That’s Whitley, not Whitey

But we’ll understand the confusion. Daniel John Essek, proud resident of Kentucky’s Whitley County, and founder of the Society for Liberty and Prosperity (membership: two, including his wife), wants a federal judge to rule whether Barack Obama’s Hawaii birth certificate is a forgery.

“This is patriotism,” says the Ron Paul/John McCain/Sarah Palin supporter.

Even if his challenge meets the same fate as previous attempts, Essek is moving ahead with an organizational meeting Saturday night. All you need to do is agree with his generous list of three dozen objectives, including “Eschew Barbarism, Collectivism, Communism, Conformitism, Despitism, Fachism, Favoritism, Imperialism, Institutionalism, Liberalism, Nazism, Nepitism, Progressivism, Racism, Sexism, and Socialism.”

What? You snicker? You must be one of those “Stupid, College Educated Idiots”. Shame on you.

Whitley man demands proof of Obama’s U.S. birth []

The Society for Liberty and Prosperity


“Ev’rybody’s talking about
Bagism, Shagism, Dragism, Madism, Ragism, Tagism
This-ism, that-ism….”

@nabisco: “But it’s still Muslim Terrorist to me.”

Paultards really are the gift that keeps on giving. I’d ask for one for Christmas, but I already have a paranoid drunk uncle, and it’s kind of the same thing.

Jeebus, Daniel. Not everyone is going to sign their birth certificate with an X.

@Benedick: “Comment of the Day.” Either that, or the latest virus going around.

Kentucky is a red state with no shortage of conspiracy theorists and unusual politics, so it’s no surprise that what might be the first post-election court challenge to Barack Obama’s qualifications to be president comes from a Whitley County truck driver.

Best. lede. ever. Also, sadly true.

@mellbell: That being said, I still hold out hope that Jim “My Italian-American opponent looks like one of Saddam Hussein’s sons” Bunning will be voted out in 2010.

How much you wanna bet Essek has a great-grandmother who’s half black?

“I’m seeing a level of ignorance out there like you wouldn’t believe,” Essek said.

You don’t say. Q: Who rails against “nepitism” and then has his own wife sit as Treasure of his member-less club? A: a patriot.

Fellow patriots should send him an email of support. I would but I have already lost interest.

Sounds like a guy who’s not a fan of dis dere bok larnin’ an shit and intimidated by someone who has a fraction more than he does.

“Grade Four, huh. You thank your betta than me?”

@mellbell: TJ/ Hey what was that charity you were talking about a while back where you could buy school supplies for teachers who put their requests online? I’ve decided that I am not buying anyone anyTHING for Xmas or Hannukah this year and instead am going to make donations in their honor. The clusterfuck of “Black Friday” just cemented that wish.

I’m looking at Heifer International, a group in Cambodia that works with kids who live in the garbage dumps, a group that works with street children in Tanzania, and I wanted to look at the one you suggested again.

I’m leaning towards overseas charities to counteract the evilness that Shrub has spread around the world the past 8 years, and charities that help encourage self-sufficiency, so if anyone else has suggestions, feel free to share them.

@SanFranLefty: Did you see Born into Brothels? Kids with Cameras gives kids in LDCs cameras and teaches them how to use them and has them document their lives. And they have shows. If I had the $, I’d consider shooting some their way.

@JNOV: Yes I did see that movie, and I’m on their listserve and actually once went to one of their photography shows when it was in the U.S. Thank you for the reminder because I had forgot about them, another good option. This may very well be a 10 dollar donation to each group, so it’s not like I’m spreading big bucks around…

@SanFranLefty: You know what? I’ve been wringing my hands over what inexpensive thing I could get my brothers and my parents, and I can make a $10 donation in each of their names. Some will get it, and some won’t, but I’m only buying goodies for the kids this year. Yup. You’re an inspiration, and that’s how it’s going to be.


In a previous life, I spent a lot of time with overseas relief orgs big and small. The bigs have the best run operations, often with even the leanest admin expenses, but pull in the biggest bucks in private and public monies.The smalls can be very effective on single issue topics or extremely local action, and usually need the money the most, but don’t manage economies of scale to ensure that your $10 is not spent on faxes and used Land Rovers.

This is a decent tool for doing background on charities domestic and international. Myself, I’ve had the best experience with MSF and International Red Cross/Red Crescents – they both go places and do things where others have reason to fear to tread. I’d shill for my ex-homies, but they don’t really do all that well with private donations.

