Court Takes Wide Stance, Rejects Bathroom Goblin’s Motion to Withdraw

Buried in in the Blagojevich avalanche we find the following:

Larry Craig, not surprisingly, isn’t happy a Minnesota court rejected his attempt to withdraw the guilty plea in his airport bathroom sex case.

His statement: “I am extremely disappointed by the action of the Minnesota Court of Appeals. I disagree with their conclusion and remain steadfast in my belief that nothing criminal or improper occurred at the Minneapolis airport. I maintain my innocence, and currently my attorneys and I are reviewing the decision and looking into the possibility of appealing. I would like to thank all of those who have continued to support me and my family throughout this difficult time.”

I will be extremely disappointed if he doesn’t appeal. Way to keep it in the news Larry!

From ThinkProgress:

Additionally, the “court upheld the government’s power to ban ’sexual solicitations’ in a public restroom, rejecting Craig’s claim that the law violates freedom of expression.”

Larry Craig Miffed But Still Guilty [Politico]

Larry Craig Miffed But Still Gay (Corrected)

At this point, come out of the closet Larry. Why drag out the comedy even more?

This post is ripe for a photo caption contest.

His response to the court should have been: “Blow me.”

His response to the court should have been to drop his pants and pulled his cheeks apart and shrieked: “Does this look like the asshole of a gay?”

@FlyingChainSaw: I played on a softball team once where a buddy of mine got so incensed at a call by the ump that he turned around, dropped trou, and yelled “Look up my asshole, Phil!” Phil, a decent guy, really, was laughing too hard to throw him out.

Buried in Blagojevich is not a mental image I need re: this thread…

@FlyingChainSaw: Remember that on Brand W, from Princess Sparkle Pony we learned from the Great White Bear that Larry is a top, as disgusting as that sounds.

Also: all of our wonderful comments are gone. Down the memory hole. Fuck Ken Layne.

@homofascist: Look at the quote I just added … priceless. Constitutional protections for me, but not for thee.

@blogenfreude: Right. That equates asking for sex with “your money or your life.” Or even “$1 million for a fucking Senate seat and not a fucking penny less.”

OTOH, I would be so down for skeevy bathroom sex to be protected under “freedom of expression”. Hey, man, it’s my art! This stall is like my blank canvas, your semen my brush.

@Benedick: “I’m not wearing any underwear.”

Please FSM let him appeal it to the state supreme court.

@Benedick: “I’ll meet you at The Rambles. Third stall.”

@homofascist: “I pull my lips over my teeth like so, and then I….”

@rptrcub: All my comments from Fall 08 on the other W sites (deadspin, io9, and defamer) are still up. I have not commented on W since our strike began and HF took us all in last winter.

BTW, speaking of the old days, Florida prog metal band Cynic has a new cd out.

@redmanlaw: The Blog Which Shall Not Be Named apparently changed over to an entirely new commenting system with database after the great Ken Layme powergrab.

@redmanlaw: Too bad Cynics Party hasn’t had a new post out in a month.

@homofascist: A whole fucking month? I won’t go over there to check (life is too short), but wow.

@homofascist: Off topic: while your gov is getting arrested, my gov (the one who prays for rain and is a reputed fiscal conservative) is pushing a Barack Obama-esque infrastructure stimulus package.

Perhaps he’s afraid that we’ll want to eat him soon.

@rptrcub: @redmanlaw: In rare fairness to Ken, Brand W had to completely disengage itself from the Gawker geekplex, which meant transfering all the posts to WordPress. He probably chose their new third-party comment system just to avoid what would have been a herculean hassle.

But there is an Eternal Sunshine angle to our Great Migration: all our comments keep disappearing behind us…

@mellbell: He’s not saying anything, just blowing in the guy’s ear.

What do they mean “lost his appeal”? He never had any to begin with, did he?


@nojo: No loss to me. They were humorless. Every time I tried to toss in a light-hearted aside, they’d erase it and ban me. Ken reinstated me two or three times before the Exodus.

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