or we work in states where you can get fired for being gay. But tomorrow is International Human Rights Day so try to do something good, no matter how small, to make the world a better place.

@SanFranLefty: I should have phoned in gay today. The Board of Directors decided to vote unanimously to accept the offer from a bunch of corporate raiders and asset strippers for the company I work for.

I feel betrayed…

@SanFranLefty: I’ll support folks in spirit if they choose to do so, but I’ve had this discussion with others and I think I’d have a better impact by being at work — which respects my contributions, treats me fairly, and has some pretty progressive LGBT policies.

In re the IHRD: France is pushing forward one of those non-binding pieces of paper calling for the end of the criminalization of homosexuality, which would be the first time the UN General Assembly said anything on the subject. As one last gasp of Caligutard, the US ain’t signing on and is in league with Iran (a country where they still hang the homos) on the subject.

wig? that thing on his head is about to sit up and beg for a peanut.

they should have an outing day, like the smoke free day in november. if the fearful ignoramous’ could see the contributions to our society made by teh (closeted) gheys, the assets they bring to our culture, it would go a long way to calm the freaks down.
“hey, ya know, they are just like us!”

geek of the week. 2 days in a row i’m referencing star trek.

oh if the world only knew then that the enterprise was commanded by a black woman, an asian gay, and 2 jews, things might be different today.
secrets at the time (well, except uhura), not different enough today.

in the words of the good witch of the north, “come out come out whoever you are”
(belinda, not sarah)

@baked: I’ll see your Start Trek geek, and raise you a Wizard of Oz geek: the good witch of the north was Glinda.

@Mistress Cynica: Which ‘other’ bad witch, original owner of the ruby slippers, did Dorothy’s house crush?

That’s a wig? It doesn’t look good enough to be fake. He’s borrowed Dan Rather’s hair and won’t give it back.

Pity. The first requirement for a presidential candidate is that he have a good head of hair.

I see it reported that candidate #5 was Jesse Jackson Jr. I’m surprised. I thought it might be Barbra Streisand.

@Prommie: Metal, too. The lead singer for Disturbed is of the Jewish persuasion. They are required listening when Son of RML and I are on the road.

@redmanlaw: Right, next you’re gonna tell me the Ramones and the Beastie Boys are jews, you’re tripping.

@Benedick: I’ll have to check with Mr Cyn, the honorary Friend of Dorothy. Srsly, it’s his favorite movie ever.

@Prommie: Does everyone know the old joke?

Q: What happens if you lock a jew and a fag in a room together?

A: They write a musical.

Note to self: There is a certain amount of truth in joke.

@Benedick: We’ll just slip the piano, cigarettes, staff paper and liquor in under the door.

@ cyn – Son of RML has just discovered “The Dark Side of Oz”, where one synchs up Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and “Wizard of Oz” starting at the second (?) roar of the MGM lion, I believe.

@Benedick: I heard a guy from the LA Opera interviewed on radio, and he said that but for the gays and the Jews, they wouldn’t have any audience at all.

david lee roth?–still, another pamphlet.

prommie, now that’s weighty tome you sarcasticaly refer.

@Mistress Cynica:
i knew belinda didn’t look right! and knew a stinquer would would catch it. thanks cyn!

what’s the joke?

@SanFranLefty: I think you’re thinking of Trafficant. My favorite, though, was Buddy Cianci -fmr mayor ofProvidence RI. He looks just like Blagojavich.

@baked: Looks like more than we thought. There’s even a book on the subject called “Stars of David”

Here’s a list from 1997:

Jews Created Punk:

“Jews Rock” Official book site:
– click “traveling exhibition” for a recent list of Jewish rockers

@baked: Well, Glinda was played by the great Billie Burke. Sadly, the last time I saw the movie in a movie theatre, the audience laughed when Garland said she’d never met a beautiful witch before.

The jew/fag routine: but you knew that and are teasing me in that way you have.

@Dodgerblue: He got that right.

i think ‘stars of david’ is where i read about kirk douglas walking around in a tallis. and poor sarah jessica’s troubles looking “jewish” and how it hurt her career. poor dear. unlike kate hudsen flaunting her jewyness by not ctting her son’s hair til he’s 3, an orthodox custom.
everybody, get out of whatever closet you’re in. uncle albert from la cage gives us good advise, “i am what i am, i don’t want praise, i don’t want pity”
…and now to read your links…….

that just BLEW my mind. HOLY SHIT. KISS????? BON JOVI????
there is another book by this author about hollywood i was thinking of. those links stunned me reds. thanks, i’m gearing up for israel, every little bit helps.

very funny prommie! how’d ya know that?


Do you know how old Billie Burke was when she played that role? 50. Amazing, right?


Hullo, my dusky darling and my warrior love! What’s shakin’?

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Cattttttttttt! Not much. I took some mental health days last week (read: anxiety freak out), and I’m paying for it now by working 10-hour days. I’m lurking from work (still laughing about “Will his hair flip?”), and by the time I get home, I just cue up some PBS-soothing-narrator-voice show and pass out on the sofa. Tonight it’s Frontline. I think I made it through the first half hour last night and woke up drooling on myself. I’m bone weary.

@baked: I know all about da bruddas.

@JNOV: I’ve been on a total anxiety freakout for 4 or 5 days. Today and yesterday was the annual big board meeting for my association, wherein each officer and director, such as myself, must appear before the board and report on the year’s accomplishments and activities. And we all do it in succession over the course of a 2 day meeting, all in the room for the whole misery, then they kick us out and decide on raises and bonuses, and cutting staff, and getting rid of deadwood, and suchwhat, no pressure.

And then Saturday morning its off to the bahamas for a week vacation, but with Ethan and how he is doing a huge worry while we are gone.

I have found that my Lexapro is good at making the conscious worry itself go away, I do not find myself consciously, obsessively worrying, but my body still has all the symptoms of severe stress, sleep problems, digestion problems, back pains, muscle cramps and spasms. And a strange form of panic attack, in which, again, I am not feeling conscious fear or panic, but my body is exhibiting all the physical symptoms of a panic attack.

I think its all over now, anyway.


@redmanlaw: They should have a whole chapter on Mike Bloomfield, a hugely underrated guitarist.

@JNOV: Welcome back, sunshine.
@Promnight: Please enjoy your vacation, and I will ask the Flying Spaghetti Monster to touch you with his noodly appendage and ensure that you continue to be employed. Mr. SFL is freaking and geeking about his job as the Schwarzenegger finance dudes are saying that his agency could be shut down and the work outsourced to private bidness, because you know that always saves the guv-mint money.

@Promnight: (I passed out before I had a chance to read your comment.)

Please enjoy your vacation — have a lovely and safe trip. The board meeting sounds like sooooo much fun! Bah!

@SanFranLefty: :-D

Now off to work!

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