Just in Time for February Sweeps

Programming informs us that the miniseries was such a success, a full-season pickup will be announced Monday. In a hilarious upcoming scene previewed for the entertainment media, everybody reaches for the 3 a.m. call at once.

Clinton to Be Introduced as Part of Obama Security Team [NYT]

Maybe this is President Obama’s way of dealing with his biggest political competition of 2012 four years in advance. Has any sitting Secretary of State ever campaigned for the presidency against the incumbent? If Clinton resigns later to make a run at the White House then she’s neither Senator Clinton nor Secretary of State Clinton. She’s private citizen Clinton and we know how often they get elected.

Her political position will be even worse if something goes really bad and President Obama has to reluctantly fire her or possibly allow her to resign to spend time with her family.

Do not underestimate this guy. He always appears to be several moves ahead of EVERYBODY else, at least in the dumbed-down US.

What is the over and under on how many Saudis contributed to the Clinton library?

@Dodgerblue: Seeing the list of donors to the Clinton Library will be more fun than perusing the database of “Yes on 8” donors.

@SanFranLefty: Fewer Mormons, that’s for sure. I have to say, I still don’t get the Mormon leadership position on Prop 8. Didn’t Joseph Smith get lynched for his choices of whom to marry, among other things?

@Dodgerblue: It’s to do with their underlying fear of, and contempt for, women. They spent a good deal of money helping to defeat the ERA. The patrimony must be preserved at all cost since it’s the foundation for their rackety theology. They, as do the fundies, reckon that gay men have renounced their privileged position as males and are assuming a feminine role. This threatens the orderly world of the family dominated by wise and powerful men. The gay man comes at this sideways. When the military ‘leaders’ talk about gay men confusing the chain of command they are expressing a similar fear.

Beside which, Mormons don’t view their own madness as being that: they view it as God’s truth.

L.A. Times blogger tries to argue that Article I, Sect. 6 of the U.S. Constitution bars Barry from naming Hillbot to SoS. Since the way around it is to just pay her the old salary, I guess between that and Bubba having to curtail his speechifying for dinero ways, there will be less moolah coming in to the Clinton household.

@Benedick: Hey there, I just read an article about a huge multinational sex survey that rated Great Britain the sluttiest major industrial nation on earth, with australia 5th and the US 6th. It was based on reported numbers of one-night stands and expected and actual numbers of sex partners. Go GB!

Finland ranked number 1, but was not considered a major western industrialized nation. Still, makes it a place I’d like to visit.

@SanFranLefty: I was walking across the mall and a prosperous looking family came walking down the path in the opposite direction, and as they passed I heard paterfamilia say to the family “hey, a Clinton lookalike.” I used to get that a lot when Clinton was in office.

@Promnight: We also have the highest credit card debt. Well, it’s higher than the US, at any rate.

@Benedick: I love “rackety theology.” Yup, that’s what the Angel Moroni says we should do, all right, you betcha.

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