Helping Police With Their Inquiries

The other big story in England right now, besides the Mumbai bombings, is the fallout from the arrest of the shadow minister for immigration for making public information that was leaked to him by a source within the government. The cause was, basically, that the MP was releasing official secrets.  

This is officially a big deal. It’s the equivalent of having a Member of Congress hauled in for something other than a gay sex scandal. And, apparently, it had the tacit approval of the Speaker — who has, historically, had the duty to protect the privileges of MPs from stuff like random trips to the gaol by the monarch. (Speaking of whom: the Queen’s Speech is tomorrow, which may be disrupted in some way by Conservative MPs causing some sort of ruckus. What a Conservative ruckus looks like is beyond my imagination — and I’m not counting the Miami “Brooks Brothers Riot” featuring ex-Rep. John Sweeney (R-Union College Frathouse), which I classify as a “stupid ruckus.”)


When Conservatives in any country take the tactics of Code Pink, there is something seriously wrong.

A ruckus in British Parliament, from the few real-life scenes I’ve been treated to on the teevee, is a lot more rowdy and exciting than it sounds. They scuffle, they holler, they make noises that sound like “Hoom, Hoom, HOOM!”

Beats our boring congress for a smack-down any day, Michelle Bachman and Cynthia McKinney notwithstanding.

Breaking: CNN called it for Chambliss. Sad.

@nabisco: Piece of shit. Hopefully, he’ll be indicted soon on something that would gag a maggot.

@nabisco: As to be expected from our lovely little stupid white male Palin loving fucktard GOP hateful racist bastard voters down here.

Still though, my message to them: while you continue to masturbate to Sarah P., BARACK OBAMA WILL STILL BE YOUR SUPREME BLACK OVERLORD. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!

All it means is that Georgia will be most def. on the outs when it comes to getting the federal pork. Let it flow to the blue states.

The good news right now is that Sara Doyle, up for the Georgia Court of Appeals, is 51 to 48 % ahead of some white douchebag. Sara had the balls to tell the Georgia Christian Alliance (formerly the Georgia Christian Coalition) that she wouldn’t be participating in their little voter-question-propaganda thingy.

@rptrcub: How much longer til you get your degree and get out of there.

@Mistress Cynica: late 2010 at the part time rate and assuming the state does not ax me this winter; late 2009 to early 2010 if they do and I just say fuck it and become a full-time, paying grad student taking out student loans (if they’re even available).

@Mistress Cynica: Good lord. This blog business is ridiculous. Thank god Nojo has that trust fund and keeps the checks coming regular…

@Mistress Cynica:

yeah, I tipped our editors about that story earlier in the day but nobody went for it, what with hand-job Christians and Nojo at Disneyland.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Missed all of this because I had to be in NYC on musical theatre business. I spent the day singing. There are worse ways to spend one’s time.

I’m so pleased to see CB using the correct spelling of gaol. What next? Cheque?

The parliament is much more lively. Limeys always like a nice slanging match where they can behave like 5th formers trying to impress the head boy in the hopes he’ll let them fag for him. Just remember, when you see them in action, they were all jerking each other off at school.

There’s a wonderful clip somewhere on youtube with a famous politician (can’t remember who) being interviewed on TV. Interviewer means to say “You’re a bit of a parliamentary cult” by way of flattering his subject. What he actually says is “You’re a bit of a parliamentary cunt.” Well, it made me laugh.

@Benedick: Labour. Saviour. Neighbour. Flavour. Colour. Organise. Tyre. Whinge. Does that excite you, my Limey friend?

@chicago bureau: Maybe he just gives me money because of the racy photos I send him.

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