I like the Kids with Cameras crew. I’m leary of anything in Cambodia but mainly because there have been decades of relief efforts there and the government is so fucking corrupt that I wouldn’t support anything that I didn’t go and do myself.

@nabisco: Who’d you work for , Nabisco? My ex-brother in law, I will call him “George” worked in Africa for a few years, building refugee camps in I think it was Tanzania. Funny thing was I was at a party just a few months ago and met one of his coworkers, I got the impression you all know each other. He was working for someone big, came out of the Peace Corp and I think it might have been the UN he worked for, not at all sure, 12 years ago.

@nabisco: Charity Navigator is usually pretty good but it also misses a fair number of nonprofits. I know people who have either worked at or volunteered at the two smaller ones I’m considering, so I know they’re legit. Sounds like you could have met Prommie at this party a few months ago…

@JNOV: I came to the $10 amount because that’s what we’re supposed to spend on a “White Elephant” gift at a party I’m going to this weekend. I was thinking about bringing 10 bucks worth of lottery tickets but then I decided to do a $10 donation to a charity and bring that as the gift. Then I thought, why not do that for everyone else? I usually buy books (from the local gay-owned bookstore in the Castro) but I decided I didn’t want to hassle with that. So donations for all.

I tried to join the Peace Corps when I was 18, and they told me nope cuz I’ve got no skillz.

@JNOV: You should apply now. You haz skillz. JNOV Jr. is about to strike out on his own. Why the hell not?

@SanFranLefty: Hmmmmmm. Gotta get the boy outta the house ASAP!

@JNOV: Couldn’t JNOV Jr do Peace Corps too? Dig latrines in villages and wear his Unicorn t-shirt?

@Promnight: shoot me a word at nabisco08 (that’s “oh eight”) at gmail etc. I probably know “George”, although I never worked the Africa circuit to everlasting regret. That could have been me at the party, except I haven’t been at anything resembling a “party” in months years.

@JNOV: While all of my college friends were lining up their sr. year interviews with Kodak, PriceWaterhouse and law schools, I only scheduled the Peace Corps. And they cancelled!

I forget who our other stinquey p.c. volunteer is – cyn? They’re having a lottery for the inauguration…

@JNOV: Our parish supports Mission Honduras, which takes folks down there for two weeks of building schools and stuff. We’re thinking about doing it once the boy hits 13 or whatever the minimum age is. You could buy a one-way ticket and immerse yourself in CA with Beesco’s people in the hills.

@ nabisco – you know, there wasn’t a long line for interviews to do legal aid for the poorest of the poor on the Navajo Nation, either . . .

@SanFranLefty: DonorsChoose. My family has been doing a small gift exchange (everyone makes up a wish list and gets matched up at random, with a little retooling if someone gets their spouse, and there’s no ceiling but no one spends more than $25-$30) plus charitable donations for several years now. I would’ve hated it as a kid, but it’s great now.

@nabisco: Thanks for thinking well of me, but it wasn’t me. In fact, everyone who’s ever met me would be ROTFL at the very idea that Princess would ever a) have anything even approaching a useful skill, and b) go anywhere without indoor plumbing. I do, however, make a monthly donation to MSF.
My sibs and I have been doing the charity thing for several years. It has been agreed that this year, one may consider one’s grocery money a registered charity. The children get books from Auntie Librarian.

@ManchuCandidate: @nabisco: Gold star for you, Manchu! It was me, and I’m happy to play that card if it could put me in the running for a ticket to Unicorn Day–thanks for the tip, Nabisco!

Do your loved ones a favor and give them the heads up if you’re planning charitable giving on their behalf this holiday season, so they can reciprocate in kind if they’d like to. Last year, my sister and husband decided to do this for everyone, but neglected to tell us ahead of time. It looked (and felt) awkward when they had given out their certificates of goats/chickens/etc. on our behalf, but were still sitting in the middle of a pile of loot from our gifts to them. Somehow I don’t think they minded having their cake and eating it too–feeling noble for giving charitably on our behalf, and still raking in a lot of shit they wanted. My step-mom inparticular felt they had pulled off an underhanded bait-and-switch, and pledged to give them only goats in the future. Ah yes, the Christmas spirit flourishes in my family…

Also, it was weird of them to give bunnies (as meat source) on my behalf, right? Considering I have two pet bunnies? I realize they’re edible, but it still made me a little squeamish.

@flippin eck: A “two-spit on the screen while laughing” post. Bravo, bravo! Thanks for brightening my day.

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