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Mirabile Dictu – David Vitter is going to try and hang on to his Senate seat.

Louisiana GOP Senator David Vitter would have seemed like a prime candidate for retirement this cycle. After all, he went through a particularly nasty scandal last Summer when it was revealed that he was on the D.C. Madam’s client list, a prostitute came forward and said he’d been a client of hers back in Louisiana, and he confessed to a “very serious sin.”

But not so — local Louisiana station KTBS reports that Vitter has decided to run again! And considering the generally Republican nature of Louisiana’s voters these days, he probably starts out at the very least as the slight favorite to win, too.

Analysis and hooker/wife comparison after the jump.

First – the comparison.  Mrs. Vitter is (appropriately) on the right, and the hooker, one Wendy Cortez, is on the left.  Even better – Mrs. Vitter’s first name is also Wendy.

But wait – there’s more.

A former New Orleans prostitute who says she had an affair with Sen. David Vitter has passed a lie-detector test and will provide details of the four-month relationship at a press conference Tuesday, according to Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt.

Vitter, a first-term senator [Republican? Ya think? -eds] elected in 2004, has denied having relationships with New Orleans prostitutes. In a call-in radio show during the Senate campaign, he dismissed as “absolutely and completely untrue” that he had a relationship with [the prostitute,] Wendy Cortez.

In an e-mail, [Vitter spokesman Joel] Digrado said, “Sen. Vitter and his wife have addressed all of this very directly. The senator is focused on important Louisiana priorities like the water resources bill and the Iraq debate.”

Like hell Vitter addressed it. He never answered a single fucking question.

I have a good feeling about this.  Vitter can’t run on that family values nonsense – he’d be laughed off the stage. He can’t run on his performance in the Senate – he’s a prime Bush-enabler.  What’s he got left?  Sure Louisiana is red, but maybe, just maybe ….  Dems have to put someone really good up.


Are you shitting me? He’d babble on about family values while slathering mustard on a dead baby sandwich. He’s a Republican, devoid of any sense of right and wrong, the creatre from Alien in spats.

SHITTER VITTER!!! Whoo-hooo! Dickmas comes early.

A really good political candidate in Louisiana? You’re kidding, right? Big Oil’s own Mary Landrieu is already in the Senate. Ray Nagin lost any chance in the aftermath of Katrina. Huey Long is dead. Here’s all we need to know about 2008 Louisiana politics:

@Dave H:
Would it be a good idea to turf out LA for being really fucking stupid?

Also, do you think a campaign donation of used Pampers would be appreciated?

@Dave H: There has GOT to be somebody – even if they have to be imported. The commercials you could run on this asshole. Man alive.


Commericals? You could just send people to his public appearances to wave Depends in the air.

Hay, that picture always made me think that Mrs. Vitter’s jaw had come to its’ senses and was trying to flee the rest of the face.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: The diaper thing’s never been proved, but the hooker thing has. We need him yammering on the Senate floor about the sanctity of marriage (he did) juxtaposed with Wendy (the other one).

@FlyingChainSaw: I had thought of that – if Edwin Edwards could win down there, maybe she could.

She could show up on TV and in two words “my opponent” and one gesture – thumb and index finger held half an inch apart – tear Vitter apart and then start having real fun. “He kept screaming and crying for me to diaper him. It made me sick. It should make you sick. Likely, anyone who votes for Vitter has the same sick needs. He is fucking sick and needs to be sent to a home for the insane, not the US Senate.”

Yah know, I have to admit this, I could care less about sexual pecadillos. Hypocracy is the norm, not the variation, for all humans, republican and democrat. For every Vitter there is a McGreevey, and its not that McGreevey was a homosexual, it was his lies about it.

I think we are hypocritical to apply the very standards we reject to people like Vitter, it doesn’t matter that they are the standards he espouses. Judge others as you would be judged. I supported Clinton, despite that he’s a hopeless horndog who lacked the strength to turn down a blowjob from a 20 year old. Hell, If I were alone with a 20 year old determined to blow me, I doubt I would have the strength to resist. During that debacle we were enraged at the hypocracy of the republican philanderers who went after Clinton. We are doing the same thing when we go after Vitter. Sorry, but I am real honest with myself.

That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the schadenfruede and believe its valid to make political use of it.

Someone, hell, many people probably said it, that virtue is in 99.9% of cases, a matter of lack of opportunity, or lack of nerve, timidity. Its fucking true.

@Promnight: Oh no. Someone who wants to tell people whether they can have an abortion, whether they can use contraception, and who they can fuck? Especially when it’s filtered through the lens of their religion? Bring it on – a professional scold like Vitter who fucks hookers (or anyone not his wife) must be brought down. Anyone who stands on the Senate floor and says that marriage is the most institution EVAR, then gets caught doing what he did, is a shitbag. And shitbags must be put where you can’t smell them.

I have to ask a question, a threadjack question. Anyone been in the produce department of a grocery store lately? Notice anything missing?

I went to Wegmons this week, thats a treat for me, thats a good store.

In the produce department, they HAD NO LETTUCE. They had no out of season fruits, no south american or israeli fruits, no grapes, no plums or nectarines, nothing from Chile. Nothing but apples and citrus.

Is something happening here?

No pineapples, few bannanas. I was shocked.

From what I know, there was a problem up here in Canada City with contaminated Lettuce from Mex which is why we don’t have any.


Maybe an effect of Diesel prices? I usually buy Mr. ‘Catt fresh sliced mangos for his dessert but they were a freaking OUTRAGEOUS price last time I went. Maybe the tropics are too far away for the fruit to be profitable?


Not proved, you say? Pardon, but you are thinking like a Democrat….

@Promnight: Weird, really? I haven’t noticed anyhting like that, maybe it was the day before they got a new shipment in. Now that you’ve got me worried, though, I’ll check tomorrow.

@Promnight: Well, being that use of flamethrowers is not exactly condoned even in political circles, we use what we can. Why do they tie our hands so? Why won’t they let us win?

Here in Santa Fe, we got all the usual stuff in our produce department. Those mesh bags of tangerine type things that say “Christmas” to me are around $10 a bag, though, but I gotta have them.

Kind deeds come around. We took in a really annoying poodle for a couple of weeks over Thanksgiving and got a bottle of Hendrick’s for our trouble. Yay.

@blogenfreude: Bloggie, I love you. But in my heart, I know I suck just as bad as Vitter. We jump on these scandals involving where people’s peepees have been, and ignore the real corruption.

@Promnight: I’ll check Fairway on Sat. when I do the big shop.
@Tommmcatt Yet Again: No, that’s the lawyer part of my brain … I like a little evidence. One ditzy madam does not a fetish make. Although, between you and me, I’d love for it to be true.

@Promnight: Why give an asshole like this a break? He’s joined a team that successfully destroyed a city in his home state through strategic neglect and is a stalwart of a party that all but advocates genocide against non-white, gays, non-Jesus-crazed, people who live or at one time lived in a city, anyone living in a blue state, or anyone who votes to the left of Julius Streicher. Clinton, a warmed-over Ronald Reagan sans the honesty to admit he reviles the poor, except as props, never advocated oppression of any group, probably because he knew half of that group likely was populated by women or live human beings or pets or something, at least, who could suck his dick. And it is politics. Clinton was stupid to put himself in that position. You have assume the opposition is poised with arms locked and trembling, safety off, and a barrel to the back of your head waiting for the opportunity to turn you into pig feed. A guy like Vitter, a twisted opportunist who’d push you into a cattle car for a ride to the camps without blinking, really doesn’t deserve much except a short rope and a long, gruesome strangle.

@Promnight: Sadly, that does seem like the only way to quickly change public opinion about someone in power and ultimately bring them down. Sure, it’s hypocritical, but as Bloggie pointed out I’m not telling this dbag who he can marry. I say jump on the scandal if it will cockblock Vitter out of an office he will only abuse for his religious agenda.

Fuck it. Send Dollar Bill Jefferson up against the Sinner. I just want to see the campaign ads for that one.

There are very few to no competent or scandal-free Dems in Louisiana. It’s just the way they’re made down there, so let’s have as much fun with it as possible.

@Promnight: GOP cut deals to pre-buy all the produce from the providores and dump it at sea to starve the population, depopulate the US and sell of their homes as post-Apocalyptic theme park villas to punk tourists from East Asia and Europe. The survivors can be purchase with the house.


I know teenagers never respect their elders a ton (I didn’t), but somehow, it’s a big leap to abusing them when you work in a nursing home.

This one just kept me with my mouth open all day today.

@FlyingChainSaw: No worries, we can relocate to the Pacific trash island where all that food will be heading anyway! Now there’s an ark for ya, all we need is a few tons of topsoil.

@FlyingChainSaw: I never said give him a break. I am just admitting my own hypocracy. I am just saying I don’t personally feel offended he was whoring, just as I don’t feel offended by Spitzer’s whoring. But I am deeply outraged that a politicized justice department went after Spitzer the democrat while Vitter the republican stays in office, so fuck yah, use it against him. I can divorce my personal feelings from the necessity of realpolitick.

@Promnight: Big difference – he asked for a place of trust in the government and promised to protect its laws and people. You didn’t. Guy cackled on the phone with Rove about New Orleans drowning, spent all his time working with fascists to subvert the constitution and loot the treasury and became a walking public health hazard – and took your money while he betrayed that trust. You promised nothing to the civic, took nothing from it in the way that he did. This is the other side of governance by ‘guy you’d have a beer with’. No, there are guys who might not drink at your bar, who just go home, thank you, gotta go, just go home and live by playing their cards straight and who exert extra effort when no one is looking and when they’re not being paid for it. You’d like to leave room for people like that. A good start is to empty the magazine into the guys who aren’t like that.

@FlyingChainSaw: I wish you were God. But I would want a detailed manual from you, setting forth how to avoid your wrath. Thats all I ask of a deity, clear instructions, and nothing just stupid or weird in the rules, either. And as long as fucking is OK with willing adults.

I’m looking at Mrs. Vitter there, and my thoughts are all confusion, gender confusion, sexual confusion to a degree I have never experienced. She has teh crazy eyes something fierce, but whats disturbing is the size of her head, she looks like she could swallow and eat him. She looks like maybe she would be a wild lay, but at the very same time, the thought of looking at her giant face, it would have to be anterior-posterior. That would keep her fangs away from your neck. And I would still be afraid that if I came too soon she would do one of those really surprising moves, like when a turtle, when you are holding it by the shell, and you think you are totally safe, it pokes its head out and it turns around and bites your fucking hand, I would be afraid she would cause damage if she were not satisfied. Look at the look on his face, he looks like he’s ben through hell.

@Promnight: Oh, fuck everything and everyone in sight – just don’t ask for a public subsidy and conspire against the public and you;re on the side of the angels.

If he lives by the standards he advocated, he would have thrown himself on a live grenade in Jackson Square.

@Promnight: Look at the look on his face, he looks like he’s ben through hell.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: I like the look on Vitter’s face. “My balls, she has my balls. I’ll never get them back, not even when I’m dead”

I kind of imagine that’s the look the rat has on his face…

@redmanlaw: Do ya think he waited till he blew the other load before calling 911?

@redmanlaw: That’s his estranged wife, which makes me wonder if her needed the gun to make te sex “consensual.”

@Mistress Cynica: @redmanlaw: Sounds more like attempted murder and sexual assault with a deadly weapon.

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